[Review] We-Vibe Sync: Read This Before You Buy The Couples Vibrator

The WE-VIBE CHORUS is now AVAILABLE! Here’s our review of the new version.

Feel the strength of your lover’s vibe no matter where you are with We-Vibe

Let’s face it. Admit it or not, one of the major challenges that couples who experience whether intermittent or long-term physical separation is the lack of physical intimacy.

Yes, it’s all good and well that you two are loyal to each other, have constant communication, and yada yada… But you’re missing the sex!

It’s true and that is why you found yourself here. Well, the good news is, it doesn’t have to be so grim. With today’s technology, there are innovative solutions to.

We-Vibe offers a range of products for your sexual pleasure but pays special attention to long distance couples who long to enjoy sex even if they’re apart. How, you say? Well, they have just the product for you.

Let us take a look at some of the featured products that may just blow your mind.


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1. Introducing Sync by We-Vibe

The We-Vibe Sync, for example, is a vibrator designed for couples. You can now enjoy having sex with your partner even when you’re thousands of miles apart.

She will get powerful stimulation in her clitoris and G-spot while the other one has the option to control the intensity as well as the vibration pattern.

With its We-Connect features, you can control the vibe from a mobile app. You hold the key to her pleasure right on your phone.

The beat mode allows the vibrator to vibrate to the beat of your music while the touch mode gives you total control real-time.

Another great thing is that you can switch vibration patterns to suit the moment better.

Aside from the app, it also comes with a remote that lets you change the vibration modes and the intensity. Either of you can use the remote. It has a working distance of up to 3 meters.

Custom Fit Just for You

The Sync features a new adjustable fit which adjusts to your unique shape. It has two adjustable points that you can customize so that the vibrator can better target your G-spot and clitoris.

You, well either of you can also control the pressure. It has a comfortable fit and stays in place even as you change your position.

We-Vibe Pivot

If you’re the type who likes focusing more on the clit, the Pivot by We-Vibe is perfect for you. This provides a world of difference on your intimacy.

The set includes a high quality ring that gives you mind-blowing clitoral stimulation as you play with your partner on whatever mode you choose. This will enhance pleasure for both of you.

The material is soft and stretchy, and fits comfortably. It’s made of silky smooth silicone that allows for hands-free clitoral stimulation.

The vibrations are powerful and can be adjusted from low, medium, high, to ultra. You can also change the tempo or switch modes to massage or tease.

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2. A Vibrator Made for Two

Aside from the above examples, We-Vibe offer other products with couples in mind. It may be that one is using it but it is always designed for two.

There are various collections that you can choose from to suit your style.

Sexy Time Together

We-Vibe products don’t only help couples who are apart. They can also be used for extra stimulation during sex when you’re together.

The We-Vibe 4 Plus, for example, can give her extra stimulation in her clitoris and both can share the vibe while having sex.

Place the stimulator into her vagina and have sex in your favorite position, and both of you can enjoy the vibration from the toy.

This will allow both of you to discover new movements and positions that will result in utmost pleasure.


Who says you can’t enjoy on your own?

While We-Vibe has special collections specially designed for couples, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find something there for your own pleasure.

There is a variety of choices depending on the pleasure that you want and the kind of stimulation that you prefer.

The Tango for example, is a petite and powerful mini device used for external stimulation. Its tip delivers intense vibrations and you can also choose from 8 vibration modes.

There is also the Rave which is perfect for those who love G-spot orgasms. It has a special shape that is specifically sculpted and curved so you can have effortless control.

This vibe provides deep rumbly vibrations to stimulate your G-spot. But it also works for your clitoris. It also has a handle that you can gently twist and turn to stimulate the most sensitive parts of your vagina.

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3. We-Vibe Sync features

Reliable Power

All We-Vibe products feature reliable charging and power features.

You will get an alert if the item is low on battery so that you can charge it for uninterrupted play. There’s nothing more disappointing than losing power in the middle of sex.

Charging takes a few hours and provides a lot of power throughout your playtime with your partner.

Quality Materials

We-Vibe products are made only from high quality materials.

They are safe to have close interaction with your body especially your sensitive parts. The products are body-safe silicone and are free from phthalates, BPA and latex.

Most of them are waterproof or splashproof. They’re easy to clean and durable.

Discreet Billing and Shipping

If you’re worried about controversy with such products getting delivered to your doorstep, don’t fret because We-Vibe only conducts discreet transactions. That includes packaging as well as billing.

You don’t have to worry about your neighbors judging you or outrageous descriptions on your bank statements.

The packaging arrives in safe boxes without a hint of what’s inside.


You can find We-Vibe all around the globe. It’s available in 50 countries. You can easily find a store near you on the site.


So don’t let distance get in the way of your physical intimacy.

After all, research shows that sex really improves the quality of relationships even though it’s not the only factor. It’s still an important factor.

A healthy sex life, even for long-distance couples can help in your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. So go on and get your We-Vibe Sync.


Use the coupon code “LDF20” at checkout to get -20% off any product your order!