20+ Fun Things to do in a Long Distance Relationship to Chill Together

Long distance relationships make it a little more difficult to ‘spend time’ with one another. You’re limited mostly to text messages, phone calls, and video calls, with the occasional visit tossed in every once in awhile.

If you are tired of doing the same old FaceTime call, it’s time to shake things up a bit.

Here’s the top 20 most fun things to do in a long distance relationship:

  1. Have Dinner Together
  2. Watch a Movie Together
  3. Play Truth or Dare
  4. Get Physical
  5. Long Distance Relationship Apps
  6. Play Games Online
  7. Make a List of Everything You Want to do Together
  8. Send Personalized Care Packages
  9. Go on an Adventure Alone and Share With Your Partner
  10. Swap Long Distance Relationship Playlists
  11. Sing Songs Together
  12. Consider a Virtual World
  13. Bake Each Other Treats
  14. Go Surfing on the Web
  15. Order Them Some Food
  16. Learn Something New Together
  17. Scrapbook
  18. Always be Supportive
  19. Visit Them
  20. Plan a Trip

Ready to dive in and really get to spend some quality time with your partner in another state or country?

You’re in luck. We’re going to give you some of the best ideas on how you two can have fun together, even though you’re not exactly next to each other.

I. Have Dinner Together

dinner together long distance relationship view

So how are you supposed to have dinner with someone that lives 4,000 miles away? Oh, it’s fairly simple, actually. In fact, this can be a bonding moment for the two of you in more ways than one.

Start off by asking your partner what their favorite dinner is. Let’s say they said spaghetti. The two of you will both cook spaghetti in your own homes and have the table set by a designated time, say 7 oclock. Decide which sides you’ll have and what the two of you will drink as you dine.

Next, set up your phone or computer with video chat at 7 o’clock with everything prepared. The two of you will get to eat together like you’re actually at a table in person.

Okay, this might be a little cheesy; but if you have been dying for a dinner date night with your significant other this is the next best thing. Plus, You will get to learn more about their specific likes and dislikes so you can plan a real homemade dinner surprise in the (hopefully near) future.

2. Watch a Movie Together

watch movie together longdistance relationship view

This is probably the most classic way a long distance relationship couple spends time together. Plus, You get to learn about their specific taste in movies which will either make you really happy or really mad!

Start off by asking your partner what movie they’ve been dying to see. Or, they can pick a movie they’re absolutely obsessed with and simply want to watch it again with their significant other.

Next, pick a time to watch the movie. Make sure there is ample time for the both of you to enjoy the movie together without distractions.

You can watch the entire movie while video chatting, or you can simply talk over the phone and discuss what you love (or don’t love) about the movie you’re watching.

This is a great chance for you to relax and bond with your partner. Don’t worry if you get caught up in the conversation so much that you miss the movie. In fact, you kind of want that to happen. (Remember communication is key in relationships!)

3. Play Truth or Dare

play truth dare longdistance relationship view

Ready to take a flashback plane to 1995 sleepovers? Truth or Dare is one of those classic games where you simply can’t go wrong.

On the plus side, you will also get to dare your partner to do some crazy funny stuff, and learn more about who they are with some really intense truth questions.

Some of our favorite truth or dare questions include:

  • Tell me your deepest darkest secret.
  • What kind of food turns you on?
  • What is something you miss about our physical contact when I’m not around?
  • What is the most embarrassing guilty pleasure show you watch?
  • What is something disgusting that you enjoy doing?
  • Do you enjoy PDA?
  • What do you like about me as your partner?
  • Which animal comes to mind first when you think of me?

And for the dares…

  • Brush your teeth using vinegar.
  • Talk only in a whisper voice for the next 5 minutes.
  • Read the newspaper with a sexy voice.
  • Perform a standup comedy show over the phone.
  • Propose to me using a joke.
  • Narrate a sexy story using you and your celebrity crush.
  • Spark yourself 5 times.

4. Get Physical

get physical longdistance relationship view

“You can’t get physical in a long distance relationship!” Okay, you’re right; but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little frisky.

Studies have shown that a relationship that has plenty of sexual chemistry and acts on their desires with their partner are stronger and will likely last longer.

So how can you make sure you’re upping the spark in your long distance relationship even though you’re not next to each other?

It’s easier than you think, as there’s a lot of different options to choose from.

  • Take a tasteful selfie that shows off all your best assets. You might want to wear his favorite type of lingerie, or show off a little bit of skin that you know will drive him wild. Sultry photos like these will tantalize him and make him crave you even more.
  • Get dirty through the phone by either sexting or phone sex. It might be easier to start with just the texting aspect until you’re more comfortable to get down and dirty with your voice on the phone.
  • Getting busy on video chat is definitely not something for the shy ones out there. But hey, remember who you’re doing it with! Having ‘sex’ over video chat is probably the best way to feel closer to your partner. It’s easier to pretend you’re really there when you can actually see the other person, so don’t be shy.
  • Make plans for the next time you meet. Talk about what you’re going to do and where you’re going to do it. Ask your partner if they want you to get anything *special* prepared for the next visit, such as a new pair of panties, some handcuffs, etc.

5. Long Distance Relationship Apps

long distance relationship apps view

Our smartphones rule our entire society in this day and age, so of course they have come out with a slew of long distance relationship apps designed to make it easier.

There are several apps on the market that you should consider downloading to your phone. Some of our favorites include:


This unique app keeps track of the amount of time you and your partner have been together with an on-screen widget that displays the day counter. They also remind you of important dates like anniversaries, first kiss, birthdays, and so much more.


This is the ultimate app for couples. Here you can add more love with free emojis and GIF selfies, store photos and videos with ease, add scheduled events on the calendar, and so much more.


 This fun quiz gets to know your partner on a deeper level, getting to know all of their deepest desires and fantasies. It’s fun, and it’s a great way to add some spice to your long distance relationship.

Love Nudge

 With love nudge, you will essentially be sending your partner different ‘nudges’ based off the 5 languages of love. This is truly a great way to experience a better long distance relationship unlike anything you’ve experienced before, especially involving other apps.


 This game for couples will also allow you to get a deeper understanding of your partner both romantically and sexually. It’s an easy to use app that will get both of your hearts pumping in no time.


 This allows you to send your partner messages with an adorable postcard look that sets it apart from regular text messages in a big, big way.


 With this sexy app, you can actually vibrate your partner through the fun. Yes, a full vibration with lots of different speeds and motions. You truly don’t turn your partner on from a distance quite like that!


 Sending cute pictures that say ‘I miss you’ in more ways than one is the name of the game with this adorable couples app. It’s a great way to take the casual ‘I miss you’ text to a whole new level!

There are literally hundreds of different apps available on the market that are great for couples. There’s romantic and sweet ones as well as sexy and dirty apps.

You will also find a large amount of online couple games and quizzes that can help you connect even further while being apart.

6. Play Games Online

play games online ldr view

There are so many different games available on smartphones, ranging from simple word games to more extravagant ones. However, if you would rather take your couples gaming into the realm of video games, here’s some awesome games you can play together online:

  • Fortnite ;
  • Warframe ;
  • League of Legends ;
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 ;
  • Overwatch ;
  • Dota 2 ;
  • Counter-Strike: Global Defensive.

Of course if you are the woman in the relationship you might not find these games to be that much fun. (Of course that’s not discrediting the thousands of women who love video games).

However, you should always at least try and do something your partner likes to get closer to them.

If you’re not a video game fan but decide to play it with your gaming lover from time to time, it’s only fair that you ask them to do something you enjoy as well.

This is part of a ‘give and take’ recipe that’s always valuable in any relationship of any distance.

7. Make a List of Everything You Want to Do Together

make liste to do longdistance relationship

One way to make the time go by faster is to make a list of future plans. This could be a list of foods you want to try together, places you want to visit, or simply a date and time where you plan to finally be together full time.

Make sure that the both of you make your own lists and share them with each other. You might be surprised to hear about the things your love wants to do!

The list can be as long as you want. The longer, the better. This will show your long distance partner that you’re serious about the relationship and plan on doing a ton of amazing things together.

8. Send Personalized Care Packages to Each Other

send personalized care package

There’s two bonuses to this particular care package: first and foremost, you get a bunch of things you’re likely going to love. Secondly, you will find out just how much your partner knows about you.

After all, if they can compile an entire care package for you, it must mean they are paying pretty close attention to everything you are saying. This will surely make you feel good and special.

Make sure to set a dollar limit on the care package. You can typically put together a box full of favorites for under $50. Just make sure that neither of you go over the limit!

9. Go on an Adventure Alone and Share With Your Partner

send pictures adventures to partener

It may seem weird to go out on an adventure all by yourself, but the end goal is to send all of the videos and pictures you took off your outing with your partner. That way you both get to experience a fun afternoon and see all kinds of different places and things.

When you are done with the adventure . Whether it’s hiking in a new area, going to visit the beach, or going through some really cool stores at the mall, call them up so you can chat about the outings.

This may even give you some great inspiration for where to take your partner when they come to visit you!

10. Swap Long Distance Relationship Playlists

longdistance relationship playlist view

There’s something about music that can touch our hearts. The music will either give us a feeling of happiness, sadness, loneliness, being in love, the possibilities are truly endless.

That being said, you and your partner will make a playlist of all the songs that remind them of you and your relationship. Put at least 10 to 20 different songs on the list, then swap. Listen to the songs whenever you want to feel close to your significant other. It really does help!

11. Sing Songs Together

sing song together longdistance relationship

This goes hand in hand with number 10. Use the same songs from your playlists, or choose a totally new jam to sing along together. Singing karaoke is so much fun and will help you to unleash your shyness and wild side.

Getting silly with your significant other has been proven to strengthen relationships, no matter how far apart they may be. Trying to open up with a sing-along can be a great way to strengthen your overall bond.

You can make a specific playlist for karaoke music. Try and set up a ‘karaoke night’ with your partner at least once a month, if not once a week.

It’s a great way to spice up those video chats that may start becoming dull and you’re both sure to see a side of each other, you might not have seen before.

12. Consider a Virtual World

consider virtual world longdistance relationship

Virtual Worlds are exactly how they sound: a world that’s on the internet, that replicates the real world we live in. There’s a few great virtual worlds out there, but the top favorite seems to be Second Life.

The benefit of joining a virtual world with your partner is that it will give the feeling like you’re actually together, even when you’re not. You will be able to travel through the ‘world’ and go on dates, whether you’re going out to a virtual dinner or hitting up a big concert.

In Second Life you also have the ability to buy things. You and your partner will be able to buy cars, hair, clothes, homes, businesses, and so much more. You can live your virtual life with your partner until your real world comes to life.

13. Bake Each Other Treats

bake each other treats longdistance relationship

Just because your partner isn’t right next to you doesn’t mean you can’t surprise them with a fresh batch of cookies.

Find out what their favorite flavor is and get to work right away. Just make sure you don’t use any ingredients that will spoil if not refrigerated immediately after cooking.

It’s also important to note that when you send cookies, brownies, or other treats, that they should be stored in a safe way. If you can, toss in an ice pack to keep them cool while they’re on their way.

Also make sure that you are sending the treats through overnight mail. If that’s too expensive, you might be able to get by with 2 days shipping. Just keep in mind that these are freshly made goods that need to reach their destination as quickly as possible.

When your partner bites into your freshly made goods it will be a treat they won’t soon forget. They will ultimately feel closer to you as they sink their teeth into your homemade goody that you made especially for them.

This also makes them feel special, which is an important factor in any long distance relationship.

14. Go Surfing on the Web

The internet is a treasure trove for cool, interesting, and hilarious finds. If you’re feeling bored one night video chatting with your partner, consider simply surfing the web to see what you come up with.

Who knows? You and your partner may find out some new intriguing facts you never knew before, or simply find some hilarious memes to laugh out for days.

15. Order Them Some Food

order some food longdistance relationship

It’s a boring Friday night and you know your partner isn’t going to want to cook; so what should you do? Order some food!

There are so many different apps available for food delivery, including DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates, and more. Consider using one of these apps to get your partner’s favorite dish delivered right to their door.

If you don’t want to download an app just to have food delivered, you can never go wrong with calling for pizza. A lot of pizza places are even delivering beer to your doorstep, so you can give your significant other a fun Friday night- even if you aren’t right there to enjoy it with them.

16. Learn Something New Together

learn something new together ldr

There are truly so many things you can learn to do online, whether it’s a new language or simply discovering the history of the human race. Whatever interests the two of you, try to find a class for it online.

The two of you will be able to learn something new, together. This type of bonding experience is bound to keep you entertained through the many weeks or months that you are apart. You will also end the lengthy separation with a new skill on your back.

When you’re done with the class, call each other up to discuss what you have learned.

One of you may find the topic easier to learn, and they will be able to help the other one catch up to speed. Other times you both might find the class a challenge and you will need to come up with a solution to ace the class!

17. Scrapbook

scrapbook long distance relationship view

If you’re both not into scrapbooking that’s okay. One partner will put together a scrapbook with tons of pictures you have taken together. You can also add pictures that you have sent to each other while apart.

The scrapbook will be a testimony of your love. Essentially, it will have all of the beautiful memory photographs from beginning to end, and is something you will be able to look back on for many years.

When you’re done with the scrapbook you can either keep it for the two of you to look at together when they come back home, or you can send it to your partner to enjoy.

After all, you’re likely going to be able to make more than one scrapbook, so at least make one for each of you to keep while apart.

18. Always be Supportive

always, be supportive longdistance relationship

For whatever reason, you and your partner don’t live nearby. This may be due to the fact that one of you is in school, in the army, or took up a really great job that only lasts a couple of months. Whatever the reason may be, you always need to remain supportive.

This doesn’t mean that you should just be supportive of their goals. You should also be supportive when they start to feel low or down about being apart from you. Always be there to listen to their struggles and cheer them on, reassuring them that this is only temporary. In return, your partner should do the same for you.

Always remember that it is important to stay independent while the two of you are apart. Yes, it’s going to be rough, but one of the best ways to make time go by faster is to continue doing what you love and pick up new activities and hobbies.

Your partner should be supportive, just like you are being.

19. Visit Them

visit pertener longdistance relationship view

This is the most obvious answer to this question, but it is still worth noting. Visiting your partner should be one of the biggest elements of your relationship. You should try and visit your partner as much as possible.

It’s unfortunate for some situations, like those in the military, that visiting is not possible for several months or even years. If that is the case, you will need to spend even more time making sure you’re communicating and staying close through the internet and phones.

For others, plan to make a visit your significant other at least every 2 weeks if possible. If not, at least once a month will be enough.

While you are apart from each other you should be planning the next visit. Think and talk about all of the fun things you want to do together.

This will keep the both of you inspired and excited for the next visit, and you shouldn’t become too stressed out or lonely over the whole long distance situation.

Try and make every visit different. Sometimes you visit him, and sometimes he should visit you. This gives you both an opportunity to show off your surroundings and meet each other’s friends and family members.

20. Plan a Trip

plan trip longdistance relationship view

In this case, I don’t mean just planning a trip to visit each other. If you have the time and money, plan an actual vacation together.

Keep in mind that a vacation doesn’t always have to mean a week long trip to the Bahamas. (Although that is an excellent idea for anyone in a relationship). It could simply mean going away for the weekend to a small little bed and breakfast in the mountains.

Spending some time together away from your usual surroundings is an excellent way to bond and strengthen the relationship. It will also give you some incredible memories to look back on when you’re feeling sad that they aren’t around.


Keeping things fun and exciting in a long distance relationship can be a little tough, but not impossible.

As long as you’re doing things together beyond text messaging, phone calls, and video chatting, you’re bound to be a successful relationship.

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