How to Sext in a Long Distance Relationship? LDR Sexting 101

Wondering how to sext your boyfriend or girlfriend? Sexting is great for couples in a long distance relationship, just like for others.

This way of communicating one’s desire is exciting, intimate and a perfect reminder that this relationship is more than just friendship.

However, problems sometimes arise over sexting.

Some messages can be misinterpreted, create discomfort in the couple or sometimes even be made public, voluntarily or not.

Making love by text messages is, after all, something quite personal, unusual and that nobody explains to us how to do.

Is Sexting Good for a Long-Distance Relationship?

When you hear about long-distance relationships, one of the first things that you hear about is that they don’t work. A lot of people will tell you that they do not work because there isn’t a physical and intimate connection and only a mental connection.

It is true that for a relationship to work they need that physical and intimate connection as well as the emotional and mental connection. That’s why a lot of people wonder if sexting is good for a long-distance relationship. In my opinion, it is very good and essential for a long-distance couple to sext in a relationship.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t any problem with sexting in a long-distance relationship. For a lot of people there can be reservations when it comes to the idea of sexting. For some people they don’t have any problems with it and for others they do. Some people just don’t even want to risk it when it comes to sexting.

Although, sexting can be extremely beneficial in a relationship it doesn’t come without problems.

So here are the good and bad things about sexting and how to decide if it is right for you.

1. The Good Things About Sexting

There are many great things about sexting. Some of these things include:

  1. A Stronger Bond: One of the best things about sexting is the bond it can create. When in a long-distance relationship, there are fewer ways to create bonds like these. Which is why sexting is so important and so beneficial for a long-distance relationship.
  2. Trust: With sexting in a long-distance relationship trust is a huge factor. You have to trust each other 100 percent. This is another reason why sexting is so beneficial in a relationship. Not only does it create a bond but it can create trust for one another. This is something that is sometimes hard to find in a long-distance relationship since you are not around each other enough to really trust one another.
  3. Sexual Satisfaction: With a long-distance relationship you don’t get that sexual satisfaction that you would if you were in a regular relationship. This can lead to some tension between you two and is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t want to get involved with a long-distance relationship. Sexting can help give the feeling of sexual satisfaction in a long-distance relationship.

ldr sexting

2. The Bad Things About Sexting

While there are many great things about sexting, there are also some bad things. Bad things that include:

  1. Risks: When you hear about sexting you tend to hear about the risks involved. Risks such as catfishing, leaking photos, or even people using the messages and photos against you. As these things do happen, there are ways that you can protect yourself. You can never protect yourself completely but if you use safe sites, get to really know who you are sexting with, and be choosy about what you say and send it can help protect you later on.
  2. Trust: Just like how sexting can help create a strong bond and trust. It can also take the trust away. Another thing to remember is that you need to have a certain level of trust for your long-distance significant other before you even want to consider sexting with them. You have to always know your significant other the best you can before putting yourself out there in that certain way. Treat it like a trial period and then when you both feel comfortable go ahead and try it.
  3. Leaking Photos: This risk is the most common risk. It happens to a lot of people. Don’t let it scare you off but always remind yourself that it could happen. The best way to protect yourself is to only send what you are comfortable with.

3. How to Decide if it is Right For You

Only you can make the decision for if sexting is right for you or not. You read the bad things and you read the good things now only you can think them over and figure out if it is a risk you are willing to take.

Do not feel pressured to say yes because you feel it is the only way that your long-distance relationship will thrive because it is not. There are other ways to continue your long-distance relationship, but sexting is beneficial in its own way.

Talk to your long-distance significant other and ask them what they are comfortable with as well. This is a couple’s decision so they should be involved in it. Talk to your significant other about the risks and the benefits of sexting and see what they have to say:

  • If you both end up comfortable with it then that’s a great thing
  • If you end up not being comfortable with it or vice versa than that is alright as well

If that’s the case then brainstorm ways that you help you guys keep a close intimate bond.

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My opinion on LDR sexting

After reading the good things and the bad, I am sure you have a lot to think about.

You have to weigh it and take the time to think about it before you make a decision. Do not feel as though you have to be rushed. Even though it is a very beneficial thing for your long-distance relationship it also has some bad things as well.

If you do decide to sext with your long-distance significant other make sure you trust them and that you feel as though you know them inside and out. The best way to stay out of trouble when it comes to sexting is to make sure that you go through your precautions so that it is less likely you will end up in an uncomfortable situation.

Finally, always take the time to think. I can’t stress it enough that just taking a few moments to think about it could help you tremendously. Do not rush and do not feel pressured. Take all the time you need to just think about the circumstances and what you are willing to risk.

Sexting Guide 101

So here are some tips to master spice up sexting if you’re in a LDR couple and nail each of your hot messages.

1. Minimize risks

I am sure that you don’t want your sexy and private photos or your messages to end up on the Web.

To do this, the best way is to use a reliable application, such as applications dedicated to couples in a long distance relationship (Between, Couple or Avocado), or WhatsApp, which encrypt your messages (unlike the messages of your phone).

Snapchat is also advised, but only with people you truly trust, because the means to retrieve photos after consultation multiply at a fast pace.

So, be careful to whom you send your sexy message, not to mistakenly forward your message to your boss, mother or neighbor, but also to be sure your other half is worthy of it because he/she loves you and is trustworthy.

long distance sexting

2. Protect your identity

If despite the use of a safe tool, you are still afraid to leave pieces of evidence, consider concealing your identity on the photos or videos.

For this, send either “proper” photos of you, or naked pictures where your face or any distinctive sign cannot be seen.

This latter solution can also turn out very sexy, in the sense that your partner will be impatient to see more.

On your side, gain the trust of your partner by doing your part of the job: don’t record the messages and pictures you receive and keep that only in your mind.

3. Get comfortable

Each couple has its own intimacy and rules.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of sending hot texts to your partner, then take your time. It makes no sense to go too fast, especially when it comes to sexuality.

Make sure that confidence in the couple is at its peak before starting, so that none of you feel uncomfortable.

Also, be sensitive to your partner’s comfort zone and his/her reactions. Breaking monotony is often beneficial, but not when one goes beyond the limits.

Moreover, forget about sexting if you have drunk alcohol. Otherwise, it could result in considerable embarrassment the next day …

4. Be yourself

Even if sexting can be something very new to you, stay as natural as possible and do not turn yourself into another person.

Very clearly, you don’t need to resemble a pornographic actor or actress and hypersexualize your messages more than necessary.

It is quite likely that if your other half is already with you and wants to exchange sexual texts, then he/she is somehow already yours.

Be original and arouse his/her curiosity, but don’t fall into caricature. Explore each others’ fantasies and send only the things that you would also say in real life.


5. Listen to your partner

Here we are talking about making love by texting. This implies listening to one’s partner, as you would in real life.

Let your partner know that there is no problem with sexting and that he/she doesn’t need to feel embarrassed. You will feel more comfortable, which will allow you to go further in your sexy messages.

If you want to put the odds in your favor before sending your first sext, ask your partner what the limits are as well as what he or she finds exciting.

Then you only have to play with the rules in mind!


Photos or not, romantic clichés or not, when your partner is at work or not … It is YOU who decides, according to your desires and those of your partner.

Be sure to stay light, sexy and seductive in your messages for better results!

Sexting is a must today, but it is not totally safe.

Talk about it together and go ahead gradually. Be sure you know what you are doing first and then have fun!

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