Original and Useful Gifts for Long Distance Lovers

If you are reading this article, it’s most likely because you have already tried or considered a lot of gift ideas for your Long Distance Lovers, such as those that appear in the article 7 Romantic Gifts Ideas for Long Distance Relationships.

After all, it’s quite normal.

With birthdays, small surprises, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, there is no shortage of opportunities to offer a little something to the person you love.

But there is a time when ideas start running out, and you really want to offer something “different”, something less predictable.

That’s why I’ve made a list of original and useful Gifts for Long Distance Relationships!

Here, romanticism is put aside for the benefit of the surprising and the convenient …

1. A naughty toy

naughty gift ldr

We are not going to lie; distance creates a physical lack that is hard to fill because in the third millennium it is not yet possible to have sex with Wi-Fi. (Maybe someday…)

Therefore, this is not a reason to ignore and not to contribute to the pleasure of your long distance partner as much as you can.

Surprise your other half by offering her/him a naughty toy and raise the tension while waiting for the next reunion.

In fact, if you are looking for toys that would allow you to spend intimate moments together despite the kilometers, check out the article I published on the sex toys dedicated to long distance relationships!

Be careful: These products are intended for an adult audience. Also, make sure that your other half and you are both on the same page regarding sexuality in your couple. Otherwise your good intention could backfire.

2. “Cuddly” torso pillow with arm

gift ideas long distance lover

Except for intimacy, what is missing most in long distance relationships? Cuddles, of course!

But this now belongs to the past, since smart guys and girls have created pillows in the shape of torso and arms made just for those who feel (physically) a little too lonely.

Most models are masculine, and this time it will be difficult to find a more original gift!

3. Scratch Map

gift idea original ldr

Announcement to global traveler couples!

As you must realize, long distance love makes us sometimes travel even outside of our usual borders at the time of unique reunions.

Offer a global scratch map to your partner and mark, as you travel together, the new discovered destinations.

A perfect souvenir!

4. Double dial watch

gift long distance relationship

Great for international couples!

If you and your partner live in two different time zones, you know how hard it can be to meet up and feel each other’s presence.

That’s why a double dial watch would allow you or your other half to feel closer to each other in any situation.

5. Webcam and headset with microphone

gift ldr

Communication is the most essential thing in a long distance relationship. And it often goes through Skype for a maximum of “realism”.

So make your lives easier, and offer her/him the necessary material to be able to have a good time together during a video chat. And take a second pair for you, if your other half often complains about the audio and video quality of your calls.

For this, you will find on Amazon the most popular webcams as well as the best-selling headsets with a microphone. There are for every budget, so you have no excuses!

6. Diary of your relationship

gift idea ldr

What if you offered and exchanged your most profound thoughts with your other half?

To do this, you just need to get a diary and write your thoughts related to this long distance relationship.

Then offer it to your partner, who can fill it in her/his turn and return it to you until it is complete. An old-school way of communicating, but how romantic and original.

7. One of your sweaters or one of your shirts

useful gift ldr

Here is an idea that mainly concerns these gentlemen.

An original gift is to offer one of your sweaters or one of your shirts to your girlfriend. Ladies love to wear this kind of clothes since they are impregnated with your smell and remind them of your presence.

Do the test and you will not be disappointed!


So here are 7 original gift ideas that I hope will help you if you have not already found the perfect match.

Tell me in the comments if you have other ideas for original gifts, or if you have received this type of gift lately!

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