4 Things You NEED to Know About Skype Sex for LDRs

Although you might think that Skype sex is only for a few, it turns out that the vast majority of couples in a long distance relationship takes part in it.


Just because today it is the closest thing to an intimate and physical sexual relationship.

If you are not yet followers of this way to have fun with your partner remotely, let me tell you that it is not very complicated. After all, all you need is a webcam, a partner, and the right attitude.

(You can also add some LDR sex toys, but we’ll talk about it another time.)

If you are reading this article, then it is definitely because you want to know more about the attitude to take before, during and after your virtual date.

This question is totally valid, since many people feel shy and embarrassed for the first time.

Since virtual sex is essential in a LDR and there is absolutely nothing wrong with satisfying the needs of our loving partner, here are some tips to know in order to spend the best time possible together.

1. Be aware of risks

You have probably heard these stories of angry ex-boy/girlfriends that post private photos or videos of their partner on the Internet after they break up.

Very often it is impossible to go back and erase all the evidence.

The fact is that virtual sex has its own risks since your frolics can end up, voluntarily or not, online.

Given that most of the time it is a conscious action of the partner, it is important to establish together strong confidence and unwavering rules.

Perhaps, without telling you, your partner films you during your frolics via webcam, not to post it on the Internet, but for personal use. Maybe these intentions are innocent, but nobody is immune to a painful break, a phone theft or a hacker.

So go for a “zero tolerance” policy: no one records anything.

No exception.

skype sex

2. Understand that it is much more intimate than you might think

If you think that sexting, sending nudes or even phone sex or Skype sex are not something intimate because of the technology, then you should think twice about it

Although there is no physical contact here, any sexual activity whether distant or not involves intimacy and therefore a need for romance and mutual respect.

For this reason, don’t take virtual sex lightly:

  • If you are not ready to have sex with your partner, don’t try long distance sex and don’t do something that you would regret
  • If you consider long distance sex just as an alternative to adult movies and you don’t want to involve yourself emotionally any longer, then ask yourself what that relationship really means for you

As in real life, long distance sex through Skype requires trust, listening, and love from both sides.

3. Don’t worry and relax

It turns out that during the first times, making love through Skype may seem very… weird.

Even though your relationship is sane and healthy, there is a little something that can keep you from being utterly serene and therefore natural.

Don’t worry.

First, set together a moment when you have time and when you will not be disturbed. Before you start, make sure you are in the best conditions for Skyping.

To reassure each other, compliment your partner and tell him/her what you would do if you were both together. Try to be descriptive by explaining where and how you would act. Also, describe how turned on you are.

If the situation seems too tense, then don’t hesitate to laugh about this subject and dedramatize the situation.

When the temperature begins to rise, you can both take your clothes off being sure that the other one doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Compliment your other half and encourage him/her to relax.

To do this, be careful to listen to him/her, go calmly and step by step.

sexy skype

4. Get in the mood and have fun

All you have to do is get down to business.

If you want, you can add sexy background music, candles and adjust the lighting.

At this point, you can play with yourself and watch your partner play, while expressing what you feel and turning on each other. Communicate well on your pleasure as this is one of the most important things for your partner.

The more satisfied you seem, the more satisfied your other half will be with this Skype session.

Once the virtual frolic is over, compliment your partner again and remind him/her how excited you are to go further in real life.

After that, be sure to have a relaxed conversation of at least several minutes before you leave, so that the other one does not feel that all this was just sexual.


Virtual sex via Skype is much more an act of love than a satisfaction of one’s personal needs. Always keep this in mind and do only the things you want to try.

From there, you can then indeed share a fulfilled sexuality in spite of the kilometers.

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