Lovebox Review: An High-Tech Messenger Box for Your Loved Ones?

Are the two of you distant yet very much in love? That’s the beauty of true love.

No matter what challenges you face, you stick together. But you do need a connection that keeps the magic alive.

Lovebox can be exactly that.

There’s nothing more beautiful than you trying to make your long distance relationship work. The absence of your beloved gets really tough at times.

However, it does induce emotional closeness in the relationship. But to achieve that, you need to put in efforts to stay connected and express your love.

This is where the Lovebox steps in. The Spinning Heart Messenger can help you express your love in cutest of ways possible. How? Let’s find out.



lovebox design

What is Lovebox?

Lovebox is an amazing communication tool for distant people. It’s a digital box to send love notes to someone you love but are away from.

The cute 600g box is made up of French wood and measures 90x90x80mm. There’s an adorable heart sticking to one of its faces and a display screen on its top.

You can remove the removable top cover to unleash the screen. It is this screen that greets you with all the messages from that special someone.

Lovebox came into existence when Jean Gregoire made a box to express his love for Marie Poulle.

Back then, he was studying in the United States and was away from his fiance.

When Marie received the box, she was all in awe of it.

Later they both cofounded Lovebox, a startup using the technology to create communication gadgets for long distance lovebirds.

How does the Lovebox work?

One thing that makes you fall in love with the Lovebox is its simplicity and ease of use. To get it up and running, you first need to place the heart on it after unwrapping the parcel.

Now connect it to a power outlet using the power adaptor and cord. Your Lovebox screen will now lighten up and display instructions to set the device up.

To complete the setup, you’ll be prompted to connect to the Lovebox WiFi via your smartphone.

After that, you’ll have to provide a list of the emails (maximum 20) of everybody you’d like to receive notes from.

Now just validate your choices and you’re good to go. Once you’re done with the setup, every person in your list receives a message with setup instructions. Now, even they can send you Lovebox messages.

love note

Key features of the Lovebox

Lovebox is loaded with features that make you love your beloved even more. It can just take your ways of expressing love to some other level.

Curious about the ways Lovebox can help your long distance romance? Here are the amazing features of the incredible box.

1. The Design

Lovebox is an adorable little box. It boasts of its amazingly smooth French beechwood finish.

The 600g box measures 90x90x90mm and is ergonomically designed to fit your hands comfortably. It’s also easy to carry it wherever you go.

Lovebox features a removable lid on its top covering the OLED display screen. This screen is where you read your messages.

You can customize the lid by engraving any of your special things. At the side of your Lovebox, there’s a really cute 43x47x12mm heart.

This heart spins to let you know about the incoming messages.

love box review

2. The Display

Lovebox is quite unique in its display as well. The box features an OLED display screen with a pleasant vintage touch.

It’s a black-and-white display and includes pixelated font type. The screen is shiny, reflective, and looks almost like a mirror when on the standby mode.

When you get a message, the display lights up and displays your message in sharp contrast.

3. Unique messaging style

Lovebox involves messaging features that are special in their own ways. Firstly, you get notified about an incoming message with a spinning heart.

If you want to reply, you just have to spin this heart again. Also, the box gives you a lot of liberty in the types of messages.

You can send text messages, hand-written messages, hand-drawn sketches, and GIFs.

lovebox features

4. Choose from various hearts

Your Lovebox looks seriously cute with its heart. What makes it even cuter is the choice of hearts you get.

You can personalize your box by choosing your favorite from the three hearts on offer. Your options include the Red Pixel Heart, the Precious Heart, and the Paper Heart.

The Red Pixel Heart is warm in radiant scarlet red while the Precious Heart is a diamond-shaped golden heart.

The Paper Heart is a beautiful heart of white paper from a Paris-based designer Maylis.

5. Connect to the Lovebox app

Another amazing Lovebox feature is that you can connect it to an iOS and Android app. This lets you send and receive messages right from your smartphone.

Although it’s made for lovebirds, you can link multiple users as well. The only condition is that every linked contact must have the app.

Also, the app would run on Android 4.1 (and later versions) and iOS 7.0 (and later versions).

lovebox smartphone

6. Unlimited distance

And lastly, the Lovebox is global. There’s no limit to the distance up to which you can receive or send your messages.

Whether they’re sitting beside you or in some other country, or even continent, Lovebox works just fine.

Just make sure you’re both connected to the internet and you can communicate through instant messages.

lovebox family


  1. Easy to use
  2. Looks really cute and beautiful
  3. Allows customization
  4. Has a dedicated Android and iOS app
  5. No limit to the distance


  1. It would be nice to have more color variants

lovebox demo


Want to be connected to your distant love? Lovebox is the way to go.

Sending love messages has been there forever. However, methods of sending messages have changed a lot over the course of time.

The Lovebox is the ultimate tool to keep the lovebirds chirping regardless of the distance between them.

It puts technology to the best use to support positive communication. And the way it looks and works, it’s hard to find a cuter way of expressing your love.



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