Lelo F1s Review: The Future of Sex or a Waste of Time?

Are you ready to bring your masturbation into the 21st century?

Every aspect of your life is changing due to advancing technology. You have all of the latest gizmos and gadgets around the house, yet you’re still pulling on your manhood like a caveman?

It’s time to give your palms a rest and let technology show you how to reach new orgasmic heights.



What is it?

Calling the Lelo F1S a sex toy seems to understate what it does.

It’s not a toy, this is a masturbatory revolution they’ve started. This amazing little machine can take all of the hard labor out of your pleasure sessions, which leaves you with more of your focus to simply enjoying what it can do for you.

The Lelo F1S is a sleek cylinder, with some special surprises hidden away inside. One end of the cylinder opens into a narrow shaft ; a snug little sleeve for your pleasure. To use the F1S, you simply slide your penis into this sleeve just like you would enter a real vagina.

The body-safe silicone sleeve has a silky and lifelike feel which will convince you that you’ve penetrated a tight vagina. Unlike a smooth hole, however, this virtual sex hole is curved and ridged to heighten your pleasure.

This sounds like similar male sex toys we’ve seen before, but this is where the comparison ends. You aren’t going to thrust in and out of this tight velvety hole, in fact you aren’t going to use your hands at all.

This amazing device is going to be doing the pleasuring for you.

lelo f1s gadget review

What makes this toy different?

The Lelo F1S brings the pleasure to you in two different ways. As the tight sleeve hugs your now growing erection, you’ll experience new sensations that will awaken your manhood in ways you didn’t know were possible.

Two separate motors drive your pleasure, and surround your dick with 360 degrees of stimulation. First, the powerful vibration motor will awaken your senses and get those nerve endings excited as your cock prepares to receive the pleasure that is coming.

While these vibrations may seem familiar, like make other adult toys you may have tried, the Lelo F1S brings another little secret to the table. Along with the pulsing vibrations are powerful sound waves.

That’s right, this toy revolutionizes masturbation and pleasure by harnessing the power of sonic waves to fire your sexual nerves like never before. The toy uses the patented SenSonic technology to rock your world in a way that has to be felt to be believed.

Really, any explanation or description of how it feels to have powerful sonic waves pulsing through your penis won’t do it justice.

You’re going to have to put your dick in to understand, trust me. You haven’t experienced an orgasm until you’ve felt one achieved by sound.

As these powerful motors caress and drive your pleasure, this device is paying attention to your dick. As you also can watch in amazement through the optional viewing window, the Lelo F1S also can tell how you’re enjoying the session.

It has an array of 10 performance sensors which can measure your enjoyment and can adjust to you much like a woman who knows every nuance of you. This device isn’t simply a sex toy, you’re letting artificial intelligence suck on your cock.

You can control the device with the intuitive 3 button design on the top, and increase or decrease the intensity (or pause to catch your breath) with ease. The simple design allows your hands to be free, and keeps all of the natural lubricant on your dick where it belongs.

This is a life changer to those who like to keep the mess off of their keyboard and mouse without spending a case of napkins. All of the pre-cum (and there will be a lot) stays tucked away inside of the silicone sleeve.

Rather than opt for manual control, you can also switch the Lelo F1S into autopilot by using the cruise control feature. This device allows you to concentrate on the incredible video you’ve found and relax and enjoy what your new best friend can do for you.

This feature is great for when you’re ready to have an orgasm, as you can just lie back and finish, knowing that the performance sensors are keeping an eye on your dick making sure the pleasure is optimum for you.

For an even greater level of control over your Lelo F1S, the device also connects to your smartphone in conjunction with the free app.

lelo f1s demo app

This app can connect to other Lelo toys for those who want to go on this journey with someone else. But it also allows to customize your adventure until it’s right for you. Everyone likes their pleasure a little different, and Lelo understands this better than anyone.

The app allows you to tinker with the sensors and the programs ; for instance you might be someone who likes to stay on the edge of orgasm as long as possible.

So you can program the app to slow the pleasure down when you’re reaching the point of completion. This is highly recommended as an orgasm after spending a long time right on the edge of completion is an amazing release.

You should be satisfied with your Lelo F1S until you are involuntarily screaming and experiencing the longest lasting orgasms of your life. That’s not hyperbole; once you have the Lelo F1S programmed to your exact needs, you will create an experience that will be difficult to match in real life.

How does it feel?

Simply put – the feeling is unmatched. The hand-free nature of the Lelo F1S makes this feel less like masturbation and more like you’re being pleasured by a professional.

You can relax and let the vibrations and sonic waves escort you to the most powerful orgasms that you will ever experience.

The contoured and snug feel of the silicone sleeve will give you pleasure as soon as you penetrate, even before you turn it on. Combined with your favorite adult film or even a VR headset and you can sink into a tangible fantasy world where the entire focus is pleasuring your cock in every way.

It feels like someone else’s hand, or vagina, or mouth but better. Whatever words I use will not convey how Earth shattering and powerful this device is.

If I had to complain about anything (I don’t want to) perhaps this toy could be deeper. The hole for your penis is only 4.5″ deep, which might be deep enough for some but those men cursed with longer dicks.

As hard as it might be for some to empathize with the well-endowed, with the Lelo L1S, They can be left short. The toy still works and feels amazing, but it can leave you wishing that your entire cock could be experiencing the powerful sensations.

This is hardly an unfamiliar experience for those blessed between the legs, as very few mouths are able to take in the entire length. This is a minor problem and nothing close to a deal-killer.

What’s in the box?

lelo f1s kitOf course, inside the box is perhaps the last sex toy you will ever need, but some also fun surprises are included:

  • A USB charging cable is included to keep your toy powered (it has 2+ hours of battery life).
  • A starter guide, user instructions, and a warranty card are in the box, as is a useful “Do not disturb” sign which you might find handy.
  • A Velvet carrying bag will keep your favorite new toy secure and free of dust, and some fingerless leather gloves are a nice accessory to add to your experience.

This package also comes with a bottle of toy cleaning spray, which you can use to clean your toy before you store it. You aren’t going to want to put this away, but better to leave it clean because you’ll be back soon, trust me.


  • A new hands-free method to masturbate
  • No more wrist cramps or chafing
  • Mess is contained neatly
  • Manual or automatic mode
  • Customize to your exact specifications
  • Can connect to other toys for shared mode
  • Sonic waves rock you in a new way


  • A normal blowjob might not seem as great
  • You will spend more time masturbating
  • The hole is shallow (4.5″) which isn’t enough for some
  • No lubricant is included


Who is Lelo F1S for? Well, simply put, if you have a penis this device is for you. This is a revolutionary tool for pleasure, and will make you wonder why you spent so long stroking it.

This would be a great gift for the man in your life (but I would also recommend getting a Lelo device of your own so you can have some connected fun.) Anyone who enjoys masturbating but would like to remove all of the work and mess involved will get years of joy from this device.

Is it time that you welcome your penis to the 21st century? It’s going to be a fun ride.