The 5 Best Sex Gifts For Long Distance Relationship Couples

One of the biggest challenges that people in long-distance relationships have to deal with the fact that they have very limited physical intimacy with the people they care about.

This is actually one of the main reasons why many long-distance relationships fail.

Luckily, if you do not want to be counted as part of that failure statistic, there is one thing you can do: get your partner a sexy gift and get intimate with each other no matter how far they are.

Here are a few examples of how you can do exactly that.

Lovense Lush 2

The Lovense Lush 2 is an internal vibrator designed to stimulate the G-spot. It is C-shaped, with one larger insertable end and a smaller antenna end that sticks outside when in use. To use it, simply lube it up and insert it in the vagina, resting it gently on the G-spot. 

The thinner side sticks out because it is the Lovense Lush 2’s receiver. This is also the part you use to access the controls when in solo mode. You can rest it on your clitoris for some added stimulation, although the vibrations are not strong enough to lead to clitoral orgasms in most women. 

It can be used in one of two ways; manually without any added connections for some solo play, and by connecting it to a smartphone and controlling it that way. This versatility allows you to use it solo, during foreplay, or in discreet public play. 

The Lovense Lush 2 is 7.12 inches from tip to tip, so it is quite tiny. The insertable length is 3.14 inches, with a girth of 1.4 inches, and an antenna length of 4.8 inches. 

Lovense claims that the Lovense Lush 2 has the longest control range out of all wearable Bluetooth vibrators. It has a range of 30 to 45 feet 360 degrees standing range and 20 to 30 feet 360 degrees sitting range over Bluetooth, and an unlimited range over the internet. 

It is very discreet, more durable, and stays in position better than both the previous version and other models. It also has several levels of intensity, meaning it will perfectly suit every type of woman, no matter their preferences. 

When you buy the Lovense Lush 2, you get the user manual, a quick set up guide, the Lovense Lush 2, and a USB charging cable. 

So what makes the Lovense Lush 2 perfect for long-distance relationships? Well, when your partner’s app is synced to the toy, they can control it from wherever in the world they may be. This means that you can schedule play dates and pleasure each other despite the distance. This is what makes it such a great tool for keeping things interesting when your partner is away. 

The Lovense remote app has several preset options that you can choose from. You can also create your own unique patterns if you want, or let it vibrate to the beat of your favorite song. 

The Lovense Lush 2 lasts for about 1.5 to 2 hours of continuous use

Lovense Lush 2 review


  1. It has very strong, rumbly vibrations, leading to intense orgasms
  2. It is very discreet, being nearly completely silent when inserted
  3. It is made of 100% phthalate-free body-safe materials
  4. It is completely waterproof
  5. It comes with a 1-year warranty from Lovense
  6. You can insert it and walk around with it relatively easily, so it is perfect if you want to be a little naughty on the go
  7. It is a great way to keep things interesting with your partner


  1. Some people may find it a little uncomfortable to walk around with it
  2. If you wear it under several layers of clothing, the antenna’s range may be rather limited
  3. If bent too hard, the Bluetooth antenna often snaps, destroying the toy completely

Lovense Lush 2


Every fan of Lovense toys absolutely adored their first Lovense Lush. If you are part of this crowd, then you will definitely love the Lovense Lush 2. It comes packed full of upgrades from the first version that will endlessly delight you. 




The Vibease is a discreet remote control vibrator that promises to change every woman’s life. For a couple in a long-distance relationship, it is absolutely one of the best gifts for the woman because it can help bridge that distance in more ways than one. 

The Vibease is a tiny pink vibrator that comes in a simple white box. It is hard to tell what’s in the box without opening it, which adds to the discreetness. The box opens up and closes like a new phone’s box, so you can use it to store your toy when you are not using it. It comes with two charging cables, one short and one long, and a simple user manual. 

It is also smart, with the ability to connect to both your phone and your partner’s phone and be controlled via Bluetooth or over an internet connection. 

The Vibease comes with its own accompanying app and messaging platform. Through the app, you can sync the vibrations to your messaging, sync it to your favorite song, or simply use one of the 12 vibration presets. It is also able to sync with audiobooks, so it will vibrate as you listen to your favorite erotic novel. 

It is also wearable, so you can enjoy some hands-free fun with it. 

The Vibease works in 3 different ways. You can use it as a normal vibrator, you can use it with the app for some solo play, or you can use it with your partner for some extra special play sessions. It is this feature that makes it an amazing gift for long-distance relationships. 

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you can take advantage of the messaging feature, the video call feature, the audio calling feature, 

The Vibease is actually one of the quietest toys out there. Although the higher settings tend to be a little more audible than the lower ones, anything below the third or fourth level is almost completely noiseless. It has 5 pulse settings



  1. It is one of the quietest and discreet vibrators money can buy
  2. It is small and cute, perfect for any girl
  3. Its vibrations are very powerful and will definitely guarantee you several climaxes every time you play with it


  1. It is at the more pricey end of the sex toy spectrum
  2. Its connection is sometimes not perfect. Although quite good, it is still a little flaky and may cut off entirely at the worst times

Vibease review


The Vibease is one of the few toys out there that have been truly designed with women in mind. For women, sex is not just physical, it goes deeper than that. So when a product stimulates your mind while gently caressing you, that’s a win in my book. A lot of thought has clearly gone into the creation of the Vibease, and you have to give its makers props for that. 



Fleshlight Launch

The Fleshlight Launch is an amazing piece of sex toy accessory for men. It automates fleshlight masturbators and works with most standard fleshlights. 

So how does it work? Well, you will first need to have a standard fleshlight. Remove the cap and gently push the fleshlight into the Launch. There are grooves at the mouths of standard fleshlights that need to align with the grooves on the Launch.

Turn the fleshlight clockwise until you hear a click, which lets you know that it is in place. You can now generously apply waterbased lube on the fleshlight and you’ll be good to go. 

The Fleshlight Launch has 2 modes; manual and interactive. To turn it on, simply long-press the power button for around two to five seconds. A blue light will start flashing, indicating that the Bluetooth mode is on.

Long pressing the blue light for about five seconds will turn the Launch off. Pressing the power button again for one or two seconds will automatically switch you to manual mode. To go back to Bluetooth mode, simply press the power button to stop the manual mode, then press the Bluetooth mode to activate it. 

The controls for the manual mode are on the sides of the Fleshlight Launch. Swiping the left side changes the length of the strokes. Swipe up to increase and down to decrease. Swiping on the right side changes the speed. Swipe up to increase and down to decrease. 

The Fleshlight Launch allows for up to 180 strokes per minute

In Bluetooth mode, you can connect your Fleshlight Launch to a variety of interactive devices. To do this, go to, create a free account, and download the free Feel Connect App. You can also create your account directly from the app. 

Once you have your app set up, select the Fleshlight Launch from your list of devices. To connect it to content, simply add the websites you want to use directly from the app. By default, you can start watching interactive VR videos straight away at Kiiroo’s You can also add Pornhub to your list and enjoy their free VR videos. 

The Fleshlight Launch is not waterproof, so it should not be submerged in water. This means it can only be cleaned with wipes or sex toy cleaner spray and a soft cloth. 

It has touch controls on the side and is 100% compatible with VR videos. It has both Bluetooth and manual modes. 

The Fleshlight Launch is USB rechargeable. To charge it, look on the backside of the Launch. Here you will find the charging port covered by a protection cap. Simply remove the cap and insert your micro USB charger.

Once plugged in, the power button will have a bright red accent to indicate that charging is in progress. It will turn green when the Launch is fully charged. The Fleshlight Launch needs 6 hours for a full charge and allows for up to 2 hours of non-stop play. 

Fleshlight Launch


  1. It is a great toy for people in a long-distance relationship because it can make sex more interactive and immersive 
  2. It essentially upgrades your favorite sex toy
  3. Its compatibility with VR technology makes it future-proof
  4. It comes with a touch-sensitive body, so you do not have to fumble with buttons while you are trying to concentrate as you play


  1. It is not waterproof, so that limits its usability
  2. It does not come with a USB adapter, only a USB cable. So you will have to get an adapter elsewhere to charge it
  3. It is not compatible with many fleshlights

Fleshlight Launch review


The Fleshlight Launch is every man’s dream come true. It takes their favorite activity and upgrades it, making it possible to enjoy play like never before. And the best part is that it allows you and your partner to share in the experience.



Kiiroo Onyx 2 + Pearl 2

Kiiroo Onyx 2 and Pearl 2 are a pair of smart sex toys that have been brilliantly designed with the long-distance couple in mind. They take advantage of wireless technology to bridge the gap between the couple, making intimacy just a sex toy away. 

The Onyx 2 is a male masturbator while the Pearl 2 is a female vibrator. They are both very well designed and look stylishly sexy. Here is an   analysis of each one of them: 

The Kiiroo Onyx 2

The Kiiroo Onyx 2 is a male masturbator powered by Kiiroo technology. It is a very powerful masturbator, with a maximum speed of 140 strokes per minute. It comes with Kiiroo’s patented SuperSkin sleeve, which emulates the feeling of skin on skin, creating one of the most realistic sensations you will find on any masturbation sleeve in the world. 

The Kiiroo Onyx 2 has 3 modes of operation: the manual mode, the fast pump mode, and the slow pump mode. It also has 10 rings inside it which further enhance its sensations. 

Kiiroo Onyx 2 also responds to touch and is compatible with VR technology. It is lightweight, portable, and very discreet and quiet. 

Kiiroo Onyx 2 will allow you to enjoy up to 1 hour of uninterrupted playtime

The Kiiroo Pearl 2

The Kiiroo Pearl 2 is a female vibrator powered by Kiiroo technology. It is pretty long at about 7.5 inches, meaning every type of woman can enjoy its intense vibrations. It comes with 9 different vibration settings, ranging from low and subtle to ultra-high and wild. 

Just like the Onyx 2, it also responds to touch and is compatible with VR technology. 

Kiiroo Pearl 2 will allow you to enjoy up to 1 hour of uninterrupted playtime

Kiiroo Onyx 2 + Pearl 2 review

How Do They Work For Long Distance Relationships? 

So how will the Onyx 2 and the Pearl 2 work for you if you are in a long-distance relationship? Simple. All you have to do is connect them to each other using the FeelConnect app for iOS and Android, and it will open up a whole new world of play options for you to explore. 

When they are connected, one toy will be able to control the other. So any change in one of them will produce an equivalent change in the other. In this way, you will be able to experience almost exactly what your partner is feeling on their end. 

In this way, the Onyx 2 and the Pearl 2 make sure that the two of you are always connected and intimate with each other, no matter how far away from each other you may be


  1. They are both very well built and look extremely high quality
  2. They are made with 100% body-safe materials
  3. They can control each other, creating a level of intimacy despite the distance between the couple
  4. They are pleasantly lightweight and portable


  1. The app’s video functionality leaves a lot to be desired
  2. Sometimes the connection gets flaky and there will be noticeable interruptions in your playtime

Kiiroo Onyx 2 + Pearl 2


If you are in a long-distance relationship, you must understand how hard it is to be away from the person you love and to not be able to touch and hold them whenever you want. Not being intimate for an extended period of time can take a toll on anyone. So instead of breaking things off or being unfaithful to your partner, simply reclaim that intimacy.

If you can’t have sex with them, the next best thing is to make yourself feel like they are having sex with you, and one of the best ways to do this is by using the Kiiroo Onyx 2 and the Pearl 2 set of toys. 


And get -10% OFF by using the promo code “Fun10” 😉

Lovense Max + Nora

The Lovense Max and Nora are a pair of couple’s toys that can be used either solo or as remote controls of each other. 

Lovense Max

The Lovense Max is a smart male masturbator. It comes in an all-white case with a silicone sleeve. 

Inside the Lovense Max box, you will find a user manual, a quick set up guide, a USB charging cable, and the Lovense Max masturbator. Before you can use it, you will need to fully charge the Max using the USB charging cable.

The USB cable is a magnetic charger that only works when positioned correctly. So if on the first try it does not work, simply rotate the cable about 180 degrees and try again. A red light indicator should let you know when the charger is working. 

The Lovense Max takes 2 hours to charge fully. When it is fully charged, the red indicator light turns off. The Lovense Max can go up to 3 hours on a single charge. 

To turn on the Max, press and hold the power button, which is the first button above the charging port, for about 3 seconds. You will see a flashing green indicator light. This button is also the one that controls the three vibration modes. On the first press, you will get the low vibration mode. The second press will give you the medium vibration mode. The third press will give you the high vibration mode. 

The second button is used to switch between the three air pump settings. The first press gives you subtle contractions, the second press gives you mild contractions, and the third press gives you deep contractions. 

Be sure to clean your Max before and after each use. The inner sleeve should be cleaned separately from the rest of the Max, and you should not use soap on it. Also, make sure no water gets to the control buttons. 

Lovense Nora

Lovense Norra is a smart female rabbit vibrator. It comes in bright pink. 

Inside the Lovense Nora box, you will find a user manual, a quick setup guide, a USB charging cable, and the Lovense Nora vibrator. Before you can use it, be sure to charge your Nora with the USB charging cable.

The charger is magnetic and only works if positioned correctly. So if you do not see a red light on your first attempt to charge it, simply turn the charger around and try again. 

When charging, the red light will stay on. A full charge takes 2.5 hours, after which the light goes off. The Lovense Nora can go up to 2 hours on a single charge. 

To turn the Lovense Nora on, press and hold the button immediately below the indicator light for 3 seconds. A green indicator light will start to flash. This button is also used to switch between the 3 vibration modes: the first press is for low vibration, second press for medium vibration, and third press for high vibration. 

The second button controls the head rotation. The first press gives you slow head rotation, second press medium head rotation, and the third press gives you fast head rotation. Holding the button switches the direction of rotation. 

Be sure to clean your Lovense Nora before and after each use. Use warm water and mild soap to clean it. 

The App

To connect the Lovense Max and Nora to your app, here is what you need to do: Download the Lovense Remote App from the Google App Store or the iOS store. Sign up and create a user account. Next, turn your Max or Nora on, then tap the Connection icon in the top right corner of your app.

Tap “Add” to find your toy, then tap Done when you connect to it successfully. You can now control the vibrations and air pump intensity of your Max remotely using your app. If connecting your Nora, you can also now control both the head rotation and the vibration intensity using the app. 

To connect with a partner, all you have to do is go to your app, then tap the Long Distance icon. Tap “Add”, then type in your partner’s user name. They will get a connection request, which they have to accept through their app. When this is done, you can then enter into a private chatroom. 

In the private chatroom, if you tap add, you will be able to see the long-distance play options. Tap “Sync Together” and you will be able to sync your Max and Nora toys to the same level. You can then switch to Long Distance Sex mode. In the Long Distance Sex mode, you can play in 3 different modes: 2-way interactive mode, In control mode, and being controlled mode. 

Lovense Max + Nora


  1. They can be connected to Windows PC
  2. They are all made from 100% body-safe materials that are easy to clean
  3. They also work for same-sex couples. The Max can connect to another Max and the Nora can connect to another Nora
  4. Your partner’s movement’s directly influencing what you feel takes  long-distance sex to a whole other level
  5. The app is very well made, so you will experience almost zero connectivity issues


  1. Sometimes the Max feels too tight and uncomfortable due to the accumulated air. If this is the case, a quick fix is to locate the air vent behind the Max, then open and close it rhythmically as you use it. 
  2. The magnetic chargers are cumbersome and an unnecessary bother. Other similar toys use a much simpler charging mechanism. 
  3. They are not waterproof
  4. The vibrations are not as strong as those of other similar toys. 


Lovense Max’s tagline is “unique, fun, and revolutionary”, while that of Nora is “optimized, pleasurable, and flexible.” The company has truly lived up to these promises with the Lovense Max and Nora.

And the best part is that Lovense has a very supportive and enthusiastic customer service team that is always ready to take care of any issues you might have with their toys.

Add that to the fact that Lovense is constantly making their toys better and you get a whole lot of reasons to love the Lovense Max and Nora



Final Thoughts

Long-distance relationships are hard enough as it is.

You can make yours a little easier by incorporating those intimate moments that you miss so much back into your lives using one of these toys.

Trust me, any one of them will completely revolutionize your relationship.