[Review] Fleshlight Launch: Read This BEFORE You Buy

As for the best male sex toys, Fleshlight Launch is the undisputed king of the hill.

With countless different devices and the ability to create custom toys, the possibilities are endless.

It is rare though, for a sexual product to live up to the hype around it – especially devices used to stimulate penises.

This market has been largely underrepresented in terms of male sexual well-being.

This is because, producers of sensualist products have focused more on vulvar, clitoral and vaginal stimulators. However, a few manufacturers have managed to close the gap.

Below, is everything you need to know about the fleshlight launch. So, let’s begin.



fleshlight launch unboxing

What is it?

The fleshlight launch is essentially a sexual robot.

A portable, standard-size Fleshlight mounted with wireless Bluetooth connection, which syncs with a range of adult games, videos, and even virtual reality goggles to create a full-fledged experience.

This is the latest collaboration between veteran toy makers Kiiroo and Fleshlight, who have already worked on other high-tech teledildonic solutions for long-term alliances such as Onyx 1 and 2.

Kiiroo took care of the technological aspect, while Fleshlight provided high-quality materials for masturbatory accessories.

This means the launch is compatible with virtually all men’s Fleshlight toys.

The launch has two modes: manual and interactive. Unlike the manual option, which allows you to control the frequency and speed of the device’s movements, the interactive mode fully synchronizes with the videos you are watching.

For whom is this “Launcher”?

The launch is for people like you and me, who were eagerly waiting for the moment when solo sex means something resembling real sex.

While you obviously do not get a chance with any of the beautiful women on the screen, the illusion of sex is extremely rewarding when you focus on the video you are watching, as the launch does its job.

Despite its simple mechanism, this thing offers a surprisingly nuanced performance.

If the actor gets HJ in front of the camera, you get one too. If it goes deep, Fleshlight goes deep; If he thrusts, you’d better believe that your penis will grow fast and strong.

Pro Tip: Watch the videos of BJ because we swear that the feeling is pretty much the same. In addition, when choosing one of the Fleshlight Mouth models, go for gold. One of the most interesting features of this device is the level of control you can have on your experience. It’s insane stuff.

launch by fleshlight

How it works

The launch has only two LED buttons on the front panel (no buttons, but areas on the interface) – one for the power supply, and one for choosing between the two modes – manual and interactive – and two touch surfaces on both sides of the upper surface control, for the strokes with speed, height and length.

If you press down the power button for a few seconds, Launch up activates in the default mode.

To start in interactive mode, you must connect to the FeelConnect app via Bluetooth, which must be synchronized with the content on sites such as FeelMe.com.

In manual mode, you can manually set the length, starting position and stroke speed by sliding or pressing the two touch control areas on both sides of the launch.

The fleshlight in manual mode is definitely an experience and requires a lot of patience and practice to get the most out of the device.

When you use the device in manual mode, the blue light blinks when you turn it on for the first time, and it indicates that it is attempting to connect via Bluetooth.

If you hold the light for one or two seconds, it should be off and the power switch should only light green.

How does it feel?

Well, it is made of super skin that gives a sensation very similar to the one of a real vagina.

It also contains all kinds of twisted channels that give you unbeatable pleasure by taking your orgasms from 5 to 10.

It will test you when it comes to holding your orgasm and keep it as long as possible.

The textures in the Fleshlight are incomparable and can feel better and more intense than a normal vagina.

The interior of the Fleshlight also mimics the realistic sensations and thus, conveying the feelings of sexual intercourse.

Adding to that, the breathtaking aspect of the Fleshlight and its ultra-reality could make any man go rogue.

What makes it special?

Quite simply, it’s an automatic sex toy for men that looks and feels like a real vagina.

This is one of the tightest sex toys in the market and particularly very sensitive. The inside of the sleeve has stimulation bumps that somehow add some real feeling.

The Fleshlight launch is also one of the few relatively new and somewhat automated sex devices.

The first users and amateurs of new technologies probably already have it. If you have not tried it yet, but you are curious to see where technology will take us next, give it a shot.

launch masturbator


  • Quiet – Although not discreet and you probably cannot use it unnoticed in a dormitory, it is quiet and you can use it in the same room as a sleeping lover without waking her up.
  • Compatibility – The fleshlight can also be used with almost all Fleshlights, as well as Pearl and Kiiroo Onyx. The toys are also compatible with all full-size fleshlights!
  • Lightweight – It is 12.75 inches long and bulky, but it is lightweight and does not feel uncomfortable on the lap for a long time.
  • Rechargeable – The battery is fully rechargeable. The first charge takes a while, at most 9 hours for a full charge. But after the first charge, it does not take that long.
  • Warranty – If anything happens to your launch, you can get a new one with a one-year warranty. Not saying that something will happen to your sex toy, but if it does, Fleshlight has you covered!


  • Bulky – As mentioned before, the launch is bulky. It is large enough to hold a full-size Fleshlight and has all the internal features required for motors and connectors.
  • Finicky – It’s new technology and there are connection issues. Sometimes there is a delay between the movements on the screen and the toy. Other times, the connection can be a bit sensitive.
  • Price – Due to its size, technologically advanced features and the quality of the product, it’s not cheap.
  • Water – The water inside the toy can ruin the mechanics of the toy.
  • Videos – The launch is one of the first of its kind, which means, there is not much free content left. In addition, the available content consists of paid subscriptions and pay-per-view sites.

fleshlight kiiroo launch


The Fleshlight launch is one of its kind: it is high-tech and offers everything you expect from Fleshlight products.

Yes, it’s big and a little bulky, but if you do not have any specific problems, you will not really notice the weight or size when using it, and that’s what counts.

It is also wireless while some competitors need AC power during operation. So, give it a shot!