LoveBook Review: Best Personalized Gift for LDR Couples?

When you are in a long-distance relationship, there is a longing that cannot be contained. It seems to shoot out of you from multiple directions.

There’s no amount of phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages, emails that could ever totally convey how you feel when you’re in a long-distance relationship ! In this LoveBook Review, you can find another tool to fix this problem !

That is why I think that LoveBook is an ingenious product. It allows you to put your heart into a custom-made storybook for the person that you love. What an incredible gift to receive from a long-distance lover.

Although the style of the overall templates on the creative end is all very similar, it still is a monumental gift.

There are not very many different styles to choose from (all the templates are of one cartoon type), but you can customize it to make the tone a little more serious or you can make it funny. You can tailor it to how the receiver will best respond to it, according to their personality.

The beauty of the overall concept is that it fits into many categories and occasions. Occasions like birthdays, holidays, graduations and other events.

Before you start creating all you have to do is click on the drop to see the various occasion templates available. There are lots of options to entertain and explore.

Your unique love story to your lover is put into a hardcover or paperback book ! Where you have the opportunity to make the characters look like both of you.

You can choose how many pages you want and personalize them. Also, you will also get to choose your own cover and completely edit it and the title. How amazing is that?

How It Works

lovebook online personalized gift

It is time to dig deep into the depths of your creative juices and pull out a storyline that will move your lover’s heart.

If there has ever been a time in your long-distance relationship, where it has been hard for you to communicate the depths of what you are feeling, worry no more! Now you get to put all of what is in your heart in the story without on-the-spot pressure.

There are many angles you can come at this ! Meaning you can communicate a variety of perspectives about your long-distance relationship in story form. If your love story needs to be memorialized in a special way, you can actually customize your book to create a timeline of how your relationship came to pass.

If You want to use the book to propose to your long-distance lover, you can do that as well ! The point is, you want to go in with a clear direction before starting your creative, customizable project.

Now, if you are struggling with the topical direction of the book, all is definitely not lost ! There are pre-made “love messages” that can help you hone in on what you want to say. Those templates can be a great spark that leads to ideas of your own.

Either way, you choose will end with the same excellent result ! A high quality, meaningful and tangible gift.

Then you can head on over to and begin to develop YOUR character. Once you are there, go ahead and click on the create yourself and put your name in the box ! It gets even more fun ! You get to pick your body shape.

Don’t get too excited, you won’t find one with chiseled abs! Next, you then pick the color of your skin and your facial features. How fun !

After that, you even get to customize your hair, eyes and everything else that has to do with your physical appearance. When I say everything else, it has to do with your physical appearance.

Which includes the outfit you wear, shoes and any accessories. Then you get to do the same for your lover. You get to pick everything out just like you did for yourself.

Then save everything and move on to the next thing.

Create Your Account

lovebook online account gift ldr

LoveBook has an interesting way of having you create your account (in my personal opinion). It is a little abrupt in how they do it, but it just takes a couple of minutes. Then you are right back into the process of creating your book.

So basically after you design yourself and your lover, they will abruptly have you sign up for an account. After you have signed up for an account, then you are free to move on to the next thing. You get to start editing your cover and all of the other pages that you want to add within it.

You can choose the contents of your book next. You can decide whether to be very heartfelt, funny, serious or a combination.

As a helpful tool, there are templated storylines or you can create it from scratch if you really want to make the story/message completely personal.

When you are done crafting your story or adding in template content ideas, you can write a personal additional message to them. Once a personal message is written then you can view your LoveBook, purchase it and send it !

You can choose the book type that you want (either hardcover or paperback). You can do it in color, or in black and white. Of course with color, it’s a little bit more expensive but totally worth it!

Right now the promo for a color hardcover Book is $50.96, not bad at all!

The Features

lovebook customized gifts ldr

With Lovebook, I know that people probably get mostly hooked on the way you could customize the stories, which is an incredible feature. However, let’s not forget about the characters.

The way that you could customize YOUR character and the character of your lover can be very meaningful.


Because they have added so many features and customizations that allow you to get your character and the character of your lover, as most like them and yourself as possible.

The more the characters reflect you and your partner the more connected they feel to the overall story.

The options for the book cover seemed almost endless. I was actually pretty impressed. Impressed with how many book cover options are generated from the text that has been added, along with the characters.

So, there is definitely no lack of options. If you are someone who has a hard time choosing, it might feel a little overwhelming at first, to decide which cover you like the best! Hey, but at least you, have some pretty neat options.

The ability to add as many pages as you like is a wonderful feature ! Some of us have a lot to say!

When you’re given a small amount of space to express yourself, it almost feels pressured and crippling. The ability to add as many pages as you need gives you the full opportunity to say what needs to be said.

At the very end, you are able to write a personalized message that fully ties up and wraps up the story you just created. You can use this for many special occasions. So if you want to send something to your love for his or her birthday, you can do it for that, or anything else!

Based on the event, holiday or special occasion you choose it will generate book cover options to complement the theme.

For holidays or special achievements, the quality can’t be beaten as the finished product looks like a book that you would go and buy from Barnes & Nobles. Lastly, if you’re in a hurry to have it reach your person by a certain date, it ships out very quickly.

My Personal Experience

lovebook personalized gift ldr

My overall experience with it was great ! I enjoyed how it nicely led you from step to step. It’s not like we kind of have to figure out where to go and what to do next. It is a very guided process.

One thing that I wish they had is the opportunity to kind of skip ahead and see what other steps were, but you’re not really able to do that. You have to save and go to the next step in sequential order.

Building the characters for the story is the first thing you get to do. I really love the features and the cool customizations with building the characters. I did notice that sometimes the screen to go to the next customization options can get frozen. I just refreshed my page every time that happened and it seemed to work.

When my characters were generated and I created a personal account, I was then able to go on to create the cover of my book. You can’t finish your book unless you do that step!

It was really fun to look at all the different book cover options. Some of them made me laugh and some of them made me feel a little sentimental.

Another thing, I wish they had was the ability to pick your own color scheme. Quite a number of the color combinations that they offer for the book covers, I would have never chosen myself.

That is kind of on the minor side to me. It’s more of a personal preference type of deal, but it doesn’t change how epic this LoveBook idea is !


creative book cover lovebook ldr

  • There are over 200 really creative book covers that you can choose from. You can use them as is (when they are generated), or you can alter and tweak to add a more personal and creative touch!
  • The overall system is very easy to use. You don’t have to worry about what the next part of the process is, it guides you through the creation steps simply and smoothly.
  • There are multiple “body” templates to choose from. You can custom dress it to match your style and the style of your person.
  • There is a lot of pre-made content to help you create your story, to help you get unstuck (in the event that you get a little tongue-tied).
  • Editing on all the pages is extremely easy and streamlined.
  • You can tailor the book to how the receiver will best respond to it according to their personality.
  • The beauty of the overall concept is that it fits into many categories and occasions. You could even build up a collection of these LoveBooks based around special occasions.


  • No ability to create your own characters from scratch, which might be a little annoying to those who have some artistic skills they would want to add to the project.
  • No ability to upload your own pictures.
  • No varying styles of templates.
  • No way to customize the color scheme.
  • There is no ability to skip steps, to get an idea of what’s ahead in the process.

The Verdict is Out

Lovebook is a memorable gift option for long-distance relationships. It is easy to use and allows you to express your heart, in a way your love can keep and cherish for years to come. I think it is a perfect gift idea.

I don’t think there’s any better way to encapsulate both of you in book form, that spells out a special memory or the way that you feel in your heart. The fact that you can customize the book to fit the receiver’s personality, is an extra benefit that will speak loudly.

In a world where we now save our best memories and messages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other platform this is a remarkable gift because it is tangible. It is a cherished item that can be looked upon for memory’s sake, for years to come.

I feel the only true downside might affect those who are check creative drawing or design skills.
Unfortunately, there is no way to add customization outside of what is programmed into the system.

If an artist or designer wanted to upload his or her own design or sketches, that is not an available option at the moment. So, for the artist who would like to add some extra flare, I am sorry but you’re out of luck !

Who knows, that could change in future developments. Other than that, you are good to go in presenting a gift that is profoundly memorable !