Bond Touch Review: The Best Bracelet for Long Distance Relationships?

One of the hardest things about long distance love, whether it is with your family or a romantic partner is not being able to touch your partner.

With the advent of cheap or free video conferencing, it has become easier to speak to and see our faraway loved ones regularly.

You still cannot touch them on a daily basis, a key way of achieving and maintaining intimacy.

Thankfully the Bond Touch solves that.

It is a bracelet, one for you and one for your loved one, that allows you to send and receive touches.

Such an amazing idea for LDR lovers! But how good is it? That’s what you’re going to find out in our Bond Touch review below.



ldr bracelet how it works

How does the Bond bracelets work?

It is worth spending some time describing how the touch bracelets work.

First, it requires you and your partner to be wearing the bracelets and have the app running on your smartphones.

To send a touch you simply touch your own bracelet.  If your partner is wearing their bracelet, they will receive your touch as a vibration.

The vibration when the touch is sent is designed to simulate a tactile sensation. And to be honest, it is the most soothing electronic touch I have ever experienced.

It is definitely not like an electric shock and not the like the vibration you get with a text message. Just a warm and friendly touch.

bond touch
My Bond Touch pair is here!

What’s inside the box of the Bond Touch?

The Bond Touch comes in pairs. Each bracelet is packaged separately in its own box that contains:

  • A Bond Touch module
  • A leather strap
  • 4 bracelet closure studs
  • 1 punch hole to allow to customize the fit of the leather strap to your wrist
  • 1 charger

When you buy the Bond Touch pair you need to download the Bond Touch app which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Each bracelet communicates with the app via Bluetooth.

bond touch box

Multiple touch types

The Bond Touch allows multiple touch types, for example, you can press on it for an extended touch, this is experienced by your partner as a longer lasting vibration.

My boyfriend and I devised our own coded communication method for the touches, so it enhanced the communication.

For us a long touch was our way of sending a warm hug, while a short tap was like say very quickly “I miss you”.

On the app, each touch is color coded so if you happen to miss a touch because you are not wearing your bracelet, you can see the kinds of touches you have received on the app. Smart idea from the devs!

bond touch bracelet

Track touches on the dashboard

The dashboard on the app allows you to keep track of touches sent and received. I found this display helpful as it was actually a constant reminder of my boyfriend.

I often caught myself smiling at the bracelet, and then if it had been more than a couple of hours since either of us sent a touch, I would send one.

The dashboard has a very positive effect on bringing your loved one close to you.

Customisable bracelet

You can add a custom message to each bracelet, it can be anything, provided it is limited to a few characters that fit on the bracelet, we went with the very cheesy (but significant to us) “I love you”.

The custom message really helps to make the bracelet more personal, especially because at the moment it is only available in the one leather strap.

I am looking forward to the Bond Touch becoming available in more colors and strap styles.

bracelet for long distance relationships

Detachable Bond Touch module

To address the limitation of having only one type of strap, the Bond Touch module, this is the functional part of the bracelet, can be detached and attached to any strap of your choice, provided the module fits.

For example, you can change it to a compatible strap you might have for another wearable device, or attach it to a ribbon.

I found this very useful when I went to a music festival but did not want to wear my Bond Touch as a bracelet.

I , therefore, put it on a chain and wore it as a pendant around my neck. It was pretty effective and surprisingly cute!

Interact with the global Bond Touch community

This is a very new product and there are not that many reviews available online, so I took a big chance on buying this product.

I am definitely glad I did and a big part of what gave me the confidence to buy the Bond Touch was reading the very cute #bondstories on Facebook.

I was so inspired by the stories that other couples share of the fun they were having with the Bond Touch, or of people reconnecting with their parents who lived in a new country.

It can feel very isolating to be in a long distance relationship, and I love that with the Bond Touch, I am now not only more connected to my partner, but also in touch with a wider community of people in similar relationships.

It’s pretty awesome!

bond touch app

Great customer support

I live in Australia, and the Bond Touch ships from the US, as can be expected with international shipments, sometimes things do not go according to plan.

My Bond Touch bracelets were delayed by two weeks and stuck in customs limbo.

I very anxious contacted the company’s customer support team and they were great in calming me down and addressing my concerns.

They helped me track my package and thankfully it arrived eventually!

Summary of pros and cons of the Bond Touch

Pros of the bond bracelets

  • Functions anywhere in the world, no distance is too large
  • You can send touches of varying lengths
  • The battery life on the bracelet is excellent, you can wear it for a full day without recharging
  • The touch sensation is very gentle and soothing, it is not like the vibration of receiving a text message
  • Adjustable bracelets to suit wrist size
  • Able to customize the message on the bracelet

Cons of the long distance bracelets

  • You need to keep the app running in the background to receive touches, which can drain your battery
  • Splash proof, but not waterproof
  • Currently only available with one kind of strap

What other LDR couples think about the Bond Touch bracelets

bond bracelet userbond touch user reviewsbond touch customer review

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The Bond Touch has done wonders for the level of connection for me in my long distance relationship.

I feel much more in tune with my boyfriend and would feel lost without his touch.

This product is a great tool for connecting with loved ones who are far away and I wholeheartedly recommend it.



Nevertheless, if you are currently looking for a deeper level of long-distance connection to have more fun in your LDR life, I strongly recommend you check out our articles about the best teledildonic sex toys and remote-control vibrators.

Have fun 🙂

– Emily

    • It survives splashes and rain, but it’s not meant to be under water for a long period of time 🙂

  • How many bond touch bracelets come in the box when you make the one purchase ($88), one or two because on the website it says two

    • Hello Kyle,
      You should contact the support if you’re having trouble with your product, they are very responsive!

    • Hello Katie!
      Sadly, there’s is no other way right now, but I suggest you join their waitlist to be notified one day if they can ship to Singapore 🙂

    • According the Bond Touch help center:

      “In case you’re not receiving your short code authentication sms after entering your phone number during setup here’s what you can do:
      – Always check if your phone number, including the country calling code, used is correct.
      – Some countries’ phone numbers may vary when attempting to contact from outside the country. Australia is an example: when entering your phone number to receive a confirmation code, users must remove the extra ‘0’ included in your STD area code or mobile phone number. Always enter your phone number as if you were calling from outside the country.
      – Confirm that your carrier has not disabled Short Code messages on your account. Carriers like T-Mobile may disable the receiving of Short Code messages by default. Should this be the case, contact your respective carrier and inform them that you would like to enable the receiving of Short Code messages.”

      Hope it helps!

  • When it says you have to have the app running in the background, I was confused by the specific meaning of it. Can you give a more detailed explanation of “having the app run in the background?

    • It means that you can use your phone normally, but that you just have to start the Bond Touch app once and forget about it.

  • i just received my bond touch bracelets and the app says i need to update the bracelet or something but it says it has to be fully charged, how long does it take to fully charge?

  • Hi, so im looking into these breaclets for my boyfriend and i.. do i have to have a cell number for them to work?

    • If you have an iPhone you need the app to be open to send and receive touches but if you have an android you can close the app and still receive and send touches. I don’t know how far you can be from your phone though.

    • You need your phone with at all times to use the bracelet. You can only be 10ft max away from your phone before it disconnects.

  • The company has horrible customer service. The ones we got were defective sent it back like they directed me too and still haven’t received the replacement and no word from them

  • I just received my bond touch bracelet, charged it for 4 hours and the light turned solid and no longer blinking. I unplugged it and it died. This has been a never ending process over the past two days.

  • Can the Bond Touch app work in China, cuz China blocks a whole lot of American Apps and I just want to be sure that it will work here

  • I agree with your con that the app has to be open in the background but only for iPhone users. Android users can close the app and still send and receive taps. I’m an iPhone user and my boyfriend has an android.

  • I just got ours today I’m sending it to my girlfriend who lives in Michigan I am anxious to see if this really helps us out I’ll come back and Play you know how it works

  • ı am from Turkey but when ı opened website ı looked to the countryes there was no Turkey so how am ı supposed to get them?

  • How long does it take to get to you? I live in the US and I ordered mine this morning, but I leave for college in 10 days and I’m worried about it getting here in time….

  • When will they come back to USA like can I have a date Bc my friends b day is in 9 days Aug. 30 2019 that’s her b day and I want to know if I can get them for us

  • >