How To Watch Movies Together Online – In A Long Distance Relationship

Going out, with your special someone, to catch the latest blockbuster movie, is not only the most classic of dates to go on, but probably the most time honored tradition as well (As far as intimate dates go).

Throw on almost any 1960’s, 1970’s, or 1980’s movie, and there’s a scene where a couple is going out on a date, to go and enjoy each other’s time watching a movie – It doesn’t get more classic than that.

watch movies online together ldr

But in today’s fast paced, digital, world, things have changed, “times have changed.” People are still looking to enjoy the latest movie with their significant other, but they may not have the luxury of being able to cuddle up with them while the movie is playing. For all of your that fall under this umbrella, “no worries,” we’re going to help you out.

We’re going to break down (and go over), some of the best ways that allow you to watch a movie online with your partner.

Whether they are in the next house over, or in a house over on another continent, we’re going to show you how you can still enjoy each other’s time watching a movie together (as long as you have an internet connection) – So let’s go.

The Best Online Applications And Software For Watching Movies From Different Locations

1- Syncplay

syncplay watch movie together ldr

First on our list is a company located France. The name of this company is “Syncplay.” This program is a free downloadable program, that you would get from the Syncplay website.

This awesome company is tailor made for couples in long distance relationships. One of the reasons why this is so, is that it has a feature that allows you to choose any video, that is located on your computer (laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone), play the video in the Syncplay program, and watch it simultaneously.

So say that you have a bunch of movies saved on your laptop, but your boyfriend, or girlfriend doesn’t have any, and does not want to (or maybe cannot afford to) purchase a subscription from an online streaming service.

Well then, you can both just pull up your Syncplay programs on your devices, and then the one of you that has movies on their device would just hit play, and then you would each be able to watch the movie at the same time.

Syncplay also has a feature which allows each of you to chat with one another while you both watch the selected film.

The chat feature works like an open chat room, but it will be between the two of you. While the movie plays, both of you will have the power to pause, fast forward, and rewind, the video, which is a great feature for long movies, where unlike going out to see a movie, you can get up and go use the rest room, without having to worry about missing any of the flick.

Syncplay works across all major computer platforms (Windows, Linux, BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution (A fancy name for the Unix operating system), as well as MacOS).

2- Watch2gether

watch2gether watch movie together ldr

Watch2gether is an amazing video syncing program that is quite easy to operate and use. It does not require any registration, and allows its users to watch videos and movies from many different popular sights on the web.

All you would need to do is go over to the watch2gether website, create a temporary tag name (user name), and then click the “create a room” tab/button on the home page.

Once this is done, you will be able to add your significant other (after they have created a tag name (user name) on their end).

Once you are both in the room, you can watch movies on popular platforms such as, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Amazon, and Facebook, just to name a few. Watch2gether has a very useful feature that allows you to chat with your partner while you both enjoy your selected movie.

Watch2gether is a free service, which makes it that much more valuable to couples in a long distance relationship, who would like to watch movies online with their partner, but may also want to save some money.

Another great plus for Watch2gether, is that it is webcam supported, which means that you have the option of seeing your significant other while each of you watch and enjoy your selected film.

3- Kast

kast watch movie together ldr

One of the most popular movie syncing programs on our list today, is” Kast.” This phenomenal program is a couples dream.

Although it may have a little bit more of a learning curve, with all of the different features that are offered – “It’s well worth it.”. Kast allows its users to watch movies online from any popular online video (and movie) platform.

Which means that, not only can you watch movies together on popular sites such as Vimeo and Youtube, but you will also have the option of going with sites such as HBO and Netflix.

Now for all of you who may be saying that you do not have a HBO or Netflix subscription, well once again – “no worries” – because another amazing feature that Kast has is it allows you to share your browser, that you have up, with the website and film you want to watch, “live” with your partner on the other end.

So as long as one of you have a subscription to HBO or Netflix, then “both of you” can (enjoy it and) benefit from their large library of great films.

Like Watch2gether, Kast offers its users camera access, which means (if you choose to) you can see your partner while you watch and enjoy your movie.

And just like Syncplay, you will have the option of chatting with your significant other in a private chat room, but an added feature, is that with the webcam, live video, access, you can speak to them live as well.

Kast also allows its users to have four screens up at once, which means (if you would like to) you can have a different film in four different browsers (For example, Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, and Avast browser) all at the same time, and switch between movies as much as you would like.

With this program, the control of the movies being watched, are easily accessible between either of its users.

4- Netflix Party

netflixparty watch movie together

One of the more recent programs on our list today, is “Netflix Party.” Unlike other programs on our list, such as Kast and Watch2gether, Netflix Party is:

1. Exclusive to the Chrome browser.

2. Exclusive to Netflix programming (Service). Now both of these “Exclusives” have pros and cons.

For its first Exclusive, with only working with the Chrome browser, this is a pro because the Chrome browser does not have as many “kinks” as other browsers (Such as Explorer and Firefox), which makes it a superior browser to use/go with, but it is a con, if your computer device has issues with (or won’t even allow you to download) Chrome.

For its second Exclusive – Only working with Netflix programming (Service) – This is a pro because Netflix has a HUGE library of films (as well as shows (and original shows)), so there is never a shortage of entertaining programs to enjoy.

This is a con if there are movies you and your partner would really like to see, that are featured/playing on other online movie streaming sites, but not on Netflix.

If you and your companion are both big fans of Netflix, and have computer devices that work well with Chrome, then this may be the syncing program for you – Out of all of the programs on our list today, Netflix Party is probably one of the easiest to set up, (and another plus is that the program only needs to be available on one of your computers).

But if any of these reasons do not work for you, then it is strongly suggested that you try one of the other syncing programs which will offer you a lot more website options.

When using Netflix Party, you will be required to send your partner the link of your Netflix Party program, that you will have to open up in Chrome.

Netflix Party does not offer any type of live camera chatting options, but it does offer its users the option of their own live chat room, while their film plays.

Netflix Party is a browser extension, which means that everyone would have to:

  1. Have the ability to have Chrome on their computer device.
  2. Have it opened up to enjoy the syncing program, and movie with their partner.

The main highlight (positive) of the Netflix Party syncing program, is that “only one of you” needs to have a Netflix subscription for “both of you” to enjoy its vast film library.

This is one of those programs, where (if both of you are lovers of Netflix, but) if you, as a couple, are trying to save money, will really come in handy.

5- Sync Video

sync video watch movie together

Now a syncing movie service that is gaining popularity, is “Sync Video.” Sync video is a free movie streaming service, that allows users to sync movies from multiple locations through two different browsers (Chrome and Firefox).

For Sync Video, you are not required to create any type of tag name (User name), but you are required to register with the service.

But the plus side of this, is that once you have registered (you are only required to do this the first time that you use the service), Sync Video has a style of virtual room that is exclusive to you, and whomever you choose to invite to your room (that is also registered with Sync Video).

Another plus for Sync Video, is that it works with all of the major video (and movie) streaming platforms. But the biggest plus with Sync Video, is that it allows you to save movies in your personal virtual room.

The benefit of this, is that, say you and your partner are watching a movie together online, you get half way through the film, and then your partner decides that they are tired, and getting sleeping, and they want to go to bed, and get some sleep, well you can just save the movie in your virtual room, and then come back another day, and start right where you left off.

The benefit of this, is that you do not have to spend time going online, through a movie streaming service, searching for the last movie that you and your companion watched, because it is still up in your online virtual room, waiting – This is a pretty amazing feature (One that respects your time).

6- Plex VR

plex vr watch movie together

Now the one movie streaming service that is extremely popular (but also happens to be the most expensive), is “Plex VR.”

Ahead of its time, Plex VR is a futuristic movie streaming service that truly makes you feel like you have “arrived in the 21 century.” This streaming service requires you to have a Virtual Reality Headset.

One of the most amazing (and quite fun) features of Plex VR, is that once set up, you and your partner not only are able to watch a movie together from different locations, but Plex VR, puts you both in a virtual reality room (with a couch, living room, big screen television and all – Pretty awesome stuff).

With this service you will be able to verbally, talk, live, with your partner while both of you sit on a couch, in your virtual room, watching your chosen movie together (so even though you’re not physically in the same room, Plex VR (out of all the movie syncing programs) gives you the closest feel that you “are” actually in the same location – They even offer the option of designing your avatar (that will be sitting on the couch, in the virtual room, representing you) – That’s pretty cool (And makes the price well worth it)).

Each of you will be able to choose movies to watch from your own library, that both of you will be able to share.

What makes this so cool is that, say one of you only owns action movies, and the other only owns romance movies, but all of the movies that each of you own are completely different, “well,” as long as the movie you would like to see, is in one of your libraries, then “you both” will be able to watch and enjoy it. Another amazing feature of Plex VR, is screen adjustment.

Say the television from your view, in the virtual room, is showing up as a 42 inch screen, but you want it to show up as a “60 inch screen,” you will be able to adjust it to suit your preference, without it being adjusted in your partner’s room, whom may feel perfectly fine, with the television screen size that’s showing in their virtual reality room.

For those of you who want a simple movie syncing program, then Plex VR might not be for you, as it does pose quite of a learning curve (but is “well worth it”).

To utilize this phenomenal, futuristic, service, you must have Google Daydream, or Oculus VR (Which is one of the more expensive VR equipment).


In today’s digital world, there are quite a few movie syncing programs, but here we have given you the best.

Each of these are tailored to fit people with different preferences with how they would like to watch, and sync movies with their partner. Syncplay may be the way to go if you have a bunch of movies on your computer device, and you just want a way to watch and share them with your companion.

You might want to go with Watch2gether or Kast if you want to watch movies online from one of the many popular movie streaming services, and sync, and watch them together with your partner.

If you are in one of those intimate relationships, where both of you are “in love” with Netflix, then maybe Netflix party may be your best option.

Now if you are in one of those long-distance, intimate relationships, where both of you are doing financially well, and money is not an issue to either of you, and (even though you are far away from each other) you want to feel as close to your partner as possible, while you watch andC, well then, Plex VR may be the program to put a huge smile on your faces (as both of you sit, watch, and enjoy an amazing movie, as you both share a couch, in a living room, in a virtual reality setting).

Choosing any of these movie syncing options will not hurt you, and it is more about personal preference because they all offer amazing features that will allow you to have a fun, closer, entertaining, experience, with your partner, which is what matters the most.

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