[Review] Esthesia: Read This Before You Buy the Vibease G-spot Vibrator

Since the advent of various types of technologies meant to improve as many different aspects of lives, the typical feature set of some of these things has been developing and is nowadays amazing.

An excellent example would the Esthesia vibrator from Vibease, which provides various benefits for your needs and your relationship.

Simply put, this is a high-performance rabbit vibrator, which comes with a supplementary app and Bluetooth functionality for added performance.

For those who have been searching that innovative solution for spicing up their conventional relationship, then this package is the ideal addition for your needs.

As a result, this app will not only provide your loved with earth-shattering orgasms, but it will also provide you with the best value for your investment.

The vibrator is simple to place in the user’s body, and the app is also simple to install as well. The following is a coherent Esthesia vibrator review!



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1. Vibease Esthesia features

Classic curvy design

Perhaps one of the main features of this rabbit vibrator is the fact that it has a distinctive curvy design for optimal orgasmic impact.

This curvy design is mean to adhere to the unique shape of your lady`s vagina, such that vibrations can provide the ideal results.

It provides two-fold pleasure and with carefully molded tips that work to massage the g-spot and the clitoris as well.

Users will be pleased to know that this is an exclusive patented design that works to provide various benefits.

In fact, it targets all the erogenous zones of your lady`s organs including the clitoris and the G-spot for earth-shaking orgasms she will never forget.

Superior material construction

Further lending to the excellent design quality of this vibrator is that it comes with a full-body silicone design, which is not only easy to clean, but also safe for the body as well.

Vibease has also done well to ensure that it has a waterproof design such that you can enjoy unrivaled orgasms even in the shower.

Whereas most conventional vibrators come with BPA material, which may compromise your health especially during long-term use, this vibrator has been designed to help you avoid such side effects.

Powerful motor

Additionally, this Esthesia vibrator from Vibease also features a powerful engine which is silent in operation as well.

The motor has been customized to provide a unique delivery of orgasmic vibrations that work well to enhance the levels of sexual pleasure.

The motor provides low maintenance benefits, and it is also simple to use in the vagina as well.

vibease esthesia review

2. Vibease app features

The Esthesia vibrator from Vibease is also available with a mobile application that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The following are some of its main features and benefits:

Custom vibration patterns

One of the main benefits of using the Vibease app is that it allows users to customize their unique vibration patterns.

In fact, it is much simpler to calibrate the vibrations to suit your unique orgasmic and affection needs. Users are no longer limited to only five vibration settings since the vibrations are simple to customize.

In this case, the app comprises of smart functionalities that work well to enhance you the quality of vibrations delivered to your partner and it also stores these customizations for added convenience.

Smart functionality

In addition to this, the Esthesia vibrator also comes with intelligent features that allow users to integrate the device with their audiobooks.

For instance, the app can be used to bring audiobooks such as `Fifty Shades of Grey,’ or perhaps any other sensors audio book that you prefer to life.

This is because the app has smart functionality and responds to action phrases such as `feel the intensity` with customized vibrations.

In particular, this type of feature works well to improve the level of vibration delivered and to improve your overall experience with the app as well.

Get connected with your partner from almost anywhere

Vibease lets your partner send customized vibrations from nearly any region of the world.

It does not matter if your partner is in the office, or perhaps another region, you can still share intimate moments.

In fact, users can share and text sweet moments with their partner, or perhaps tease and play with the special vibration created.

More so, users can also connect with their partners from the office to home, or any region across the country or almost any location in the world.

Compatible with various device types

This app is also compatible with multiple types of devices including iPhones and Android devices as well. It is simple to install, and it’s also available for free download benefits as well.

All you need to do is to have a compatible device to match the functionality of the device.

With that being said, once you download the app, some additional customization with the vibrator is required before you can achieve optimal functionality.

The added benefit is that the app is simple to customize and it provides various types of features for your needs.

esthesia by vibease

3. Pros

  • This vibrator lets you tease and play with your partner from almost anywhere in the world
  • It also comes with a full-silicone design which is safe and comfortable for the body
  • The mobile app is compatible with various types of devices
  • The vibrator also has a sturdy design construction for years of guaranteed performance
  • The vibrator has a powerful motor which is silent in operation

4. Cons

  • It takes a lot time to download and customize all the app features


All things taken into perspective, there are various innovations available out there today that can be used to improve the quality of your relationship.

This Vibease Esthesia is probably one of them, and it has been designed to provide a host of unique benefits.

The manufacturers have done well to ensure that it is compatible with various device types and with a full-body silicone design which is comfortable for almost any kind of user.



– Emily