How Long Can Long-Distance Relationships Exactly Last?

Many people who are thinking about taking the leap and trying a long-distance relationship want to know what the odds are it can last.

A lot of people find themselves asking, exactly how long can a long-distance relationship last? The answer is entirely dependent on who you are.

When it comes to any relationship the elephant in the room is, how long is this relationship actually going to last. Wondering this can add tension and discontent in a relationship. There is never going to be a straight answer to this question because it has so many factors it depends on.

The factors that go into how long your relationship can last can include:

  • Physical Compatibility: You physically enjoy looking at your significant other and being physically intimate with them.
  • Mental Compatibility: You enjoy what they have to say and their opinions on different subjects. You tend to agree on many different opinions, but of course not all.
  • Moral Compatibility: Your morals are almost one and the same. You aren’t arguing constantly on the right thing to do when it comes to sticky situations and subjects.

These aren’t all the factors but they are the big ones. How long a relationship can last depends entirely on your compatibility as a couple. Here are a few good tips and tricks to help you decide how compatible you are with your new significant other.

1. It’s A Feeling

feeling ldr exactly last view

When you know you know. You love how your new significant other treats you, looks, and how they act with certain situations. You love their kindness and the way they stop to help strangers.

These are all great indications that you and your significant other are going to be together for a while. You have to love their biggest personality traits to have a happy long-lasting relationship.

2. Get to Know Them Personally

know them personally ldr exactly last

You need to know your significant other inside and out. This is important because if you never really and truly know who your significant other is then you can’t possibly know how compatible you two are together.

You have to know how they would act in certain situations and how they would respond to those situations. You need to know if you are compatible mentally and morally.

You can be compatible physically without truly knowing your significant other, but it is definitely not as important as having a connection mentally and morally.

3. Decide What You Can and Cannot Live With

can cannot live with ldr last

Everyone you have ever and will ever be in a relationship with is going to have some traits about them that are questionable to you.

Everyone was raised differently than you and they are going to have certain opinions and morals that you would think of as wrong. That is okay. All you have to do is figure out what you can live with and what you cannot live with.

Every relationship you are in you should strive for the 70/30 rule. Your significant other needs to have 70% traits you can live with and 30% traits you cannot. Nobody is going to be 100% it’s just not realistic.

4. No Relationship is Perfect

no perfect relationship ldr last

You can’t go into the world looking for your ideal significant other because they don’t exist. You’ve got to know that nobody is perfect. When it comes to a long-lasting relationship it’s only long-lasting because you both can let some things go and compromise on others.

Just remember that if your significant other has traits about them that drive you crazy then you also have traits that drive them crazy. No relationship is perfect and always remember that you’re not perfect as well so you can’t blame everything on the other person.

5. Don’t Worry About How Long it Might Last

dont worry ldr last view

You cannot spend your entire relationship wondering how long it might last. You could never possibly know the answer to that question so there isn’t any point in letting it fester in your mind.

Enjoy your relationship and enjoy your life. If your relationship ends then it ends and you just need to pick yourself up and start over.

If you continue and flourish then go ahead and enjoy it. You won’t do any good bogging down your relationship with loaded questions like how long the relationship is going to last.

6. Have Fun

have fun ldr exactly last view

The most important part is for you to have fun in your relationship and with your significant other. Don’t let the pressures of society and making milestones drive a wedge into your relationship. You have to enjoy the time you have with them.

Worry about the future when it’s time to worry about it and for now, just keep yourself happy and keep your relationships in a great place.

Final Thoughts

There is no definite answer to, how long can my long-distance relationship last? It depends entirely on your compatibility as a couple.

You need to be physically compatible, mentally compatible, and morally compatible. As well as compatible in other ways but those depend entirely on the people and the relationship. Important things to you need to be important to your significant other.

You have to personally know exactly who your significant other is to know exactly how compatible you are together. You also how to know what you can and cannot live with when it comes to their actions, opinions, and personality. It is important to know them.

Remember that no relationship is perfect and if you have problems with their faults then they also have a problem with your faults. You can not blame everything that is wrong with the relationship on your significant other.

Finally, remember that it doesn’t matter how long it lasts as long as you’re having a good time. How a vague plan for the future but don’t let the pressure of being together forever bog down your relationship and put a wall between you and your significant other.

Have fun and love each other, don’t feel pressured to figure out how long you and your long-distance significant other can be together.

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