7 AWESOME (or CRAZY) Gadgets for Long Distance Relationships

Without technology, it would be much harder to live a long distance relationship.

How would we share an everyday life despite the miles?

How would we communicate, share or interact together from afar?

If you think about it, back a few decades earlier, writing letters and waiting a long time for the answers to be mailed back was the only method for long distance couples to communicate, which is definitely tough.

Living in the 21st century, it’s hard to imagine how hard it must have been.

Recent technological advances are just a blessing that allows any long distance couple to consider a lasting and healthy long distance relationship.

Today we are so fortunate to have all the important things we need to stay in touch with our loved ones, be it social media, text apps or video chatting software. But it doesn’t end here.

Since nobody can stop progress, every year dozens of new startups are created to help couples like yours succeed despite geographical separation.

Sometimes, the product is revolutionary (like Lovense products and other teledildonic toys).

Sometimes, it is primarily a WTF gadget (like the Kissenger).

So in this article, we will discover together 7 amazing and smart gadgets for couples in a long distance relationship. If you currently are in a LDR, this might help you to make your couple life more fun!

Note: Keep in mind that not all of these long distance relationship gadgets are available for sale online. Some are, but many are still just prototypes that need more development.

1. Pillow Talk’s long distance pillow

Sleeping alone is probably the most frustrating thing for a person in a long distance relationship.

Pillow Talk allows you to feel in real time the heartbeats and movements of your half at night as if you were sleeping together.

Your unique bracelet connects to a case placed under your partner’s long distance pillow to transmit your pulsations and vice versa.

Result: you have the illusion of being together in the same bed … What is more romantic than that?

Learn more about Pillow Talk: click here.

2. Teledildonics (LDR sex toys)

lovense long distance toysThere is a moment for romance and a moment of intimacy.

Fortunately, nowadays, a long distance relationship does not rhyme with platonic relationship anymore. And for that, you don’t have to go through sexting or naughty phone calls!

Stop imagining and take action. The long distance sex toys from Lovense allow you to share intimacy in real time, even if several tens of kilometers separate you.

Do not miss that!



3. Kissenger

kissenger ldr

Wait… Whaaat?

Strange as it may seem, Kissinger is a device that transmits your kiss if your partner kisses hers at the same time.

Indeed, these gadgets allow you to feel the lips of your half wherever you are in the world.

Intriguing, isn’t it?

Learn more about Kissenger: click here.

4. Hug Shirt


Sending kisses is good, but how far can we go?

Well, Cutecircuit is not afraid to innovate and invented the first T-shirt allowing to send and receive cuddles remotely.

Sensors are located throughout the garment and detect the touch, body temperature, and heartbeat in order to transmit all this to your partner, through the Bluetooth connection of your phones.

Unfortunately, it seems that the product is no longer available at the moment.

Learn more about the Hugshirt: click here.

5. Specialized apps for long distance relationships

ldr apps

Listen, here you have a must.

Would you like to have your own private social network reserved for your couple? It is possible thanks to Avocado, Between or Couple!

These applications offer you all the classic features of a social network (photos, videos, events, chat) and much more: lists, 0 advertising, appointments, games, etc.

If you have a smartphone, then don’t hesitate to add this gadget to your arsenal. You will feel much more connected to each other.

6. Kalain

What if you could smell the presence of your partner around you despite the distance?

The concept of Kalain is to allow you to fill the absence by transcribing as faithfully as possible the smell of your loved one.

It is rather expensive (560,00 € with delivery), but it is, after all, a luxury product and totally customized.

Learn more about Kalain: click here.

7. Smart LDR bracelets

bond touch braceletFinally, here are some intelligent LDR bracelets that will allow you to communicate remotely with your partner without having to use your phone or computer. No words, just touch.

The point of that? It is to be able to connect with your lover, wherever you are on the planet.

Just tap your LDR bracelet and your partner will instantly receive your touch.

Read our Bond Touch review: click here.

Read our Hey Bracelet review: click here.

Read the comparison of both products: click here.




From communicating (texting apps), to hugging or kissing (Hug shirt or Kissenger), to sleeping together (Pillow Talk and Lovense), many of these long distance gadgets aim at supplying an increasingly more intimate experience for long distance lovers across the globe.

Who knows, maybe in the next decade we’ll have real VR apps and suits to interact with our partner wherever we are!

For now, amongst all those long distance products that are available for sale, I would really recommend you to purchase a teledildonic couple set from Kiiroo or Lovense and a Pillow Talk.

They are totally worth the investment for your couple, as they bring you more intimacy and fun in your long distance relationship.

Meanwhile, if you need more shopping or gift ideas for your LDR lover, do not hesitate to check out my article about the Top 10 Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts for Him or Her!

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