The 10 Best Long Distance Relationship Activities for LDR Lovers

To flourish, LDR couples must learn to use the geographical separation as an advantage instead of an obstacle.

This is especially true for the long distance relationship activities that you share together from afar.

Of course, communication is an essential part of your love life, but sometimes, we just want to have a good time and relax. Sometimes, we need to go beyond words.

In that case, one could believe that the options are limited because of the distance… But don’t be fooled!

You can share a lot of online activities and unforgettable memories, despite being in a long distance relationship!

And this article is going to reveal to you exactly how.

Activity #1: Watch something together

Let’s start with a must.

What’s more natural to relax as a couple than to watch a TV series, a nice movie, a Youtube creator or a television show together?

There are several ways to do that. You can :

  1. Use Netflix or Youtube and try to sync to the nearest second
  2. Use services like MyCircle.TV to manage synchronization for you
  3. Watch the same TV program or live video at the same time, while calling your lover via Skype or on the phone.

It all depends on your preferences and on what you want to watch!

Activity #2: Cook together

One of the best activities you can do remotely is to cook your lunches or dinners together simply.

Each partner chooses a recipe (or you can pick the same one) and connects to Skype to share this accomplice moment together.

And you don’t have to be a chef to do that! Whatever your cooking skill level is, you’ll find a fun recipe to start with: cake, pizza, pancakes, etc.

A quick search on Google will help you to find the perfect dish without too much difficulty.

Anyway, if it ends up being a total failure, the good news is that your partner won’t be able to taste it!

long distance relationship date idea

Activity #3: Plan your next reunion

What better way to bring hope and trust in your long distance relationship?

Even if your next reunion is in several months, it can be fascinating to start your research today to raise the excitement.

Book your tickets, learn more about the region, check what you want to do, see and eat and just imagine yourself already being there together…

Surprise couple projects, couple holiday packages, pampering spas or even idealistic dinner or more can be setup for you and your partner once you want to meet up.

Looking forward to a special meeting always reduces any friction or stress of losing the fire.

Activity #4: Play online games

Even if you are not gamers at heart, there is a vast choice of online video games that you can indulge with your partner to add fun to your relationship and date nights.

There is something from everyone, in all genres and of all types (cooperative or competitive).

I invite you to discover the Steam platform which is full of fun games for two players and which makes the process quite easy.

You can also play those classic board games together.

We suggest Monopoly, Connect 4 and Scrabble, but you can choose something that will better suit your tastes.

You should check out the article I wrote about the best games for long distance lovers!

Activity #5: Online shopping

If during your reunion you like to shop together, nothing should stop you from doing the same online!

Visit an online store of your choice and explore their different collections together.

Discuss the different products and share your opinion about what you like and dislike.

By the way, this is a very good trick to find awesome gift ideas for your partner!

plan LDR date

Activity #6: Home visits

It’s not because you’re in front of your computer or your phone that it means you cannot move around and show more of your environment to your partner.

If you have been Skyping from your room for a long time, then your partner would surely appreciate seeing more of your home or apartment.

And why not go out and make them discover your neighborhood? Or even where you study or work?

This is after all your world. This is your life.

Give him or her a visit to your place so that he or she discovers what he or she would not usually see.

Activity #7: Sing or play music together

Do you both like music?

There are lots of phone apps, and websites (like Smule Sing or just Skype) dedicated to those who want to sing or play music together, no matter the distance.

With this, you can be sure you will have a good laugh!

Record yourself singing on your favorite karaoke website and have a great night out with your other half.

Activity #8: Romantic date

Being in a long-distance relationship does not mean you should say goodbye to romance and intimacy.

Take time to organize regularly real romantic dates on Skype.

How do you do that exactly? Well, almost like in real life!

Give your lover an appointment, take care of the little details (outfit, light, setting, etc.), then watch a romantic movie, dine together and seduce your partner like the first day.

Nowadays, with technology, you can even go much further! (If you know what I mean…)

It’s just like a normal date. The only difference is that everything is done via your video chat software.

virtual date idea

Activity #9: Create a blog or social media page together

What if you worked on a project together?

With the Internet, it is extremely easy to share your (LDR) story with the world and create or join a real community of like-minded people.

Even if it takes some work, this experience can only bring you closer.

You can create a blog, a Facebook page, an Instagram account, or a Youtube channel, either about your long distance relationship or about any shared passion of yours!

Activity #10: Read together

Watching videos and playing games can be fun, but by far the best online date idea is to read a book together.

Choose a good book that you both think you’ll enjoy, this can be fiction or non-fiction, and curl up by each of your fireplaces.

You can even read from your computer if you have a Kindle application.

Plan to read at least a chapter per date, and then leave enough time in the end to discuss your thoughts on what you’ve read.


There are many fun date night ideas for long distance relationships, but we’ve narrowed it down to a list of just the best.

Remember to always be creative in your long distance dates. Long distance relationship activities add to the liveliness and reduce distance.

They are by no means a replacement of an ‘in-person’ date, but they can be a spark of hope in an otherwise dull situation. If it feels weird at first, just give it some time.

It’s quite different from going out in public together, but you’ll be enjoying yourselves in no time.

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  • A good way to watch movies/watch videos/listen to music together its to use it works on chrome and firefox and there is a app for android and I think IOS

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