12 Surprising Benefits Of Long Distance Relationships That You Ignore

What do most people say when you tell them you’re in a long distance relationship?

Most likely something like “Damn, it must be tough…”. Right?

It’s true. Being in a long distance relationship may be something very difficult.

The lack of « normal » encounters, the lack of physical presence, the lack of direct communication which does not pass through a screen and an Internet connection…

There are a lot of things that we are missing when we live a love at distance.

However, not everything is dark, black and sad.

Surprisingly, being in a long distance relationship may bring some benefits too. Yes, yes, they exist.

There can be many long distance relationship benefits, even though you are away from your significant other.

In the first few weeks of the relationship, you are sure to feel very lonely, but rather than complaining about something which you can’t change, why not use the time you are apart to strengthen your relationship AND your personal life?

Below you will find a few ways that your long distance relationship can benefit you, based on my experience.

1. Your relationship is more exciting and more intense

There is always something to look forward to in a long distance relationship: a text, a call, a visit, a surprise gift, new encounters, a romantic trip…

In terms of intensity, it goes to another level.

It’s simple: the more time you spend away from a person, the more joy you feel when you interact with him or her. Even more during the visits, which are a true source of pure happiness, excitement and impatience.

A long distance relationship gives you a real adrenaline rush.

2. Small things are worth much more

Offering flowers to your boyfriend or girlfriend has always been a sweet move, but the simple fact that it is done from afar makes it all the more special.

Holding the hand of your other half just for a day is equivalent to winning the lottery, mainly¶ because your time together is limited during your LDR reunion.

The sock that he or she has forgotten at your house becomes all of a sudden the most precious thing in the world.

The small things are worth a lot now.

3. Knowing that if you survive the distance you can survive everything

With student exchange programs, professional mutations and one thousand other possible reasons why couples would live in two different cities, long distance relationships tend to popularize.

Why? Because, more than ever, long distance relationships are a viable alternative to the breakup, made possible to all, notably by the technological advances of the last decade.

Unfortunately, the failures in LDRs also tend to popularize. Just look around you.

So between breakups, social pressure and the difficulty related to the absence, many LDR couples find inspiration in saying that if they survive this, they can survive everything.

Pretty accurate.

long distance relationship benefits

4. Each partner is as much involved as the other one

One of the first (and most important) things that I learned about long distance relationships is that it does not work if the two people are not as involved as the other one.

I’m not saying that the two lovers have to force things and start pushing stuff from the get-go. No, no.

But too many couples in a « normal » relationship, once they must confront the distance, end up getting lazy because it is much easier to let go than to fight for it.

These people do not get involved and only consider their long distance relationship as a spare wheel that only needs little maintenance.

Do you want to know if your long distance relationship will work?

Look at how much you and your partner are getting your hands dirty to make it work.

5. Romanticism is an integral part of your love life

In a world where the grave of romanticism is getting deeper every day, long distance love gives us the chance to express ourselves in a different way than if we were physically close.

It is easy to reveal via messages, emails or phone calls the nature of our most profound feelings, while we would not dare to reveal them face to face.

Not to mention that being in a long distance relationship implies regularly being creative with the little surprises (flowers, surprise packages, letters, etc.), some things that you probably have never done as much as in a LDR.

Love at distance brings romance back to our societies, so be proud of it!

6. Communication becomes the strength of your couple

Another of our benefits of a long distance relationship is that it will give you a chance to build your communication skills as a couple.

A LDR is like a degree in Communication. You text, you email, you Skype, you call. You manage two schedules, sometimes even in two different time zones.

When you have an insufficient amount of time to interact with each other, whether it be over the phone, a webcam or meeting for a few hours, you will really start to learn about what is essential to talk about.

This can be difficult, but in the end, it makes your couple much stronger and more resistant, as you must strive to explain with words your needs and desires openly and listen to those of your partner.

In the end, you both know each other by heart and would not change that for anything in the world!

The couples who master these communication skills are the ones who are the most likely to succeed and stay together forever.

LDR benefits

7. Each reunion is an adventure

When your partner lives in another city or even in another country, you have an excellent excuse to travel and visit where he/she lives. And without paying for the housing!

You will have your private tour guide as well to discover the best attractions, bars or restaurants and better understand his local life.

Just on the emotional level, the reunion is a true roller-coaster, whether it is at the other end of the world or 20 kilometers away from your home, which reminds you why you fight for this love.

8. Each partner has time for themselves

Although it would obviously be great to spend your Sunday morning in the bed with nothing to do with your sweetheart except cuddling, do not fret and enjoy the fact that you have time for you.

Have you always dreamed of learning the guitar, photography, or yoga?

Well, do it yourself, as an autodidact or with a teacher!

You will feel much better if you continue to develop your interest and your hobbies, rather than watching all seasons of this or that series in a weekend.

9. No need to look gorgeous every single day

Have you ever had days when you get off on the wrong foot and you are just too lazy to make yourself look good? Lazy to put on makeup? Wanting to wear only comfortable clothes, but with little aesthetic?

Congratulations, long distance relationship is really for you!

Your partner will not suspect anything on the phone or while texting, and so far webcams do not transmit the smells. Yes!

On the other hand, you must be careful to go back to your good old habits before the reunion …

benefits of being in a LDR

10. You know that somewhere someone loves you and awaits you

If you are in a serious long distance relationship, there is absolutely no doubt that someone is very committed to you and cares about how you are doing.

When you think about it, this person has also taken the risk of being in this relationship just to have the chance to be one day by your side.

So please, feel loved and appreciated as you deserve it.

And then for once, you know that this relationship is much more than physical.

11. Find out how much you truly like your partner

It’s very easy to become comfortable with your partner when you are in a normal dating lifestyle.

But by being away from your partner and being around other people, you will begin to realize just how much you truly like them.

For some couples, the bond between them can grow even more while they are apart.

They begin to realize how much they want to be with one another.

However, other couples start to see all the things that they don’t like about their partner.

When you don’t see the beauty on the outside of a person, you will start to notice what’s inside.

Good or bad, this will give you a better idea if the relationship is the right one for you.

12. Distance makes your hearts grow fonder

The old saying that “distance makes the heart grow fonder” is pretty true.

Many couples have reported that by having many miles between them, they have grown more affectionate towards their LDR partner.

As we mentioned, being in a long distance relationship will really make you appreciate the little time that you have together.

You may find that you argue a lot less than you did before going into the long distance relationship too.

And when the time comes for you to close the distance, you will feel as though you could conquer anything together.


Although there are lots of benefits to a long distance relationship, it won’t be easy to get through one.

That’s why it’s extremely important to build your trust as a couple.

You can be more in love with each other than anyone else has ever been in love, but without a strong foundation of trust, your relationship will fail.

Believe me, a long distance relationship is not ideal. Fortunately, these few benefits make the situation much better.

– Will

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