About LongDistanceFun.com

Hi, it’s Will, the founder of LongDistanceFun.com!

If I created this website, this is first and foremost because I survived more than 3 years of a (very) long distance relationship with my girlfriend. Let me tell you about it…

My story

I never thought I could deal with a long distance relationship. Never. Too hard for me.

When I was a teenager, I couldn’t even imagine dating a girl that was not in my class. “Because we would live extremely different experiences,” I said to myself.

Oh, you were so naive, young me

When I started college I began to put all this into perspective and started to think like everyone else: “It’s okay, as long as we live in the same city.”

Then came the day we met. I was studying abroad for a year in the US and right before I went back to France (my home country), there she was.

Things went fast between us. Our relationship was so obvious.

Sadly, as girl coming from the East, she was preparing to leave for a long stay several thousand kilometers from the land of McDonalds or the country of baguette.

Obviously, what came to my mind? The distance between us? The inbearable challenge? The daily lack of intimacy? What others would say?

None of these.

I only thought about her. I only thought about our Love.

We had spent only a few weeks together before we got separated, and even if we were doubtful about the next events, we were sure more than ever that our relationship would succeed.

From the moment we separated for the first time, many things happened. Ups and downs. Laughters and tears. Reunions and fights. A real couple life in short.

We have learned a lot about ourselves, but also about the very principle of long distance relationship and how to deal with it to move forward when thousands of kilometers are between us.

And eventually, 3 years after meeting for the first time, we concluded our LDR by moving in together in the same apartment! Despite the fact odds were against us (no money, no visa, no job, being students, language barrier and more), we made it.

The least we can say is that we are proud of what we have accomplished, considering the huge obstacles that were on our way.

That’s why I have decided to create this website, to help LDR partners like we were have more fun, seduce each other despite the distance and see the bright side in their relationship.

Fueled by several years of experience and fierce research about the subject, I will help you to have FUN in your LDR!

Why Long Distance Fun?

Just because I am convinced that a Long Distance Relationship CAN work, contrary to what everyone says, as long as we do it right. But just like in a normal relationship, you need to continue having FUN together on a daily basis (gifts, activities, laughs, sex and more), otherwise your couple is dying little by little.

With this website, my mission is to bring more positivity to your Long Distance Relationship!

Indeed, in my search for advice and support during these 3 years, the few LDR websites that I found were constantly depicting this type of relationship as a torture or a sacrifice.

Well, you know what? I had FUN during my LDR and I want you to feel the same way. Because, this is the only secret you need to know to make yours successful ;).

I’ve decided to combine my years of experience in a long distance relationship with my knowledge in seduction, self help and relationships, in order to give you all the necessary tools (which I tested myself) to release the full potential of your couple.

LongDistanceFun.com is designed to be your number 1 source of advice, tips, inspiration and support to live a successful and fun Long Distance Relationship.

Another purpose for which I decided to create this blog is to be able to communicate all of our joys and sorrows related to long distance love.

My experience taught me that only those who live a long distance relationship can really understand our concerns.

So I wish you a great stay on Long Distance Fun, the blog dedicated to the FUN part of LDRs, hence the blog for your LDR!

See you soon!