How Often Should Long Distance Couples Talk?

When it comes to long-distance relationships people tend to have lots of questions.

One of the most frequently asked questions is, how often should long-distance couples talk? Should they talk every day?

The smartest thing you can do when it comes to a long-distance relationship is to treat it like you would a normal relationship.

Here are a few tips for communicating with your long-distance significant other:

1. Getting to Know Your Significant Other

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With a normal relationship, most people talk every day or very close to every day. With that in mind, with a long-distance relationship, I think that it should be the same policy. The only way a relationship is going to grow is if you communicate with your significant other.

If you think about a relationship where you are able to see each other all the time, it has great benefits such as getting to know their little quirks, their past, and who they are as a person. The only way a long-distance relationship is going to be able to survive and get to be strong is to talk every day or almost every day.

You have to build a strong foundation by figuring out who your significant other is and who they once were. This means asking questions or even just talking normally. You can find out a lot about a person by listening to their opinions on certain matters or listening to their everyday conversations.

When you talk to your significant other every day you get to know them as a person. In a relationship, you only truly love them if you know who they really are, and not just their outward appearance. That being said, you also have to make sure you aren’t overdoing it.

2. The Importance of Space

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Just like with any relationship you can’t smother your significant other. Even though you are identifying as a couple that doesn’t mean you can’t be individuals. Individuality is so important for a strong relationship. If a person in the relationship begins to feel smothered it tends to lead to them lashing out and possible separation.

So even though I think it’s important to talk every day this doesn’t mean you have to talk all day every day. Keep it controlled. Make sure you aren’t blowing up when they don’t respond right away or ask for some space to do what they need to do.

Remember that everyone has their own lives that they are living and for their sake, you have to let them live it the way they need to.

3. Spending Quality Time

spending quality time howoften talk ldr

When you are in a long-distance relationship quality time is a little bit different, but still has the same much-needed effect.

Quality time can be defined in a multitude of different ways. The most important aspect is that it fits yours and your partners’ needs. Some different ways you can have quality time is:

Video Chat

Video chatting can be beneficial to a long-distance relationship because you get to see your significant other. Although you can’t experience their touch, it is still a stimulating experience. You get to put a face to their voice.

Ask Each Other Questions

This is one of the best ways to spend quality time because you get to really know them. Ask them questions about their childhood, the way they grew up, what they did in high school, and who they were back then. All these questions and more can help you understand the little things they do or why they are who they are. In a relationship that knowledge is key to building a strong foundation.

Plan a Trip

Bonding over planning a trip to see each other is the most exciting thing you can do in a long-distance relationship. Not only is it fun, but you get anxious and count down the days until you can see them. It helps both of you know that the feelings and the love are really there for one another.

4. Don’t Ignore Your Significant Other

do not ignore significant talk ldr

This is so important. For long-distance relationships chatting online or over the phone is the only fast communication that you have.

So ignoring your significant other is not going to solve any problems. The best thing you can do in any relationship is to communicate with the other person.

If there is something wrong you have to let them know, they can’t read your mind. If you’re busy and can’t talk as much just shoot them a quick message and for most people, they will understand. Anything is better than just leaving someone in the dark. That will not help anything and more often than not it just causes more problems.

All you have to do is talk to them. If they react poorly that isn’t your fault, so you just need to take it and run with it. Long-distance relationships can be tricky but if you communicate with your significant other it can make them less so.

5. Always Make Time For Them

always make time howoften talk ldr

Show your significant other you care by making time for them. Set specifics times in the day for when you can call them or video call them. This doesn’t have to be set in stone. Consider it as a date and treat it as such.

During this time you get to spend quality time together and it helps your significant other trust you when you can keep your word and call on time for your “date”.

Do your best to not stand them up for this phone date. When you do it can create tension and unnecessary problems. Keep your word and show them that you’re trustworthy.

Final Thoughts

The answer to the question, how often should I talk to my long-distance significant other? As much as you can.

Keep in mind respecting their personal space and their individuality. There is no right or wrong answer here. It all depends on you and your significant other and what your individual needs require. On that note, don’t ignore each other either. Ignoring never solved any problems.

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