[Review] OhMiBod Fuse: The Smartest Rabbit Vibrator Ever Made?

The future of mutual masturbation is finally here!

Some years back, Kiiroo, a pioneer in teledildonics, launched a pair of sex toys that allowed you to be intimate with a partner from opposite sides of the internet.

The devices were the Pearl connected vibrator and Onyx male masturbator. However, these devices were underwhelming and failed to live up to expectations.

That’s why Kiiroo sought to remedy the situation by partnering with US sex toy manufacturer, OhMiBod for the hardware design of OhMiBod Fuse.

With the Ohmibod fuse, you can sync your sensations and share your pleasure with that special someone from anywhere; whether they are a few meters or hundreds of kilometers away.

In this OhMiBod Fuse review, we will discuss everything you need to know about this sex toy.



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What is OhMiBod Fuse?

OhMiBod Fuse is a Rabbit-style interactive vibrator with lots of smarts including being bi-directional, Bluetooth enabled and touch-sensitive for enhanced connectivity between partners.


The Fuse’s shaft is made of high-quality, silky silicon material that is pleasing to the touch.


Its has a non-sticky, silky exterior which has a non-synthetic feel.


fuse by ohmibod

Key features of the OhMiBod Fuse


The Fuse has numerous powerful features, making it special from other sex toys.


Its features reflect the best of capabilities from the two well-established sex toy companies behind the device. Let us look at some of its features:


  • With a length of 7 inches and a circumference of 1.3 inches, the Fuse is neither too big nor too small. This is the perfect size for achieving enormous pleasure.
  • It is fully rechargeable. The Fuse comes with a USB charger which can be used through a wall charger or computer. It takes about 2 hours to recharge. When the battery is low, the toy blinks red at the base, it blinks white while charging and has a static white light when fully charged.
  • Fuse has aesthetic value with its modern black and silver look.
  • It is made from body-safe materials; PU coated ABS and matte silicone.
  • The curved shaft is wider at the head, simulating a dick for a real sexual experience.
  • There is a significant ridge down the Fuse’s length for enhanced stimulation of the G-spot.
  • Has a 2-inch long clitoral stimulator that is more flexible than most dual-stim sex toys in the market.
  • The Fuse can be used solo via webcam, synchronized with encoded VR content or partnered with an interactive device. In other words, it gives you a variety of choices.
  • It is compatible with all Kiiroo Bluetooth-enabled interactive devices.

What’s in the OhMiBod Fuse box?


The Fuse comes in a sleek and elegant packaging. The product’s information is printed on the box and on an enclosed leaflet, in different international languages.


The Fuse is wrapped in a snug, luxe foam interior.


Besides the Fuse, the other items in the box are; a USB charger, satin drawstring bag and instruction manual.
ohmibod fuse unboxing

How does the Fuse work?

The Fuse has three modes of operation including; Manual, Bluetooth, and touch-sensitive.


Start the Fuse by pressing on the power button for 2-3 seconds. Once it powers on, the Fuse automatically launches the Bluetooth mode, indicated by a flashing dark blue LED light.


To use the Fuse in the Bluetooth mode, download the FeelConnect app so as to connect toys via Bluetooth as well as explore webcam and video content.


You can sync the device to porn for a mind-blowing POV experience. To use VR content, download the FeelVR app and get a pair of VR goggles.


A second press on the power button engages the Fuse to the touch-sensitive mode. In this mode, the strength of the vibrations increases in both the curved shaft and the clitoral stimulator.


A third press takes the Fuse to the manual mode. Here, you can cycle through the seven vibration patterns. These pre-set vibration patterns give you a variety to choose from and you can be sure to find one that suits your taste.


In the Bluetooth, manual and touch-sensitive modes the Fuse works well, but where this toy shines is in its 2-way capability. It allows both you and your partner to express yourselves physically.


You can manipulate your Fuse by sucking, inserting or touching and your partner will feel what you are doing on their toy.


How does the Fuse feel for LDRs and couples?


Handing over power to a partner when playing with a sex toy can be very arousing. The Fuse creates a two-way street in the exploration of sexual pleasure during masturbation.


You can control your partner’s orgasm and he can control yours. You also get a chance to see what turns your partner on.


The Fuse takes your after-dark romping to a new level; it’s as close as you can get to giving and receiving stimulation in real time with a partner.


OhMiBod Fuse Pros

  1. The Fuse is compatible with all the existing and future Bluetooth-enabled interactive sex toys by Kiiroo.
  2. It has a variety of options to choose from and you will always have something different to try if you lose taste in another.
  3. The shaft is made of very smooth material and only minimal lubrication is required.
  4. The shape of the shaft is very conducive for G-spot stimulation.
  5. It has very powerful vibrations.
  6. Easy to use- Connecting the Fuse to another device takes little effort since it launches into Bluetooth mode once powered on while changing the Fuse to the next mode is simply by the touch a button.
  7. It is splash resistant.

OhMiBod Fuse Cons

  1. It’s not fully water resistant and cleaning it can be a daunting task because you can’t submerge the device in water.
  2. The clitoral vibrations are residuals of the shaft vibrations since the Fuse only has a motor on the shaft. While the experience is great, it would be better with stronger clitoral vibrations.
  3. To use the interactive features, you need a solid WiFi signal.

ohmibod fuse

Final Verdict


As an interactive toy, the Fuse is versatile, offers excellent touch-sensitive technology, feels good to the touch and can connect with almost all 2-way sex toys in the market.


As its flaws are just minor, the Fuse is the next best thing if you can”t have a special somebody besides you.


If you are a couple looking to spice up your sex toy play, give the Fuse a trial. You can also share the Fuse app with any other partners you desire out there.


I hope this OhMiBod Fuse review was helpful and you can now easily decide whether this device suits you.
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– Emily