Lovense Osci 2 Review: Good Vibes for Every Bedroom?

In a world that’s filled with different options for vibrators, is one really better than the rest? With all of the variety of sizes and shapes available, can there really be a toy that stands above the rest?

When you try the Osci 2 by Lovense, you will agree that the answer is an emphatic yes!

This toy is simply the most advanced and innovative vibrator you can buy. It has set a new standard in self pleasure and I’m afraid all of the other toys in my top drawer are now going to gather dust.

You will no longer be satisfied with the mediocre orgasms you have felt up until now.

What is it?

osci2 oscillating gspot toy

The Osci 2 adult sex toy is an innovative and revolutionary device ; less a sex toy and more of a life changing device that will awaken nerve endings that you have perhaps never felt before.

This is the world’s first oscillating G-spot stimulator, and judging by the holes, I clawed in my sheets it won’t be the last. Not satisfied with simple vibrations, the people at Lovense have introduced a unique thumping motion that’ll hit you in just the right spot.

Unlike standard vibrators that simply buzz all over, the Osci 2 uses a range of gentle to thunderous pulsations to deliver pleasure directly to your G-spot. The curved design of this fun new toy is perfectly designed to rest in the perfect spot.

This device doesn’t look like your standard vibrator, and for good reason. They have improved on their design with an elongated S-shaped curve made to fit your vagina perfectly. This toy will fit you even better than a real penis and it feels better than the real thing as I can attest.

It is made with an unbelievable soft and lifelike silicone and is water resistant, which you are going to need because it has caused bigger wet spots on my sheets than I’ve ever seen.

What makes it special?

deep rumbling oscillations lovense osci2 ldr

The Osci 2 by Lovense was designed with your G-spot in mind. The shape is unlike most of the toys in my drawer, which mostly look like plastic penises.

Lovense actually improved on the design of a penis, with a shape perfectly curved to deliver hours of pleasure directly to your love button.

Beyond the shape, everything about the Osci 2 is different. It utilizes deep rumbling oscillations that will shake your very soul.

It doesn’t have the annoying buzzing noise common with many toys ; rather this toy has a barely audible rumble that you’ll feel rather than hear.

In fact, I found that it is quiet enough to use without waking a partner sleeping beside you. Although, your moans and screams will likely spoil it. I nearly bit through my lip trying to stay quiet, but to no avail.

I have never found vibrations directly on my G-spot to be pleasurable. That works fine for clitoral stimulation but the G-spot appreciates a different kind of pleasure. Rather than relying on the mechanical buzzing, the Osci 2 feels more like a thrusting penis than a buzzing toy.

The tip of the device, which is curved to rest against your love button, has a motion that you must feel to believe.

At low power, it feels like the gentle tapping that you get from slow and passionate love making. At maximum power, it feels like you’re being pounded like there’s no tomorrow. You can control the sensation and work yourself up to a powerful explosive orgasm, then decide if you’d like to have just one more. There will be more.

The Osci 2 includes a seemingly endless battery. A single USB charge will allow this toy to keep you cumming for 4 to 5 hours. It’s an incredible feature that you are going to need, because just one orgasm won’t be enough for you. The extended battery life means that you’ll be out of energy long before your new best friend.

The Osci 2 has easy to use buttons on the end so that you can have complete control over your pleasure trip, or you can lie back and let your partner have the control. For those who aren’t satisfied with these buttons, the device also comes with standard Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your smartphone.

This free app is very simple to use and allows you to program your toy to best fit your desires. You can use 3 power setting and 10 different vibration patterns to design your perfect sexual experience.

This device is also a life saver for long-distance relationships, as the device can be controlled remotely across the internet. This means that he can make sure your sexual needs are met because he can make you cum while sitting on a hotel bed across the world.

I set up a tripod for my phone so he can watch my face as he brings me to Earth shattering orgasms. He loves to watch me cum.

There is one more option for control if those aren’t enough. This toy can also be set to pleasure you to the beat. This surprised me at how huge a turn-on this is.

I spent an hour trying new songs and felt like those artists made this music specifically to fuck me. I began with some slow soothing jazz and R&B to get my juices flowing (all over my sheets) and when I felt the pleasure start to build, I began to find some faster beats to get fucked to.

Eventually, my bedroom sounded like a rave party as I found myself screaming over the pounding bass of some EDM music. I have never found much of an appreciation for EDM, but now I can’t help but start getting wet every time I hear it. I’m becoming a bit of a fiend.

What’s in the box?

lovense osci2 package sextoy ldr

Quite simply, this toy is all you need. The Osci 2 comes in plain brown packaging for those of you who want to hide your kink from the neighbors. That wasn’t necessary for me, my neighbors all have ears and know I’m a freak from the sounds coming from my bedroom, but might be nice for some.

The device comes with a USB cord for charging and an instruction manual. This toy doesn’t come with lubricant.

So you may need to buy some water based lubricant to get things started. Although I can’t seem to get it out of the drawer without soaking my panties, so it might not be needed.

How does it feel?

Quite simply, this does not feel like a toy. In fact, all adult toys now seem like they should be in a museum after using this little miracle.

This doesn’t feel like I’m masturbating, rather it feels like I’m being ravaged by a world class sexual expert.

There is a world of difference between the whining vibration of the buzzing dildos I have and the deep pleasure that the oscillations bring. You can crank up the power and bring yourself to a screaming orgasm in mere seconds, have a quick breather, and do it again a minute later.

My first session using the Osci 2 was like that: I repeatedly brought myself to orgasm quickly and then again. I lost count after 10, and only stopped because I nearly passed out.

I have, however, since found that there is a better way to use it. Rather than racing to achieve an orgasm as fast as I could, I used this toy to tease myself right until the edge, then slowed down (or turned it off for a minute.)

Each time you do this, you allow the energy to build inside you by stopping just before you explode. This won’t be easy, as you’ll want to get to that climax, but the best comes to those who wait. After about 20 minutes of building this energy, I finally allowed myself to reach climax, and words can’t describe the feeling.

I lost all sense of reality as my body shook uncontrollably as it felt like lightning was pulsing through me. Normally my orgasms last only a few seconds, this one seemed like it would never end.

The pleasure just kept coming, i’m not sure how long exactly but it seemed like an hour. Suffice to say, it feels pretty fantastic.

The music setting is my favorite feature, as I enjoy letting someone else control me and if that happens to be a world class musician, that’s even better for me.

The only downside I can see is that a regular penis might not be good enough anymore, so your man will definitely need to step up his game to compete with this pink wonder.


thumping where you needit lovenseosci2 ldr

  • Designed to hit your G-spot
  • Deep and powerful pulsation
  • Thumping directly where you need it
  • Long battery life
  • Many options for controlling
  • The only sex toy you’ll ever need


  • Not for underwater use (shower, not tub)
  • Only comes in pink (I prefer black)
  • Makes it difficult for a regular penis to compete


This toy is for anyone who has a vagina and enjoys orgasms.

This is also a good gift if you have anyone in your life who has a vagina and enjoys orgasms ; so basically all women. This device is less of a toy and more of a tool to create explosive climax.

This toy will make every orgasm you’ve had to this point in life a mere dress rehearsal for the bedroom fun that awaits you.