[Review] Lovense Ambi: Read This Before You Buy This Mini Vibrator

Long distance relationships are taxing, tiresome, painful, and unpleasant overall.

On the bright side, several apps have been developed with LDR couples in mind. They are known as economical calling choices and are online everywhere you are.

Part of this feature involves the use of sex toys that can strengthen and maintain a healthy relationship no matter where each partner is situated.

I’ve been using products from Lovense for a while now – each one of the toys can operate over any distance with the assistance of a stable online connection and the right app.

In this article, let’s review together the versatile bullet vibrator known as the Lovense Ambi!

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What is the Lovense Ambi?

I wasn’t that excited about getting this product. I’m not a lover of small toys, but the form of it allured me – it’s the only bullet vibrator I’ve seen that resembles the appearance of a small hammer!

Once I got the package (the original packaging was placed in a plain brown box to ensure discretion), the packaging features an abundance of details about the product and once opened, you’ll find a user manual and charging cable.

I used the magnetic charger the Lovense Ambi came with to charge the toy, but the indicator light didn’t switch on.

I thought that the magnetic charger must be placed in a specific direction for it to function, so I spent a lot of time attempting to figure out the correct placement.

The charger is very sensitive, so much so that even moderate motion stops the charging process. Worse, the charging light is so dark that it’s almost impossible to see it during the daytime.

Lovense should come up with a more optimal approach of connecting the charger, but I believe they will, as they always upgrade their products through the years.

Not a good start, but I must say, despite being frustrated with the charging ordeal, I received a welcome surprise upon switching the Lovense Ambi on. There were powerful vibrations I didn’t expect from such a little product!

How good is the Ambi?

The Lovense Ambi has a few levels of vibration, but you can program those levels to your specifications, and add ten personalized patterns as well. This is smart considering every woman’s vagina is different.

After several uses, this product made an excellent addition to our bedroom.

The Lovense Ambi’s shape lets you use it in numerous positions and is comfortable when held.

The wider side of the head can provide you with quite a pleasant pinpoint stimulation. You’ll enjoy ample vibrations by holding the head’s top between your labia.

Now think about your partner eating you out and using the narrower side of the head to tickle your clitoris!

I enjoyed various feelings this single tiny product provided me with. We can use it during sex for foreplay, and I can use it by myself when my partner isn’t home!

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Lovense Remote app syncing

I downloaded the Lovense Remote app (Ambi uses the same app Hush and Lush do), and the synchronization process is simple, even if you’re not tech-savvy.

I just did a pair of things:

  1. In the toys section, I enabled Bluetooth and clicked +.
  2. Upon a quick search, my app found the toy.
  3. After clicking ‘done,’ the process was finished.

I particularly liked that the pairing process only needed to be done a single time, and when I opened my app afterward, I saw the Lovense Ambi in the “My Toys” list.

What does the Lovense app do?

The app lets the user program ten customized patterns and a few levels of vibration. Using the toy’s button, you can pre-program each wave as per your vagina’s tastes!

Because I already possess a Lush and Hush, I know that two Lovense toys can be connected at once. This is by far the most exceptional feature Lovense could offer.

Now I enjoy Ambi and Hush while having fun with my partner! I can also use the two toys in conjunction with my partner’s tongue.

Of course, if you’re in a LDR, you will enjoy the possibility for your partner to control your toy and pleasure you, wherever your lover is in the world!

ambi lovenseThe bullet vibrator will also react to sound. Attending a club while wearing any public-play toy and getting it to respond to the sound is one of the potential aspects I am excited about, though.

With regards to the mini vibrator, having it react to a song being played in my living room while I’m in my bedroom is not necessary. Hopefully, there is a choice to synchronize the Lovense Ambi with the music on my phone’s playlist.

With that, it took me a while (with the help of customer service) to determine how to use this feature correctly. Once I got in touch with the staff at Lovense, they told me that I would have to download the music to my phone offline.

Good news is there is also a choice to stream if you have an account on Spotify! Simply synchronize the Lovense Ambi with your Spotify account.

This will allow all the songs from your Spotify profile to show up on the Wearables Streaming section. This concept is quite remarkable!

Long distance lovers: there is a lot you can do with Lovense

I didn’t endure any disconnections when using the Live Control feature as I had long-distance relations with my partner.

You can transmit patterns and synchronize the item to react to one another’s motions during a long-distance play (under the assumption that your partner utilizes a Hush, a Lush, or an Ambi), send pictures, voice messages or get on a FaceTime call (if you both have iPhones).

If you don’t have iPhones, you can otherwise call each other on Skype with your laptops and use the app strictly for the live control function.


I believe the Lovense Ambi is a beautiful product for couples and solo use.

I enjoyed using it with my partner during sex and for foreplay. I truly appreciated the option to program vibrations to my specifications.

That said, choices of using the Lovense Ambi when your partner is not home is a bit restrictive. I like this small but strong vibe as extra stimulation when using Hush or Lush over a distance (via connecting a pair of toys simultaneously).

However, with regards to using this mini vibrator on its own, I think it might only be sufficient if you don’t require any G-spot stimulation during a long-distance sex session.



– Emily


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