Smart Lipstick Review: The Ultimate AI Vibrator from Vibease?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the digital age come full force into the world of sex toys. (Pun definitely intended.)

Today, there is a variety of adult toys on the market that incorporate a special app or hands-free vibration control to enhance the pleasure power of the toy itself.

Some of these tech additions are nothing more than gimmicky add-ons that really serve no purpose other than another bullet point on the website of the manufacturer to try and get you to add it to your cart.

Every once in a while though, there’s that special company that brings us that special toy that is just the perfect balance of new school technology outfitted and old school f@<k my brains out charisma that it makes you wonder how they’ve never been thought of before.

This is where the Vibease Smart Lipstick enters the bedroom.

The Vibease Smart Lipstick is a discreet little vibrator that can easily be concealed as a lipstick tube, which allows for voice-controlled commands the Virtual Partner AI can carry out.

Below we’ll take a full examination into the new smart toy in this full Vibease Smart Lipstick review.

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vibease smart lipstick review

What is this Smart Lipstick?

Vibease Smart Lipstick is the latest adult toy offering from the Vibease company.

Known for their tech-savvy toys, Vibease have also produced two additional toys in their time on the market, the original Vibease, as well as the Esthesia.

However, the Smart Lipstick takes Vibease’s commitment to implementing modern technology into their pleasure devices to another level.

This sexy little AI assistant takes things to a place that Alexa or Google Home never have, and more than likely, never will.

That’s because Vibease makes use of voice command technology to allow the Smart Lipstick to follow commands such as ‘Softer’ or ‘Harder’, and a list of other passion induced phrases, to further accommodate your needs and provide for your pleasure.

The Smart Lipstick responds with vocal cues as well as vibrations.

If you tell it you’re tired, it’ll offer a massage. Tell it “thank you” and it’ll say it misses you.

smart lipstick features

What Makes this Vibease Lipstick so Special?

As I mentioned above, the Vibease Smart Lipstick looks completely unassuming.

Disguised as just another cosmetic product, it fits perfectly into go bags for easy travel.

The Smart Lipstick possesses a sleek and streamlined design and is made from body-safe and water-resistant silicone.

A USB rechargeable battery, quiet yet powerful motor and six manual vibration patterns make this the perfect toy if you just gotta while you’re on the run.

In addition to the manual setting, the Smart Lipstick can also be used in conjunction with the official app that will allow the toy to be controlled in various ways. These include:

  • Solo use of the toy through the app allows for unlimited vibration patterns to better lock in that ‘just right’ feeling.
  • Long distance partners, or for that matter partners right beside you, can use the app for enhanced play.
  • The Smart Lipstick also allows for sync with a multitude of erotic audiobooks offered through the Vibease app that grows and lulls in intensity depending on the story.

The AI assistant, known as the virtual partner, is really where the Vibease Smart Lipstick stands out above the rest, however.

Using only your voice you can adjust the toy to your wants and needs, never taking you out of the moment to fiddle with buttons again.

This idea is a revolutionary concept that may forever change the face of the sex toy industry.

smart lipstick

What’s in the box?

Unfortunately, the Vibease Smart Lipstick is just made its rounds online, looking to gain funding for production through a Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign ended on December 7th and you can now preorder it with discount by clicking here.

So, knowing just what will come in the box at the official launch of production is still a little up in the air.

vibease lipstick

How does it work?

The Vibease Smart Lipstick uses Bluetooth technology to allow you to pair the included app to control your toy.

In this manner, you can vocally prompt the app for stronger or softer vibrations, tell it to surprise you for random vibrations, and even carry on conversations with the virtual partner through the app.

In addition, the app can be used to sync the vibrations with an audiobook, by your long distance partner to enhance play no matter where he or she is, or used manually.

You just need to download the free app for your iOS or Android device.

How does it feel?

Body safe silicone and a quiet, yet strong, motor allow this toy to provide a deep and wholly satisfying pleasure sensation that you can completely control using only your voice.

This added ‘no hands’ control method allows you to fully embrace the pleasure provided to you by the Vibease Smart Lipstick.

The plethora of ways in which the Smart Lipstick can be used allows you to have it any way you want it.

Overall, the amazing power combined to the variety of options make it a perfect option to bring your fantasies to life, anywhere or anytime you want it.

smart lipstick vibease

Pros of the Smart Lipstick

  • The discreet and streamlined design makes the Vibease Smart Lipstick extremely disguisable and portable.
  • The Virtual Partner app allows for full hands-free control, letting you experience every ounce of pleasure.
  • Durable and feature enhancing construction allow this toy to provide pleasure like none other before it.
  • The app is packed with amazing features, especially for long distance lovers and erotica lovers.

Cons of the Smart Lipstick

  • Due to the still running Kickstarter campaign the Vibease Smart Lipstick has not been ‘field tested’ or released to the general public as of yet. This means that you may be waiting a moment before you can try one of these bad boys out for yourself and if problems may arise could mean that a fix might be a long time in the making.


In the end, the Vibease Smart Lipstick is exactly what the sex toy industry has been waiting for.

This toy boasts a sleek and streamlined, easily concealable design, that is easy for travel and incorporates technology in all the right ways.

I would highly recommend this toy for anyone who is tired of the manual operated old days and is looking for the next big thing in the sex toy industry.

With Smart Lipstick, Vibease has redefined the adult toy for the 21st Century.

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– Emily