[Review] Lovense Hush (Remote-Control Butt Plug)

Take your pleasure to the next level with the Hush butt plug by Lovense

There are butt plugs and vibrating butt plugs… but then, there are vibrating butt plugs that you can control from anywhere!

Never before has an adult toy been this versatile.

For those who are looking to add some thrill and adventure in their sex lives, whether alone or with a partner, the Hush butt plug by Lovense is definitely groundbreaking.

Imagine having the ultimate pleasure, all within a few clicks on your mobile device.

Not everyone likes butt plugs. There are people who rather not have anything done with their butts, but for others, it adds great extra pleasure.

It could be the difference between an orgasm and an out of this world climax like you’ve never imagined.

A great added benefit of this mobile-controlled vibrating butt plug is that you can get all the pleasure, hands-free.

For those who are more adventurous, picture using it outside where unsuspecting people can just ignore you and think that you’re just sitting there reading or playing with your phone.

When actually, you are on your way to having an unbelievable orgasm with the Hush butt plug inside you. You can also do it with your partner while on a date, and no one will ever know.

It’s great for solo play, foreplay with your lover, LDR dates and for those who like the risk, you can even play it in public discreetly since you can control it from an app. Let us take a look at some of its features.

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hush butt plug review

1. The best remote control butt plug?

The Hush butt plug is compatible with both Android and iPhone. It has a range of up to 30 feet with a 360 degree standing range, and 5-10 feet with a 360-degree sitting range. You would need internet connection to use the app.

Imagine your lover controlling the plug from their device while you lie, sit, stand or whatever position you prefer, just basking in the moment till you reach that sweet orgasm enhanced by the powerful vibration in your butt.

It’s also wonderful during sex as a lot of people prefer. You or your partner can control the strength and pattern of the vibration as you please. You can take turns or assign who would be in control.

Choose from unlimited patterns of vibration to suit your mood and excitement level.

You can even sync it to your sensual music so you can just relax and enjoy the moment.

You can also choose to turn on the sound-activated vibration which is great during foreplay with your partner.

Or you can use it alone while masturbating. Contrary to what we see in porn, we all know that masturbation can sometimes be such a chore. It can be tiring and even boring.

So why not level it up with the Hush butt plug where you can choose from various vibration patterns and play with the vibration strength as you do it? This will surely be your hero.

You can even pair it up with other sex toys and Lovense often have deals for products that go together.

It features secure and stable connection so you don’t have to worry about interruptions while you’re in the middle of pleasuring yourself.

The app features both close range and long distance control. So this is also great for couples who are temporarily apart or in long distance relationships.

It’s compatible with iPhone 4S and higher, and Android OS 4.3 and later with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled.

hush review

2. Lovense Hush features

Innovative Design and Comfortable Material

The butt plug has an intelligent design with spirals on the neck to trap lube so that it’s easy to remove after a mind-blowing play. It’s been tested to stay put while in use.

This design feature is not only for pleasure but also for your safety. Butt plugs need to be well lubricated or it could cause problems as you put it inside your body.

The spirals design will make it easy for the plug to retain the lubrication and moisture so that you don’t feel uncomfortable or get any irritation.

It’s made of 100% silicone that is free from latex, rubber, or phthalates. The surface is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about destroying the plug when it gets wet.


Hush features an hour and a half up to two hours of continuous use for its battery power. That is long enough for a minimum of two steamy lovemaking or solo sessions.

You can charge the unit with a USB charger and with the included USB cable.

Vibrates for Your Pleasure

This anal vibrator prides itself of powerful vibrations that are uniquely designed to pleasure you. You have the power to control the plug from an app so you can customize it to get the experience that you want.

Choose from light or strong vibrations. Find your sweet spot by testing it from low, medium to high. It really depends on your preferences and the Hush can personalize your preferred vibration strength.

This is extremely useful when you’re setting the mood. You don’t want to start out too strong.

So you can start with gentle vibrations as you try to get yourself aroused. And move to stronger and more intense patterns as your pleasure heightens.

hush by lovense

Available Sizes

The Hush butt plug is available in two sizes.

Beginners can start with the smallest size that features 1.5 inch diameter and those who are more experienced can upgrade to the medium size with 1.75 inch in diameter.

Discreet Shipping

The Hush butt plug, as well as all Lovense products, comes in discreet packaging. You don’t have to worry or anticipate embarrassment (if there is any reason to, at all).

The box shows no hint of what’s inside and everything is sealed as they should be.

Included in the box are the Hush butt plug, a charging cable and your user guide.

Lovense Hush Review: Conclusion

So take your pleasure to the next level whether with someone special or alone.

The Hush butt plug will surely make you joyously sweating, out of breath, extremely wet, and most importantly screaming for joy in orgasm.

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  • Claire

    Great review of the Hush by Lovense remote-controlled butt plug. Super easy to control with the touch of a finger on your mobile device. Lots of settings and designed with the user experience in mind. If you have a significant other, you have to buy two! So much fun and can’t recommend it enough to my friends.

    • Thanks for your review Claire! Indeed, this remote-controlled butt plug is one of a kind.

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