Why Lovense Remote is the Best Vibrator App for Your Phone?

Is the Lovense Remote App Everything It's Been Hyped To Be?

A long-distance relationship requires a lot of work and commitment to get right. Honesty, communication, and trust are just a few of the factors to consider when trying to navigate a long-distance relationship.

For most couples, sex is a very important aspect of their relationship as well, but how do you achieve physical intimacy when your partner is hundreds of miles away?

Thankfully, the advances in technology have allowed for the use of teledildonics for couples in LDRs. Simply put, teledildonics are a combination of sex toys and technology, with one of the most renowned pioneers being Lovense. Here is an unbiased review of the Lovense remote app and how it works.



What is it?

Lovense Remote App is the remote control that is used for all Lovense toys (Max, Nora, Lush, Ambi, Edge, Domi, and Osci). It is designed for use in solo play, discreet public play, and long-distance play.

You can use your smartphone for close range control, sound-activated vibrations (this utilizes your phone’s microphone), and syncing vibrations to music. When you have a direct line of sight, the range for close-range control can reach a maximum of 30 feet. Depending on your surroundings, the 360° range falls between 5-10 feet.

You can use two smartphones to considerably increase your significant other’s control range. This is ideal for those who want to enjoy discreet public play in larger spaces.

The Lovense Remote app also allows you to create your own unique vibration patterns which you can opt to share with other people. Other notable features of the app include music-based vibrations and sound-activated vibrations.

Lovense Remote App play

Key features

Local remote control

Let your partner control your pleasure from a close range using the local remote control function that is Bluetooth enabled. The range for local remote control can reach up to 30 feet if your partner has a direct line of sight. The 360° range using the app is between 5-10 feet based on your surroundings.

Long-distance control

By using two smartphones, you can significantly increase the range of your partner’s control. Simply get connected to your partner’s phone using the Lovense Remote app and allow for them to control you.

The person who has a toy should have their phone within 3-5 feet of them at any time in order for this to work. The app keeps running in the background, so you can have your phone in your pocket or purse while your partner has total control through their smartphone.

Music-based vibrations

During solo play, you can connect your choice sex toy to your Apple or Windows device and through the software that you download from the Lovense website, you can opt to listen to music that also prompts a reaction from the toy as it is in use.

Lovense Remote App

Creating and sharing patterns

You have the ability to come up with your own vibration patterns using the Lovense Remote app. The tap and slide control interface featured makes it quite easy to come up with unique patterns. After you create a pattern, you can opt to share it anonymously with the world.

Send patterns to sync two toys together

If you want to play with your partner, you can send vibration patterns to them to connect two compatible toys. For example, if you both have Nora or Max connected, you can sync them together and feel each other’s movements even when you are miles apart.

Sound activated vibrations

Certain sounds can activate the vibrations in the app as you use the sex toy. This basically means that the intensity in the vibrations can increase as you listen to your favorite music or even just by the snap of your fingers.

How it works

Here are some tips on how you can get started using the Lovense Remote app:

1. Download it

Lovense Remote is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play. It is compatible with:

  • Mac (requires Bluetooth 4.0 to be enabled)
  • iPhone, iPad, Air, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch iOS 9.0 and later
  • Android 4.3 and later with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled
  • PC

To get connected, you will need a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter. You can also opt to use the previous version of the dongle to connect Max or Nora.

2. Connecting your device(s)

At the top right of your screen, you will be able to view or connect your device quickly. Click the “link” icon so as to be able to reach the “My Toys” screen.

Click the “+” so as to start searching for your device. Ensure that your device is turned on by checking to see if the indicator light is blinking.

When it is found, the name of your device will be displayed. Tap on the toggle icon to select or deselect whatever toy you are using. The default position of the toggle icon is “on/selected” (pink indicates that it is selected, and grey means that it is deselected)

Once your device has been found, click the “Done” button which you will find on the top right of the interface.

If you lose connection and you need to reconnect, press the link icon that you had previously pressed in the first step.

Lovense Remote App in action

3. How to take live control or give it up to your online partner

Click the “Long Distance” tab.

Select the partner you intend to connect with. For this function to work, both you and your partner will require an account. Therefore, before you add your partner, ensure that they have an account. If you have not yet added your partner, simply press the “+” button you will find on the top right corner.

Click the “+” icon which you will find on the bottom right of the interface to be able to view all the “play” options other than messaging.

You will find the Live Control button in the app. If it is greyed out, this means that your partner does not have their toy connected. For this feature to function, they will need to be connected. If you have a toy that is connected, this option will be selectable for your partner.

You can make alterations to your settings by clicking on the “settings” button you will find inside your partner’s chat window. Each partner has five settings: auto-play patterns that this person sends, auto-play the alarm from this person, vibration notifications for all texts, notify when he/she logs on, and allow control without requests.

4. How to sync music with the Lovense Remote app

The process of syncing music will depend on your mobile operating system.

  • For Android

Ensure that you save the music that you download to the “Music” folder on your Android phone’s internal memory so that your songs appear on the app.

  • For iPhone
    • Log into iTunes and connect your device.
    • Drag all the music available into the “Songs” folder.
    • Go to the “Music” section and then click “Sync Music”. This will effectively sync the music that you have with the “Music” app on your phone.
    • Open the Music app on your phone so as to be able to see the music that you have synced from your iTunes account. If there is a download icon, you can click on it for the songs that you want to appear in the Lovense Remote app.
    • Open the app to view the music that you have downloaded.

Lovense Remote App orgasm

5. The difference between My Patterns and Shared Patterns

The “Patterns” tab is where you will find new patterns that have been created by other users.

There, you are able to preview and download patterns based on your preference simply by tapping the download icon. It is worth noting that you cannot loop or create patterns in this tab.

If you want to see the patterns that you have downloaded, go to the “My Patterns” section. “My Patterns” allows you to create playlists, view your downloads, and randomize or loop patterns.

6. Blocking and unblocking someone

For a new request that you don’t want to accept, simply click “Decline” after receiving it. You will receive the “Do you also want to block this person?” prompt, after which you can proceed to click “Yes”.

To block someone that is already in your contacts, go to the “Settings” section that is in the chat windows and enable the “Block this contact” option. You can also unblock rejected friend requests and blocked friends in the same section.

7. Deleting a contact

For iOS, simply swipe your finger to the left once you click on the contact you intend to delete and the option to delete will be displayed.

For Android, click and hold on the contact and you will see the “Remove person from the friend list” option.

Lovense Remote App orgasms

My personal experience using the Lovense Remote app

Initially, I used my Nora alone just like a regular vibrator, but as soon as I got more comfortable with it, I decided to try out the app as well. I paired Nora to the app that I had downloaded on my smartphone within a short time.

I was able to control the Nora remotely on my own using the app. The app allowed me to select different combinations of strength intensities between the rotation and vibration functions for the Nora, and my boyfriend was also able to do the same for the air pump and vibration levels for the Max.

Another feature that appealed to me was the ability to control the toy using your playlist. Like many other people, I look at music as a way to elevate my sexual experiences. The music dictated the movement of the toy and it didn’t take too long before I had the first of many toe-curling experiences to some of my favorite songs.

However, I soon wanted to explore other options, especially when my partner had to go to another state due to work obligations. Luckily, we had planned for such occurrences, and he had the Max and the Lovense Remote app handy as well.

My partner was able to send commands on the app, which in turn sent commands to my toy via Bluetooth. Consequently, he got my Nora moving exactly how he wanted, which was simply amazing.

We also got the toys to sync together and subsequently respond to each other’s movements. My Nora recorded my movements and then sent the signals to my partner’s Max, which in turn responded in the air pump and vibration functions accordingly. This way, we were able to enjoy sex and intimacy even with all the distance!

You also have the option to connect with your partner through the video function so that you can see each other. However, we quickly noticed that video support is poor since we were unable to see or hear each other clearly.

I would advise that you try using another platform like Skype or Facetime to stay on the call. That said, the messaging platform on the app works well enough and we opted to use it from time to time.

As an additional tip, if you and your partner live in two different parts of the world and the time difference makes between you makes it hard to schedule online dates regularly, you have the option to record a steamy session and enjoy it on your own whenever you like.

Lovense Remote App example


1. It is easy to set up

The Lovense Remote app is really easy to set up – all we had to do is download it, create accounts, turn on the Bluetooth connection, and connect the toys on both our phones within seconds.

2. You can add your own personalized patterns

You have the option to experiment on the app by adding your own patterns. You can even share your unique patterns with other people.

3. Allows you to sync compatible Lovense toys together

You can get compatible toys such as Max and Nora to sync together using the app and consequently get them to respond to your (yours and your partner’s) movements.

4. Connect with your partner over distances

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Lovense Remote app is its ability to connect long-distance partners. Your partner can send commands to your toy via the app and consequently control the movement of your toy, or you can sync your movements using the toys.

5. Let the music take control – literally

If you love setting the mood with music as you play with your partner, then you will love this function of the app. All the Lovense toys can be synced to music on your phone via the Lovense Remote app. Consequently, the toy you are using responds to the songs accordingly and you might not even have to use your hands to hold it in place.

Lovense Remote App example


1. The video support is not that great

I could not communicate with my partner using the video function in the app, something that I have noticed many other customers have raised an issue with as well. Therefore, you may be better off using a third-party platform.

2. Yes, the app itself can lose connection

The functionality of the app requires a good internet connection. While using the app with my boyfriend, we had a temporary loss in connection, which understandably ruined the mood.


The Lovense Remote app allows users to enjoy a Lovense toy of your choice whether you are using it solo, for long-distance play, or for discreet public play, and my overall experience with it was positive.

However, consider using video Skype or Facetime if you want to clearly see and communicate with your partner as you enjoy your sex toys.



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