Lovense Domi 2 Review: The Ultimate Remote Control Wand?

Let’s be honest: long-distance relationships suck. They come between us and the people we care about, and they make it impossible to enjoy intimacy like we’d like to.

The worst part is that endless text messages, phone calls, and chats on social media will never be enough to convey how you feel.

Luckily, there is a solution to all this. Technology has made it possible for lovers to feel closer together, no matter how far apart they may be and how badly they miss each other.

You can still enjoy sexual intimacy as if your partner was right there with you.

One great product that can help you achieve this is Lovense Domi 2. It is a wonderful little product that is designed to help women feel connected to their partners, no matter how far away they may be.

This detailed Lovense Domi 2 review will show you how and why it is perfect for any woman seeking to make the loneliness that comes with long-distance relationships a little easier to handle.

It shall highlight what this product is and how it works so that by the end of this review, you will discover exactly why Lovense Domi 2 is a great gift for long-distance lovers.



What is the Lovense Domi 2?

domi 2 female sex toy

Lovense Domi 2 is an incredibly powerful, rechargeable wireless mini wand vibrator. It is manufactured by Lovense, one of the world’s leading adult toy makers.

A lot of people regard Domi 2 as an upgraded Hitachi Magic Wand, which was a massive hit in the sex toy industry in the last decade.

At just 9.2 inches, Lovense Domi 2 is much tinier than most similar models in the market. But despite its small size, the toy is super-powerful and it doesn’t compromise on performance.

Better still, it is sturdy, soft and it doesn’t overheat as most wand vibrators do after an extended session of play.

What makes Lovense Domi 2 so special?

lovense domi 2 with app

The mini wand vibrator is packed with lots of impressive, premium features, that make it stand out among its fiercest competitors. Some of these features include:

Metallic body covered with body-safe silicone

The Domi 2 has a metallic body that is covered with 100% body-safe silicone. The soft silicone body is hygienic and gentle on the skin. It also makes the Domi 2 feel amazing as you use it.

A powerful and flexible stimulating head

It comes with an oval-shaped, bulbous stimulation head that can be adjusted to face any direction you want.

Its reinforced neck makes it firm yet stimulating. Its flexible head will allow you to easily exert pressure in almost any direction you prefer.

Dual-rotation technology

The Domi 2 comes with a dual-rotation motor designed to enhance vibration patterns, hence making the toy much more powerful than other high-end vibrators.

Multiple control options

It comes with user-friendly control buttons. Plus, you also get multiple control options, allowing you to use it with a lot more flexibility depending on your needs.

Multiple adjustment options

The toy offers multiple adjustment options and vibration levels. You can adjust vibrations from mild to incredibly strong. You can also alter the vibration patterns depending on your preferences.

lovense domi 2

Fully customizable

The Domi 2 can be customized easily to allow you to reach the heights of ecstasy with ease. With the Lovense app, you can also synchronize its vibration patterns to your personal preferences.

This means all you have to do is find the stimulation settings that work for you and play with them.

Enhanced performance

The Domi 2’s battery life is almost 3 times longer than that of its predecessor. Besides that, it also comes with a wonderfully ergonomic design that will ensure you have a secure and comfortable grip on it at all times.

It is clearly designed with a hassle-free user experience in mind.

Awesome compatibility

It is fully-programmable for easier customization. The accompanying app is also compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

What is included in Lovense Domi 2?


When you order the Domi 2, here is what you should expect to find when you open the box:

  • The wand- The Bluetooth wand is designed to be controlled via any device, whether smartphone, tablet or laptop. The Bluetooth capabilities give you more control over your stimulations allowing you to enjoy playtime even more.
  • The user guide- The user guide is written in plain and clear language that any woman can understand and follow. It outlines each step of using the toy in such a way that it can deliver the best possible simulation experience.
  • Charging cable- This is what you will use to power up your Domi 2. Ensure that you charge it up fully before the first use, and make sure it is fully charged before every subsequent use when the battery is drained.

How does the Lovense Domi 2 work?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Lovense Domi 2:

Turning it on

To turn it on, long-press the power button at the top and hold for about 3 to 5 seconds. Once turned on, the Domi 2 will make a vibration sound for about a second. Make sure it is fully charged before the first use.

Choosing your preferred vibration pattern and level

To program the Domi 2 to suit your preferences, you will first have to pair it with your smartphone or other devices of your choice.

Once the app is paired with your phone, tap on the Lovense Domi panel, which can be located at the ‘My Toys’ section. Next, tap on the ‘Program’ tab to view all the programming options.

To adjust your preferred vibration levels, just tap on the ‘Adjust Levels’ option. If you have your own unique preferred stimulation pattern, tap on ‘Create New Pattern’ and then add your preferred pattern to the panel.

Using the Domi 2

Now that you have paired Lovense Domi 2 to your phone and programmed it with your preferred vibration patterns and levels, it is time to let it take over and do the heavy lifting.

With the toy turned on, gently place its rotating head on your clitoris. Hold the toy in place with one hand and use the other hand for bending the toy’s neck. Keep applying pressure as you alter the power range until you discover what works for you.

Don’t forget to touch all your pleasure points and change the vibrations to suit your personal preferences. If you want to get even more comfortable, apply a generous amount of lube on the toy and on yourself.

It will reduce any unpleasant friction and help you focus on the stimulation. Preferably, use water-based lube since oil-based or silicone-based lube can affect the toy’s silicone casing.

For clitoral stimulation, place the head on your clit and then turn it on after selecting your preferred stimulation power.

Gently move the head around the clitoral region while paying attention to the sensitive areas that give you the most pleasure whenever the toy comes into contact with them.

For G-spot stimulation, insert the toy into your vagina and let it rest on your G-spot. With the toy turned on, keep rotating the neck so that the head can deeply stimulate you. You will be able to orgasm in minutes!

Therefore, no matter what kind of stimulation you seek, the Domi can deliver it in bucketloads. All you have to do is increase or reduce the strength of the vibrations to suit your needs.


How does Lovense Domi 2 feel?

Everything about the Domi 2 is amazing. When I first ordered it, I honestly did not quite know what to expect. When my toy was delivered, I was relieved to find that it is fairly easy to get right to it because the Domi’s design is very intuitive.

Even without reading the instructions, you will immediately know what goes where.

I loved being able to play with the toy’s three levels of stimulation. Holding it in my hands felt natural, and after being away for my partner for so long, its shape was enough to fuel wild fantasies for me.

Right from the lowest setting, the Domi 2 proved to be a game-changer. I was able to get orgasm after orgasm thanks to the powerful vibrations, and I immediately fell in love with it from my very first experience with it.

I loved how the toy isn’t too loud, and I was able to carry it around with me and play with it whenever I felt like it at work. I also liked how the buttons aren’t too sensitive like those of a few other toys that I have tried before.

I didn’t have to worry about changing the levels accidentally when playing with it.

I did play with it with my partner a few times, but obviously not as much as I would like. It was great, and we both had a lot of fun with it.

I believe Domi 2 has made the pain of the distance a little easier to bear. This is why I highly recommend it for any woman in a long-distance relationship. The Lovense Domi 2 is truly a game-changer.

Pros of Lovense Domi 2

  • Long-distance control- the toy can be controlled by your partner no matter how far they are from you. Your partner can choose the stimulation settings that will work best for the two of you.
  • Powerful vibrations- the toy emits some incredibly powerful vibrations that will give you intense orgasms.
  • Multiple vibration patterns and levels- no matter what your needs are, the Domi 2 will have a vibration pattern and level to match. You can either choose a slow, fast or medium vibration level, all of which will always get the job done.
  • Compatibility- the fact that the Lovense Domi 2 is compatible with devices across the board means it is ideal for every woman, no matter what devices they own. It is also compatible with Bluetooth devices, so you can use it without an internet connection in close range.
  • Portability- due to its small size, the toy is portable and can be carried easily even in the smallest of purses or handbags. As such, you can have it with you wherever and whenever you wish to use it.
  • Durable- the toy’s silicone case makes it sturdy enough to withstand accidental falls and unexpected breakages. It is a durable toy to add to your sex toy collection.
  • Versatile features- Lovense Domi 2 comes packed with lots of unique features that will have you smiling every time you touch it.
  • The ultimate gift for people in long-distance relationships- designed with lovers in mind, it is meticulously crafted to help you take care of things when your partner is away.

Cons of Lovense Domi 2

  • It isn’t waterproof. This somewhat limits its usability and your freedom, as you have to be careful where you use it and how you clean it.
  • It is a little loud for someone who prefers ultra-quiet toys. However, chances are you will end up being louder than your toy when you find out how good it can make you feel.
  • The Bluetooth receiver disconnects sometimes. This is mildly annoying especially if you are in the middle of some distance-play with your partner.

Who is Lovense Domi 2 for and why?

domi 2 female sex toys

If you are in a long-distance relationship, this is the perfect toy for you. With the ability to connect you and your partner across thousands of miles, you will be able to enjoy intimacy without being in the same room as each other.

Sometimes, that little spark is all you need to keep the fire burning, and Lovense Domi 2 will always be there to provide it.

Final Thoughts

I love the Lovense Domi 2 because it provides some of the most powerful vibrations you’ll get in any such toy. Sure, it has a few kinks that still need to be worked on, but as it is, it can make any woman in a long-distance relationship really happy.

With a lot of stimulation options and unique features that you can experiment with, Lovense Domi 2 is your ticket to hundreds of toe-curling orgasms.

This is why it is the perfect toy for anyone in a long-distance relationship who still wants to spice up their sex life.