The 7 Best Remote Control Vibrators for Long Distance Sex

Looking for the best remote control vibrators? It’s all here!

One of the huge things that couples in a long-distance relationship need to make sense of is the manner by which they keep their sexual life fun when they don’t get the chance to see each different as much as they’d like.

If you just got into a LDR, you may even be thinking about HOW you can consolidate sex into your relationship by any stretch of the imagination!

Ideally, you have some thought. However, every one of us can use a few recommendations.

It’s a dependable fact that I’m a significant aficionado of sex toys when it comes to long-distance sex.

Sexting is fun; Skype sex is stunningly better, yet there’s nothing very like a sex toy to add some fervor to your sexual routine. And for that, my favorite ones are remote vibrators.


Since, well, they’re about our pleasure, ladies. In any case, that doesn’t mean your man won’t appreciate it, as well. Truth be told, he may even enjoy it more than you do.

These vibrators are made for long-distance relationships, as they’re controllable from anyplace on the planet. All you require is a cell phone and a Wifi connection.

Also, there’s something so hot about having your man associated with something that you would typically do alone, especially as some of the remote vibrators tend to be sufficiently little and sufficiently quiet to take out in broad daylight—in case if you are brave enough.

There are so many vibrators to look over, yet in this post, I share my favorite seven.

They’re flexible and controllable by an application on your smartphone via Bluetooth and Wifi, and they all have unique features that will effortlessly flavor up your sexual life.

Choosing the best one for you will rely upon what you are searching for. A bullet vibrator? A G-spot vibrator? A Bluetooth vibrator? We should investigate what all these 7 excellent remote control vibrators offer, in this review.

⚠️To make sure you don’t receive fake or broken products, DO NOT purchase any sex toy from Amazon or Ebay. I strongly suggest you order only from trusted and authorized dealers and official stores, like the ones I have mentioned in this article. Enjoy ! 🙂

1. Lovense Lush 2: The Ultimate Remote Vibe

Remote Control Vibrator lush

The Lovense Lush 2 is an extremely sexy-looking vibrator that is pleasantly intended to stimulate the hot twosome: your G-spot and your clit. Smart, intense, and utterly wearable, this is one vibrating egg that is ensured to flavor up your LDR.

So here’s the nerd bit about how Lovense Lush 2 works. Like Vibease and Kiiroo toys, Lush is compatible with Android and iPhones, thanks to its Bluetooth antenna.

It is effortless to set up the app on your smartphone and with your partner’s phone. You download the Lovense Remote application from the iOS or Android application store, fill in your email and other elements to enroll and switch on your toy.

You can cheerfully use this vibrator alone, by controlling the vibes from your own smartphone. In any case, since we’re looking at approaches to spice things up in your relationship, you will be able to associate with your lover.

To give your partner control, you send him a request using the application, and once he’s acknowledged it, you’re ready. When you are long-distance, the vibe is controlled via the Internet. For whatever length of time that you have Wi-Fi, you are set for some good times.

You, or your partner, control the vibrations through the touchscreen on the application, sliding your finger around to accelerate, back off, and change the pattern.

This must be one of the least complicated, and most fun approaches to get your buzz.

It’s so simple; you let your fingers do the strolling and since it is your telephone you are playing with, you can do it anyplace you set out!

Furthermore, your sweetheart can have a fabulous time on his phone when he’s on the train or in a meeting, knowing he’s sending you wild.

Since the vibrator can likewise be controlled from short proximity, it is a decent alternative for when your sweetheart is back around the local area – give him the controls and use this as a significant aspect of your foreplay in the room or even as an attractive diversion when you’re out on the town.

I discovered the Lovense Lush 2 one was better for close distance as there were a few minor issues with lost connections and trouble setting up the mutual shared connection when my lover was out of town.

But it is definitely the best remote vibrator on the market to date!



2. Vibease: The Only Vibrator You Can Sync with Audiobooks

long distance vibrator

Alright, where to begin with the Vibease? This little but powerful Bluetooth vibrator has A LOT of pros.

Perhaps the best one is that it’s wearable. So if you and your lover are in a uniquely audacious temperament, you can slip it into your undies and slip out the entryway.

He would then be able to control it when you’re grinding away, out to supper or pretty much anyplace you set out to do it! Likewise, it is hushed (or as close to noiseless as a quiet vibrator can be!).

Publicized as the most silent vibrator available, the Vibease is the ideal toy for when you need to have some fun times.

Regularly getting it on with your partner out in the open is somewhat more fun in principle than it is practically speaking. You need to complete everything as quick as conceivable in case you might get caught.

Be that as it may, with the Vibease, you don’t have any of those issues. All the enjoyment of discreet sex, with no of the hazard. Furthermore, your partner can control it from anyplace on the planet.

Clearly, that is the most compelling part as we’re discussing remote control vibrators that are ideal for long-distance relationships. So how does the controlling part function?

The Vibease is compatible with Android and iPhones and is controlled using the Vibease application. You merely need to set it up to interface your telephone to your lover’s, and he can have full control of your remote vibrator.

Best of all, you don’t need to have similar types of phones. All you need is an Internet connection.

A fun game may be to place it in your underwear in the morning and let your man know, at that point he can nicely surprise you by turning it on at whatever point he feels like it.

Anyway, I’m confident you will use your creativity to get the most joy and fun out of the Vibease.

At long last, if you ever need to use this toy alone, it additionally has a fresh element where it vibrates in sync with fantasy stories so you can turn on a little erotica and let the vibrations do the rest.



3. OhMiBod Esca 2: The Best Alternative To the Lush

remote controlled vibrator ohmibod lush

Unique, sexy and interactive. A real competitor for the Lovense Lush!

The OhMiBod Esca 2 is a Bluetooth wearable vibrator designed to offer women the delight of strong vibrations anywhere and anytime they want. Esca is an insertable vibrating egg made to be used under panties and even outdoors… if you dare ;).

This device can be connected to the OhMiBod smartphone app, offering full remote control.

There’s even an integrated “chat” function on the app, so you can send out sexts while managing the vibrations.

The charm of the OhMiBod Esca 2 is that you can have fun with your partner anywhere, as long as you can connect. Link your Esca to your phone app through Bluetooth then pass control to your partner online.

My favorite part about the  Esca 2 is that you can pair it with the Kiiroo adult toys (Onyx, Pearl, Launch, Fuse and more) thanks to the FeelConnect app.

That means that not only you can give control to your partner, but you can also have some real-time teledildonic sex, thanks to the most recent and finest innovations of the Sex Tech.

As usual with Ohmibod, the vibrator is made of medical-grade silicone which is entirely body safe. Just keep in mind you must use a water-based lube if needed. This will make sure that the silicone won’t be damaged since other types of lube can harm the coating or leave a residue after cleansing.

In the box, you will get the Esca 2 by OhMiBod (Powered by Kiiroo), a USB charging cable, a user guide and a privacy pouch.

Once paired to the OhMiBod mobile app, you can manage the intensity and pattern of the Esca 2. Use the pre-programmed patterns or touch the screen for some spontaneous control. The LED light in the antenna will shine in sync with the vibrations to offer a visual feedback to your partner.

The Bluetooth range goes as far as 7.5 meters, however, this can vary depending on the obstacles between the phone and the toy. Anyway, just relax and let your partner lead you on a journey of pure enjoyment. The integrated LED will show the way.

If you are looking for a G-spot vibrator, the OhMiBod Esca is a great first step to explore the world of long-distance sex toys. If you learn it is your thing, in the future, you can get other Kiiroo toys to sync with your OhMiBod Esca 2.

Simply put, the OhMiBod Esca 2 is the very best toy when beginning with remote-controlled vibrators.

With effective G-spot vibrations, fantastic app features, robust Bluetooth connection, compatibility with a lot of mobile devices and toys and a sweet price, we believe it’s going to spice up your relationship for sure!


Don’t forget our little gift for you: you can get -10% off by using your special discount code “SEXTECH”! 😉


4. We-Vibe Sync: The Best Vibe for Couple Play

toy with smartphone app

If you are looking for a toy you can use both when you’re far from each other or in the same room, without a doubt you should consider the We-Vibe Sync.

Unlike other vibrators, this one was created to be used throughout penetrative sex, with push-button control through the We-Connect app on your mobile phone. The design implies that both your hands and his are free to do whatever you want and that both of you will enjoy these tasty vibrations at the same time.

While being used in solo, the We-Vibe is conceived so that it can stimulate both your clit and your G-spot. In a way, it’s a mix between a conventional vibrator and an egg vibrator that delivers maximum results.

There are ten vibration modes and strength levels to select from that include the basic low/medium/high settings, pulse, and wave, and the most intriguing ones called tide, crest, and surf.

If you wish to spice things up, your partner can create a customized playlist, picking all the different settings and surprise you with it. Or you can make your very own, and let him manage it!

This dual-motor toy is the supreme multitasking orgasm provider. We Vibe’s signature style allows it to be used throughout sex, and this new version includes an app that makes it usable anywhere. With simply a couple of taps, the app enables you to give your partner control of the We-Vibe Sync from anywhere, even in another state or nation.

My favorite features?

  • The app controls each motor individually for a totally customized G-spot and clitoral stimulation. If your partner discovers the internal vibrations are too extreme (for him or for you), he can simply turn the clitoral stimulator on instead, for example.
  • In LDR mode, a convenient time-out function lets you minimize the We-Connect app and keep it running during your video call, which is ideal for long-distance lovers wanting to share their intimate playtime together.

When you are finally together, you can go on and try it together to share the vibe. Up until then, we will not advise you to use it for long distance sex, as it is definitely not the best for this. You can find something much better in this list.

However, engineered for kinky couples play, the We-Vibe Sync takes the sophisticated style of the initial We-Vibe and integrates it with push-button control and smartphone app for unequaled bedroom fun.

It also comes with a wireless remote control, if your phone is not next to you.

It is a truly flexible toy. Solo play is easy with the button on the toy or the remote and the app is excellent to play together even when apart. The video calling is smooth, and there seems to be hardly any latency issue with the app, so your partner can truly enjoy the ride with you.

As we said, it is not the best option for LDR couples, but still much better than Candy Crush while you’re apart!

It moves a little when we use it together, and it does require loads of lube, however this is definitely a must-have for you are physically together. For those that are worried about the cost of this, it is well worth it as it is like you’re getting 3 toys in one unique, smart and innovative device.


Tip: Use the coupon code “LDF20” at checkout to get -20% off any product your order!


5. OhMiBod Fuse: The Smartest Rabbit Out There

ohmibod bluetooth vibrator

Intrigued by G-spot vibrators but you want something even cooler and stronger? Meet the Fuse by OhMiBod and Kiiroo!

Way back, the Dutch startup Kiiroo launched a pair of teledildonic devices (Onyx and Pearl) that let you have sex from opposite ends of the Internet.

Last year, Kiiroo teamed up with Fleshlight to produce the Launch, a connected and VR-compatible male masturbator.

This time, Kiiroo and OhMiBod partnered to create the Fuse, a dual-stimulating long distance vibrator. Fuse’s touch controls are the first of their kind on the market and give couples more ways to enjoy connectivity than ever before.

Except for the dual stimulation, this modern rabbit-style vibrator shares most of its features with the Kiiroo Pearl 2, which means that the Fuse, like the Pearl, has a touch-control surface on the outside that can be paired with other devices. Its capability to sync with external devices (smartphones and smartwatches) is just amazing.

Fuse’s built-in touch-sensitive technology allows the user to control other devices. This bi-directional control allows users to experience truly unique, intimate moments remotely, anytime, anywhere.

You and your partner can now share your pleasure from any distance, as this interactive G-Spot vibrator is fully compatible with some of the best sex toys for men and women: the Fleshlight Launch, the Kiiroo Pearl2, and all other Kiiroo powered adult sex toys. Great sex toys for couples!

OhMiBod Fuse users can enjoy numerous ways to play, such as with a partner but also in synchronization with 2D or VR adult content. It’s one of the rare female-focused pleasure products I have seen that can do such a thing, as well. With the Fuse, it is totally up to you!

The other great thing is that the device is pleasurable enough that you will want to use it on its own.

Thanks to the touch sensitivity of the product, the deeper you take the vibe, the more intense the sensations. When you slide it out, you can feel the soft tingly vibes teasing your senses.

Use it for venturous solo play and take full advantage of Fuse’s touch-sensitive technology to drive the vibes or control another’s pleasure remotely, or let them control yours.

All that shows that the Ohmibod company has found innovative ways to improve the quality of the sexual experiences by opening their minds to new and explosive ways to use a vibrator. Thumbs up to them for this great long-distance vibrator.


By the way, here’s a little gift to order your remote control vibrator: you can get -10% off by using your special discount code “Fun10”! 😉


6. Lovense Ambi: The Most Versatile Bullet Vibrator

wireless vibrator

The Lovense Ambi doesn’t have an exceptionally sexy name, yet it is an extremely hot toy, described as “the most versatile vibrator”. It is like the Vibease in that it’s a mini bullet vibrator for clitoral stimulation. However, that is the place the likenesses end.

Not at all like the Vibease, the Lovense Ambi is molded as a tiny pink hammer toy with the goal that it can stimulate your clit.

In case you are using it for solo play, or when your man’s around the local area, there’s the remote-control ability included as you can pair it with the Lovense Remote app, just like the Lush.

The texture of the product is classic Lovense. It is comfortable and soft with the perfect amount of pressure essential for pleasure.

The best thing about it is that it is so small and convenient that it is intended to be used in all situations, including amid sex so you can savor extra vibrations.

I know you might be more interested in the long-distance sex options. But they’re quite similar to the ones of the Lush (music sync, voice control, unlimited patterns and more) as they use the same app.

However, it is nice to realize that you can get loads of utilization out of your most loved toys.

I’m sure your man might want to find out about that when he’s controlling it from 4,000 miles away. The toy can be fully controlled by the Lovense application, so distance isn’t an issue.

With regards to vibrations, up to 10 different variations can be saved and pre-programmed.

The Ambi is fun to use for foreplay action as well and is perfect during intercourse.

The shape of the bullet makes it a perfect companion during the lovemaking sessions. It fits into your curves easily and can be manipulated through each sexual position.

Regarding the app, I believe you need to try all the options to know precisely what they feel like, yet something tells me that most ladies wouldn’t mind volunteering for that investigation. If you need to spice things up, your man can make a custom playlist, picking the pattern, length, and strength and surprise you with it.

Or, on the other hand, you can make your own and let him control it! A significant portion of the fun of bringing a toy into your long-distance sexual life is about experimenting.

Ambi indeed turned out to be the “most versatile bullet vibrator ever” as they claim it to be!



7. Esthesia: The Rabbit Vibrator by Vibease

vibrator with app vibease

Vibease Esthesia is one of the most exciting means to unleash your deepest sexual desires and experience sensuality in ways never felt before.

This rabbit-shaped and Bluetooth-controlled vibrator is capable of getting you to the orgasm of your wildest imaginations.

Esthesia is curved artistically to exert perfect pressure on your G-spot and clit. The powerful dual stimulators can make you quiver in ecstasy. Its water-resistant nature gives you the opportunity to even use it inside the shower or when relaxing in a bathtub.

Esthesia has been launched in two exotic colors: hot pink and hot purple. The ultra-smooth body is made of soft silicone that is one of the safest and most sensitive things that your vagina deserves. To give you the pleasure of real sex, the material has been intricately crafted to feel like skin.

The insertion is nothing less than real sex where you are master of every touch and sensation. Once you are done, you can simply clean it with soapy water and after drying it is ready to be used again.

Esthesia has been delicately designed to give you a complete sensual experience. Esthesia vibrates in complete silence so that you can only listen to your fantasies and desires without any distraction.

Esthesia also vanishes the distances and make the lovers feel the togetherness at the time when they need to be with each other the most. Esthesia is operated by the buttons as well as the Vibease app giving the partner a chance to arouse and calm please his lady.

There are two buttons on the Esthesia, one for power and the second one for vibration. The vibration button can be used to switch between one of the four vibration patterns available.

The phone application comes in handy for operating it remotely and listening to exotic audiobooks that are synchronized with the vibrations. The app can be a little difficult to learn in the beginning but once learned it is fun to use it.

For all these reasons, Esthesia is an amazing toy and remote-controlled vibrator that has been artistically designed to satisfy the deepest sexual desires of a lady. It can add some spice to your sex life as you and your partner could use it to arouse and explore all those sensitive points.

Now even the physical distances won’t matter because with Esthesia your lover could get naughty with you even when far away.



The Definitive Buyer’s Guide to Remote Control Vibrators

remote controlled vibrator guide

Technology is permeating every aspect of our lives, and all of these devices in our lives are now beginning to communicate.

Your car is talking to your phone and sending you maintenance updates, the newest refrigerators know when you need milk and can send your grocery list to the cloud.

With all of this advancing technology, it’s inevitable that sex toys will be no different. We aren’t simply talking about realistic look or feel anymore, we now expect our sex toys to do more.

Every year there are more and more innovations in sex toys and each of those innovations has the potential to stimulate you in new ways.

One trend that’s beginning to dominate the sex toy industry is remote control.

Why would I want a remote control?

If you’re wondering why you might want your sex toy to be controlled remotely, think of who might be on the controlling end.

Sure, you can hold the remote and control your own stimulation, but these toys are meant to be shared. It’s often freeing and quite exciting to turn over control over your toy to someone else, and let them decided how you should be stimulated.

If you’re lucky enough, you have someone who knows what you like better than yourself. If you don’t, a sex toy might be a perfect way to show them how to get you off.

Why would I not want a remote control?

If you’re using your sex toys alone, and you don’t intend to change that, then a remote control might be an unnecessary feature for you.

This won’t be a lot of people, because even if you’re single now, it’s likely you’ll soon find someone who’s worthy of holding your remote.


Is remote control right for you?

As we’ve already mentioned, remote control sex toys are invaluable tools for someone to learn how you like to be touched.

They can control the vibration, pulsation, intensity, and many other options so they can watch your face and find out through trial and error how to rock your world.

Beyond that value, remote control sex toys are a must-have for any lovers who need to be apart often.

Either because of a long distance relationship or if one of you travels, distance can put a real strain on a relationship.

You can ease that strain by using remote control sex toys, as many of them can be controlled via an Internet connection.

You can be at home in bed while getting pleasured remotely by someone across the world; this isn’t simply masturbation anymore, this is virtual sex.


The 5 most common features


This is becoming more common among all sex toys, and remote control sex toys are no exception.

Some people find using sex toys while in the bath to be an unbeatable experience, and you need a waterproof toy for that.

At the least, most sex toys are at least resistant to water because sex tends to get messy.

Cordless control

This is common among nearly all remote control sex toys available today; wireless technology is so common that you aren’t tethered to a cord anymore.

Wires can get in the way, and nothing should get in the way of your pleasure.

Local control

All remote control sex toys are controllable when you’re in the same room, either with an included controller or via smartphone. These are meant for in-bedroom play.

You can use these toys to warm up for a traditional sexual experience, or the toys can be the entire experience.

close range control vibrators

Long distance control

More toys every year can be controlled via an Internet connection via a smartphone app.

You can turn over control of your device to your lover in a hotel room, or even spice up some flirty phone calls with a potential lover.

It’s a safe and secure way to feel a little slutty by turning over control of your sex toy to someone you just met.

It will be enjoyable for them as they can bring you to a screaming orgasm while they listen on the other end. Would you turn over control and let someone you just met pleasure you?

Custom vibrations

Many toys can be adjusted from mild to powerful vibrations and many other controllable options.

Besides the controls adjusting the intensity, you can also change the vibration pattern from a stop and go, a wave of up and down intensity, or a full blast for when you’re beginning to moan away.

Some toys even have thumping motions, where a motor pulses up and down rather than simply buzz. These are great for stimulating the G-spot or prostate, as they can be far more intense than simple vibrations.

Very sophisticated sex toys combine several different motors for someone who wants their lover to have total control over their experience.

You can turn your lover into a sexual maestro who can design a program for the strongest possible climax.


Bonus features to look for


Some sex toys are meant to be worn, even for the entire day. With these, your lover can decide when you should get a little stimulating tickle or when you should have a massive orgasm.

This adds a little surprise to your playtime, because it could begin at any time.

These devices are normally tucked into your underwear, and some even come with special panties with a pocket built-in to hold that little wonder right where it needs to be.

Men can wear these also, as they make stretchy cock rings with attached vibrations that are meant to be worn all day.


Some of the more adventurous sex toy enthusiasts might go for an insertable vibrating toy.

They have many of these for women, and they are designed to be inserted into the vagina and held there.

They are specially shaped to stay comfortable tucked completely inside of you while they await the signal to turn on and begin sending powerful vibrations right to your G-spot.

They also make insertable vibrating butt plugs, which are intended to be worn inside the anus, with a narrow end extending out for comfort and a thick plug that ensures it stays inside as long as you want it to.

For men, these can suddenly send powerful vibrations directly to the prostate which is the male version of the G-spot.

It is becoming more socially acceptable for men to explore the magic of prostate stimulation and it is a far more common practice among men in heterosexual relationships.

Are you brave enough to go to work wearing a butt plug while your wife holds the controls?

public vibe

Connectable to other toys

Some newer toys on the market even have the ability to link to another toy, even long distance.

The toys work together, so when the intensity cranks up on your end, your lover is sharing that same feeling.

You could be either lying next to each other on a bed, or half a world away on a video call. When you feel an orgasm beginning to build, you can also watch your lover’s face as they begin to climax.

Many of these devices can be controlled by either person, so you and your lover can take turns exploring what gets your blood flowing.

This connectivity is also adding a new option for exploring online relationships, as you can safely share intimate moments with someone and develop a sexual relationship before you even meet in person.

By the time it comes for actual sex, you’ll have already explored every nuance of their sexuality and you’ll add some knowledge and experience to your first in-person encounter.

This really changes the dynamic of online flirting, as sending nudes and sexting is only a warm-up for the connected experience.

Complex connected apps

While some remote control sex toys give you the freedom to control the intensity, some companies really step up the application to enhance the experience.

Some apps come with pre-programmed sex patterns or allow you to create your own, so you can save your best experiences and tinker with them to create incredible climaxes.

Some apps are constantly being uploaded with new features and options, so your fun changes with every software update.

These toys have taken the on/off button controlled vibrators and made them prehistoric.

long distance remote control vibe

Sexual enhancers

While most devices are meant to be a stand-alone toy to provide all of the stimulation that you need, a select few devices are meant to enhance a normal sexual experience.

These toys can be worn by a man or a woman, and they can add some vibration to spice up a sexual encounter.

This includes vibrating cock rings to be worn over the base of the penis or toys that can be inserted into the vagina and emit stimulating vibrations from deep within, which you can both feel.

You can take turns adjusting the controls, or even invite an observer into your bedroom to enjoy the view and add their input.

Don’t judge, this is a more common thing that you would think.

Virtual reality compatible

Now you’re in the 21st century; some remote control sex toys are compatible with VR headsets.

You can use your sex toy while you disappear into a VR world. While you or your partner takes the controls, you can actually be seeing yourself have sex right in front of your eyes.

For men, you can have your penis stimulated while you look up and see a woman straddling you and riding, or if you prefer, you can see her eyes as she takes you in her mouth.

Women can experience this also, as their vibrator stimulates their most sensitive areas, they can see a virtual lover pleasuring them and hear the grunts and moans as his penis guides you to climax over and over again.

If you connect your toy and VR headset to your lover, you can see them and hear them moan as you both climax together.

You may not ever want vanilla sex again after an experience like that.

remote controlled toys

Finding the best remote control toy for you

When you’re ready to step into the world of remote control sex toys, you need to be smart about which one you choose.

There are so many out there, with a very wide range of prices and features, it’s often overwhelming to begin looking.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you make a decision on a sex toy.

Will you use it long distance?

You first need to decide if you will play with your sex toy while you’re in the same room or not.

If you’re a frequent traveler or have another reason that keeps you apart from your lover, you will definitely want to pick a toy that works long distance, like the ones from Lovense.

This is a wonderful feature that can keep you sexually connected while you are apart. If you’re primarily a bedroom only couple, then you can skip this option.

Is this for warming up or the whole thing?

Some sex toys are only meant to tease and get your juices flowing, and aren’t necessarily meant to send you into throes of passion.

If you’re just looking for some stimulation before you get it on, there are small and less powerful toys that’ll help you out.

If you want your toy to take you to the moon and back, make sure you get one strong enough for that.

Will you use it in the bath?

Are you a bathtub masturbator?

If you are, you will definitely want to make sure your toy is waterproof, because this will probably be one of your favorite toys to use, and you don’t want to leave this little wonder on the bathroom counter while you soak.

long-distance-control vibrators

Are you going to wear it all day?

Are you simply going to get the sex toy out while the bedroom fun begins, or is this something that you’re going to wear during the day?

If you’re looking to turn over control of giving you pleasure to someone else all day long, look for a toy that’s wearable.

Also, if this is something you’ll go through your day wearing, you should shop for a quiet one so you aren’t offending everyone on the bus with the buzz coming from your panties.

Will this be a shared experience?

Do you intend to use this toy alone, while your partner watches or listens over the phone, or do you want an interactive experience?

If you want to truly share a moment especially long-distance, it really drives the intensity up if your lover is feeling the same thing. Even if you don’t currently have a lover to share your fun with, I’m sure that won’t last long.

The only problem is you may have to find someone who has compatible remote control sex toys like yourself.

Perhaps that will be soon be on your online dating profile, which brand of interactive sex toys you prefer.

Are you a tinkerer?

Are you someone who likes to make things a little bit better?

Are you someone who likes to tinker with everything until they’re just right? Or is your partner this person?

If so, you may want to look a little deeper at the app that comes with your sex toy. Some apps simply have the same boring controls like on/off or higher or lower intensity, and those probably won’t work for you.

If you’re this person, you’re looking to fine-tune and perfect your experience.

Some online communities even are sharing their personal stimulating patterns with each other, so they’re actually crowdsourcing their masturbation or virtual sex. Quite an amazing time we’re living in.

Having answered all of these questions, you are now ready to begin shopping for your remote control sex toys.

You now know which features will be essential for you, and which ones you can compromise on.

You will still find more options than you would believe, but now your options are far narrower.

teledildonics brands

Frequently asked questions:

What kind of batteries are used in these?

Very few sex toys use batteries anymore, they are almost always rechargeable. Many of them have a long-lasting lithium battery with a USB compatible charging port.

Is there a delayed connection when you’re far away?

No, the Internet works very fast so as soon as you push a button, your lover feels it.

Is it comfortable to wear a vibrator all day?

It really depends, some of them simply tuck discretely into your underwear and are fine to wear all day. Anything insertable tends to depend on the person.

Some people can comfortably keep a butt plug or vagina egg in all day, and it may be uncomfortable for some.

Best advice, try this stuff out at home before you venture into the world.

Will anyone be able to tell I have this on/in me?

When it’s off, no, only you’ll be able to feel it. After it’s turned on, that all depends on you and the toy.

Some toys are very silent; they’re able to deliver powerful vibrations and barely make a sound. Some will have a very loud and obvious buzzing sound. Beyond the buzzing depends on you, though.

Can you bite your lip and ride out an orgasm without making a peep, or are you a screamer who will suddenly let out a roar that’ll wake up the dead? Either way, be polite.

I understand that being secretive in public is part of the thrill, but you need to know yourself and if you’re able to keep composure enough to be discrete.

Also, be careful if you are going to drive wearing one of these, turn it off so you don’t ruin your climax by crashing into the guy in front of you.

remote control vibrators

Final thoughts about the best remote control vibrators

For what reason would you not send this article to your man and let him know what to get you whenever he needs to surprise you?

A remote control vibrator won’t ever measure up to having your man at home with you—however, it can come genuinely damn close.

I particularly recommend the Lovense Lush 2, the Vibease, and the products from Ohmibod, but the other toys might be about just right for you, so give it a shot and let us know!

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👉 Click here now to learn more about Lovense toys (our favorites) or order yours now (Max & Nora, Lush, Hush, Ambi, and more)!

– Dr. Emma Charles

  • I never knew about the existence of these remote controlled vibrators until I read this wonderfully put together article by Emily. I am obviously going to try one out not only becuase of the exclusive discounted price but also becuase I would like to fulfil my sexual needs irrespective of the distance between me and my boyfriend, I am only finding it difficult to make up my mind about which one of these five to try out!

  • Well all of this sounds amazing… however one thing seems Failed to be answered. Say I am at work… and my girl is at the mall with internet wifi around… will they still work? Most WiFi networks are password protected or have a splash page for you to log in to. How would the vibrator connect? Does it bypass this?

    Some back story… I want to be able to turn it on while she’s in the middle of shopping in the middle of the mall for this instance… we both are into public humiliations… I want to know that it would be able to connect without any trouble before I buy. Same with hotels, they have splash pages you need to sign into before you can connect. So just curious… do they still work?

    • Great question Jeremy!
      The vibrators actually connect to Internet by being connected first to one’s smartphone via Bluetooth.
      That means that as long as she can connect her phone to Internet (local Wifi or 3G/4G/5G) and can pair her phone to her toy in Bluetooth through the app, you will be able to have fun at any time 😉

  • I’m very intrigued, I live in fort Bragg and my husband is about to deploy. Would he be able to control from overseas?

  • Lovesense app is blocked by Starbucks-as are all porn sites-however if you use a VPN like the free Bear it by pases the control and you can control anywhere anytime

  • Just remember what wifi might do to your internal organs. I’m not going to be a guinea pig for these devices because it’s far from safe.

      • No, and I don’t think anyone is going to do that. Certainly, not the companies that sell products that use wifi capability. But youtube has some scary docs on the dangers of wifi. It’s not a secret that it’s harmful, is it? The cell phone companies will never disclose the truth. And I don’t even think we know yet.
        Regardless, this stuff is tempting for sure.

      • So you mean video as opposed to texting. Got confused bc there are video capabilities with other apps, not just skype. I thought you meant something about skype that I didn’t know.

  • As nice as this is, for women, this doesn’t exactly help out men. Any sort of cock sleeve/cock ring varients of these? Women aren’t the only kinky ones out there.

    • Sure! These can be controlled from anywhere in the world, as long as you allow your partner to use your device in your app. That’s what amazing about these vibes 🙂

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