[Review] Little Riot Pillow Talk: Is This Long Distance Pillow Worth It?

Are you in a long distance relationship?

The general view is that long distance relationships are unbearable. It is not that they are not worth sacrificing for but going to bed alone makes it a sour deal. Right?

Video calls and chats connect you with your loved ones but they do not offer an intimate touch.

It is even worse when your partner had a long working day and cannot do late night chats…

The relationship gets on the verge of breaking because of the many sleepless nights due to loneliness.

And the loneliness often leads breakups due to infidelity and speculations.

The good news is that a London startup called Little Riot bridges the long distance relationship gap with their super innovative Pillow Talk.

Pillow Talk makes your bedtime amazing, even if you’re in a LDR! This high-tech gadget restores intimacy in your long distance relationship by transmitting your heartbeat to your loved one, and vice versa.

While the device may not fully bring back all the special moments you shared together, you will sense more of the intimacy you had while sharing a bed with your partner.

You loved one will hear your heartbeat in their pillow and you will hear theirs. Isn’t it amazing? So let’s learn more about this product in this Pillow Talk review!

What is the Little Riot Pillow Talk and how does it work?

Pillow Talk is simply what you have been looking for. It enables the long distance partners to experience an intimate touch as they sleep.

The Pillow Talk comes in two boxes, one for each partner. Both long-distance partners will have a sensor wristband (sender) and a small speaker (receiver).

The wristband should be put on when they go to bed, while the small speaker should be placed under the pillow.

The wristband is made of a soft fabric hence it will not hurt and disturb as you sleep. You will have a comfortable and intimate moment in bed.

The speaker can either be placed near or under the pillow. Whenever you want to enjoy your partner’s loud heartbeats, you should take off the cover of the speaker.

The two wristbands are connected to the Little Riot app on your smartphone. The app also allows you to listen to your partner’s heartbeat in real time using headphones.

pillow talk

Pillow Talk ensures an engaging and realistic bond between the long-distance partners. A heartbeat goes beyond a simple touch and this makes Pillow Talks ideal and meaningful for long distance lovers.

The sound of your partner’s heartbeat is personalized and more loving when heard through a soft pillow. This makes Pillow Talk unique and cozy.

It is worth noting that a Pillow Talk is a communication gadget but not a sleep tracker. You can’t track your partner’s sleep or yours, however, it does guarantee a very sound sleep.

The heartbeat sensor pops out with ease to allow for easy washing of the wristband or charging. The gadgets are available in red and blue colors.

To summarize, the Pillow Talk offers a special way of interacting with your partner making them feel loved from a distance.

pillow talk by little riot

Who should use the Little Riot Pillow Talk?

This is an essential part of the review as it will highlight the expected users of the Little Riot Pillow Talk.

Actually, the description and the reasons behind the creation of this gadget kind of already answer the question of who should use the gadget.

Restoring the intimate bond between long-distance lovers was one of the core inspirations for this innovation. As such, long distance partners are the best potential users.

With technology, long distance couples should not suffer frustrations and loneliness any further.

Little Riot Pillow Talk allows for a personalized and warm interaction between the partners. The gadget transmits the heartbeat in real time between the devices and the apps so that you can hear it on your pillow or in your headphones.

You do not have to be miles away from your loved ones. Once in a while, there is also a need for a playful connection between family members or friends. Pillow Talk will help greatly in maintaining such bond in an engaging way.


As a bonus, Pillow Talk is a great remedy for individuals suffering from insomnia. The sound of a loved one’s heartbeat is the most soothing noise to keep you sleeping like a baby.

Such soothing noise allows users to have a better sleep. The heartbeat of your loved one frees you from any fear and anxiety.

If you are taking care of a sick person, this could also be a good device. Whenever you have a patient under your care, you are likely to spend sleepless nights.

This should not be the case anymore as Pillow Talk allows you to feel their heartbeat as they sleep. You can easily tell when they are having a challenge that calls for your attention.

Finally, it’s a great device for parents who want to maintain a physical connection with their babies or young children. Pillow Talk allows the kids to hear their parents’ heartbeat in their bedroom. Such heartbeat assures them of their security and soothes them as they sleep.

Pros: the benefits of the Little Riot Pillow Talk

Other than enjoying a loved one’s heartbeat, there are so many benefits of Pillow Talk. They include:

  • The long-distance partners have a sense of security. Pillow Talk assures you that your partner is safe on the bed.
  • It allows for a continuous connection between loved ones. Calls and chats may not have this provision. Pillow Talk allows you to stay connected to your partner even when you are asleep.
  • You will have a better sleep. Pillow Talk kicks out the loneliness and frustrations brought by a LDR. You will be free from anxiety and speculations. The heartbeats sooth you till you sleep.
  • Allows for an easy transition when parents are training kids to sleep in their own room.
  • The removable heartbeat sensor makes it easy to clean the wristband and charge the device.
  • The wristband has a soft fabric which makes it comfortable to wear and sleep.
  • Makes a perfect gift for long distance lovers
  • Easy to travel with and easy to set up

pillow talk app

Cons: What you may not like about Little Riot Pillow Talk

  • Little Riot provides only two colors. Pink and blue Pillow Talks may not be your favorite.
  • Doesn’t light up and doesn’t glow. The crowdfunding campaign didn’t reach the extra goal of £150,000 so that the pillow begins to glow when receiving your loved one’s heartbeat.
  • There could be delayed delivery of your order, as Little Riot experienced major shipping problems.
  • Frequent connectivity issues between the devices and the app.
  • The gadget will only sense the heartbeats. It does not allow for touch or audio communication.
  • Mixed reviews on Facebook. The last 3 reviews respectively start with “This product is crap”, “Terrible terrible service” and “Very unhappy with this”. There is still room for improvement regarding the customer support, delivery methods, app, and product itself.


What a great concept! Little Riot Pillow Talk restores warm love and pleasure in your LDR to make it easier to survive. You can feel the presence of your loved one, no matter where he or she is.

The gadget is a source of hope for long-distance partners and I hope Little Riot will keep improving it, as it is now far from being perfect.

If you like the idea of sleeping next to each other despite the distance and don’t want to wait for the next version or fix, get the duo set and have a feel of your partner’s heartbeats from a distance.

However, if you’re looking for a deeper level of long-distance connection with your lover, I strongly suggest you check out other long distance gadgets (such as LDR bracelets) or even teledildonic sex toys.