The 10 Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts for Him or Her

Are you currently in the middle of a long distance relationship and asking yourself what you can get for your lover?

Are you searching for the best long distance relationship gifts for your partner?

What are the long-distance relationship gifts that you can give to your lover to ensure that your romantic LDR can stand the pressure of the distance between the both of you?

If you happen to be in a long distance romantic relationship with your lover, do not worry.

There are a lot of ideas to make your relationship more colorful as well as more moving.

The most effective way to do this is by giving surprises through gifts to your boyfriend or girlfriend. There are lots of gift ideas which will be ideal to be given to your partner even in a LDR, and you might be surprised that a number of them are straightforward things.

These days, lots of couples spend time apart from one another.

The reasons can vary from having to move away for college or perhaps work, but no matter what the reason is, all long distance relationships could be challenging.

To be able to give the relationship an excellent chance to survive, it is imperative that you give each other gifts which would remind you of your love.

So here are some ideas of great long distance relationship gifts for your lover!

1. A Pair of Long Distance Love Toys

By far, the best gift for LDR lovers, as it is the only one that makes you able to connect if your boyfriend or girlfriend and be intimate with him or her, despite the miles!

These smart toys are like a virtual bridge between the two of you that helps you touch and feel each other to keep the fire burning.

I particularly recommend to long distance relationship couples the #1 and #2 picks from this list of the Top 5 Best Long Distance Sex Toys. Don’t miss them.

2. Some Clothes of Yours

This is not necessarily for him or her to wear, but instead for him or her to remember you.

You might want to send your lover a scarf that he or she can wear or perhaps a t-shirt if you happen to be about the same size.

Any kind of clothing is okay, but, will contain your scent thereby making him or her think of you every time he or she smells them.

long distance relationship gift ideas

3. Plane or Train Tickets

One of the best tips on how to keep a long distance relationship alive is to plan regular weekend getaways.

This can even be better whenever you surprise your lover with flight tickets waiting at the airport or perhaps train tickets at the train station to be picked up.

You could pull off a surprise vacation simply by telling your partner where to be as well as what type of clothes he or she should come along with.

4. Photos of You

Photos of the both of you often make a lovely gift. However, you can spice up this kind of gift.

In case you are planning to visit your lover in a few weeks, begin sending him or her a photo every day or two of different parts of your body.

You also can make these photos as naughty as you wish to. However, they will have him or her counting the hours until you show up.

5. Small Gifts

Whenever you visit your lover, make sure to take a staple of small gifts such as photos, cards or anything else.

After that, you can leave these in random locations so your lover will find them over time and think about you when he or she does.

ldr gift

6. A Love Letter

In this day of instant message and emails, we can sometimes forget those and write a regular letter.

A perfect long distance relationship gift idea is a basic poem, or even a romantic card dropped in the mail to let your lover know how much you really love them as well as just how much they mean to you.

7. A Surprise Weekend Together

There is no better gift for a long distance relationship as compared to the gift of having the ability to spend time with each other.

Try planning a surprise visit to visit your lover or perhaps plan a weekend to another spot.

You may also try sending your lover ideas on what to bring so he or she can be completely surprised when he or she gets to your final destination.

8. A Movie (or a Book)

If you and your lover have the same· taste for movies, then you definitely should give your lover a copy of what you are watching.

By doing this, you can watch it together after which you can discuss the plot and also how both of you feel about it.

This will likely give you another thing to talk about and will enable you to feel like you are much closer to one another.

ldr gifts

9. A Scrapbook

Print your pictures. Pick the pictures in which memories were captured. Purchase a scrapbook, and put all your photos inside.

Be creative thereby making it look attractive. You can write a few love quotes to ensure it is more romantic.

Do you have a theme song? You could also put the lyrics of the theme song in the scrapbook.

Ensure it is very colorful. Whenever you are done with it, give it to your lover before he or she leaves.

10. Goodbye Surprises

After you have been with your lover for a few days or weeks, do not go without leaving a couple of surprises behind for him or her to find.

You could tuck them in places such as a wallet, car or maybe in the refrigerator.

They are going to be a lovely reminder of your love, and your lover will probably find himself or herself looking for the next big surprise.


To make things more exciting with you long distance relationship gifts, you can even try to pick a color theme!

Try to find a color that the both of you love. After you have decided, search for gifts which comes in that particular color and then send them to each other.

These types of products do not need to be expensive. However, they can be very personal and range from something little, for instance, a picture or perhaps a card.

Anyway, being in a long distance relationship may be tough, however, by taking the time to put together some special gifts for each other, you can easily make the time you spent apart pass quickly and smoothly.

– Will

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