The 27+ Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Long Distance Lovers

Valentine’s day may get your heart pounding. Not necessarily because of its idyllic romance-fueled evenings, perfect dining sets and moments shared with your better half.

We all look forward to that perfect evening but for those of us that are apart from our loved ones on that specific date, how can we go about making sure that we keep that flame burning high?

For all that matters, little gestures go a long way in keeping a relationship alive and at its best. Though intentions do count, going the extra mile ensures that you surprise your partner and show them you took the time, money and thought to get them that little special something.

Our tips are designed to ensure that no matter how many miles set you apart, you’ll surely find enough reasons to celebrate valentine’s over until July comes and here you will find the best Valentine gift ideas for long distance relationships.

BoldLoft 3 Words For You Couple Coffee Mugs (URL)

Long Distance Mugs boldloft

Now we know it’s hard to wake up on Valentine’s Day and know your better half will be miles away.

Little details can make both your mornings better when you sip that mug of coffee knowing it’s also the better half of another similar mug, wherever they are.

With several designs to choose from, these beautifully crafted mugs are both sweet and express your feeling for your other half at the same time it represents that you’ll be quickly reunited.

It will surely inspire you both to keep the flame alive and join mugs as soon as possible!

BoldLoft from My Heart to Yours Too Couple Pillowcase (URL)

BoldLoft from My Heart to Yours Too Couple Pillowcases

We’ve covered the mornings, but we may as well cover the evenings.

As hard as it may be to be apart on Valentine’s Day, these beautifully crafted pillowcases go amazingly well together. Being a set of two that surely belong together – as do you and your loved one – they will surely make that time apart slightly more humorous and easier.

Wishing each other goodnight and sweet dreams on valentine’s when you’re far apart just got that little bit easier!

OMG Supply Long Distance Matching Bracelets (URL)

Long Distance Matching Bracelets for Couples

One thing is true. On Valentine’s Day, you are allowed to be as cheesy about love as you wish.

That means big red colorful hearts, plenty of sweet words and gifts that truly mean that you belong together no matter how far apart.

Long-distance matching bracelets are surely one of those ways to let your other half know that you are both on the same page.

In several styles and colors, knowing that both of you hold twin bracelets will surely give a hand at making that special day apart easier.

KindNotes Tin Keepsake Gift Box (URL)

KindNotes Tin Keepsake Gift Box with Long Distance Missing You Messages

A thoughtful gift to bring you both closer together, this gorgeous little box comes with 31 different notes tucked into decorative envelopes, beautifully wrapped with a satin ribbon.

No matter how far apart you are, this particular gift will surely take the point across Continents and Oceans, reminding your loved one over time that you took the time and thought to make them smile.

Once you’re back together, the little gift box will surely stand the test of time as a reminder of your time apart and the strong love that unites you both.

8×10 Inch Print Distance Means So Little (URL)

Print Distance Means So Little

Artwork goes a long way into making sure people understand what you mean to them.

This particular example pictures a world map with the message “distance means so little when someone means so much”.

As a unique reminder, it will not only embellish any room, but it will also pose as a thoughtful gift that will connect you both in a deeper sense.

No matter how far apart you may be, this great example of artwork will make sure you count the days to be back together a little bit faster.

KindNotes Glass Keepsake Gift Jar (URL)

KindNotes Glass Keepsake Gift Jar with Love Messages

Valentine’s day gifts don’t come often as cute and inspired as the KindNotes Keepsake Gift Jar.

Similar to the Gift Box version, this beautifully crafted jar includes 31 notes of inspired love messages for your other half to remember you by.

In the same style of cute decorative envelopes that are embellished with a satin ribbon, you’re opting for one of the most romantic gifts to keep the flame alive through days to come.

Once you’re back together and all your love notes have been opened, you can always use your cute jar to keep some sweets…

Love Frame by FoxCarr (URL)

Love Frame by FoxCarr

Surely by now, you’ll know that picture frames are still a great way to tell your loved one that you belong together.

This beautifully crafted Love Frame by FoxCarr embodies the true valentine’s spirit and will be the ideal nightstand gift to keep pictures of your loved one for that time apart that we expect to be shorter than it may seem.

With placement for three different pictures, you’ll surely benefit from a fantastic looking addition to your room and one that surely tells your other half that.

Deluxe Valentine’s Day Care Package (URL)

Deluxe Valentines Day Care Package

Now we’re talking. The eye-candy Deluxe Valentine’s Day Care Package is a joy for the eyes of valentine’s day fans.

Filled with chocolates and a teddy bear, this red-hearted gift starts with a surprise once the teddy pops out of the box when opened.

Besides the prementioned stuffed bear, it also includes a 6 oz bag fudge-filled chocolate hearts, 6 oz caramel-filled chocolate hearts, and a few more treats to keep your loved one busy and happy.

Its presentation shouts valentine’s day like few others, making it the ideal gift for those that keep waiting all year long for the day to arrive!

Personalized Photo Album

It doesn’t take much and you surely can do it yourself.

Buying a photo album is one of the most straightforward suggestions anyone can give you.

Fill it up with a sequence of your favorite pictures together, alternate with some lovely messages, memories and unforgettable things you told each other and voilà, you have the perfect gift to keep your other half happy until the day arrives to be in each other’s arms again.

Portrait to Last a Lifetime

It doesn’t take a Da Vinci to draw a portrait of your loved one.

Even if you’ve failed every drawing class you’ve had at school, odds are that if you put a little time and some effort in it, you’ll deliver one of the best gifts ever.

Start slow and have your favorite picture of the two of you together. Keep adjusting until you get it just right – or the closest thing.

Even if the result is far from an art piece, it will surely be treasured in a way that you didn’t expect. It will also be a great gift for your other half to admire in those moments that you’re far apart.

Dove’s Chocolate Box (URL)

DOVE Valentines Milk Chocolate Truffles

We know this is a classic, but it’s still as glamorous and fascinating as it ever was.

If you think of it, retro is the new modern and with that in mind, a lovely heart-shaped chocolate box will keep your other half entertained with delicious treats for many days – or hours – to come.

There is a reason why these chocolate boxes have never gone old-fashioned. They’re still as cute, romantic and, most importantly, delicious as they’ve always been!

Bond Touch (URL)

bond touch amazon

And when you think you’ve seen it all, the Bond Touch bracelets are a pair of fun technological gadgets that ensure that once you touch it, your other half will feel it wherever they are.

It may not take your loved one’s place on valentine’s day, but it will surely be a technology that will connect you further until you meet again.

Waterproofed and with customizable colors, all you have to do is touch it and it will light up and vibrate on the other side.

Its long battery life will ensure that for at least 4 days, both of you will be as connected as possible!

Dual Timezone Clock (URL)

Dual Time Zone Clock

As far as long-distance relationships go, the dual timezone clock is one of the cutest and handiest gifts you can grab for your loved one.

This useful piece of decoration will ensure that all those hours that separate you both along different time zones will be less painful.

At the same time, you will be able to know what time it is at your loved one’s location and whether you can call them or let them sleep a little while longer!

Knock Knock What I Love About You Journal (URL)

Knock Knock What I Love about Us

This is one of those gifts that are just too cute to miss out on.

It includes lots of suggestive fill-in-the-blank lines that are related directly to how you feel about your other half.

Even if you’re not a poet, this is the way to ensure that you put down on paper what your love feels like, creating a long-lasting gift that is as beautiful as it is proof of affection.

The best part is that, when you see each other again, you can read it out loud and enjoy those lovely lines in real time.

Countdown Calendar (URL)

Countdown ahzoa

You know calendars. You’ve had calendars. They’re one of the most straightforward objects in the world and rarely impress. Except if you opt for this one!

With that in mind, perhaps it’s time to review the straightforward terminology and have a calendar that will instead countdown on the days between now and the one you’re back together again.

Being a simple and almost obvious gift, it changes the rules in a cute and charming way. It will also give a little help in making that time apart easier to endure!

Fujifilm Instant Camera (URL)

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

This retro-chic camera will help your other half deliver incredible pictures with minimum effort.

One of the cutest ever cameras should be a great gift for either of you and be able to deliver those pictures that will gather you close together, no matter how far apart.

Showing your loved one that you care about them can be as simple as offering them the opportunity to capture their moments apart from you in great style!

Personalized Coffret

If you’ve never got one for yourself or a loved one, a coffret is a box of goodies, most commonly those that include perfumes, body creams, and make-up. You will find them available from all top brands and with all sorts of products in their interior.

Coffrets were actually ancient beautifully carved little boxes where ladies could keep their jewelry and they still hold a sense of value in these more modern times.

Though many perfume stores have these available, you will go a long way if you take the time to build your own by getting a cute box, some filling – that may include a lovely postcard and some words – and your better half’s most adored perfumes, cosmetics, luxury soaps, and others. Your imagination is the limit.

valentines long distance lovers

Bouquet Delivery

This may seem like a no-brainer but it’s not always so obvious, especially when you live miles or hundreds of miles apart. Arrange for a local flower delivery. That is Google your significant other’s location and do a price match on all the florists in that area.

Add the cost of the purchase to the delivery to make sure it’s within your budget and get some flowers sent out.

Don’t forget to add a card so your lover knows who sent them. Better still, don’t tell them you’re sending them, just leave it with the card.

Mobile Top-Up

Topping someone’s mobile or internet data up might not seem romantic, but we all have our financial burdens. What’s worse is when we go over our tariffs or run out of credit on Valentine’s Day and it ends halfway through a sentence, meaning you’ll feel glum for the rest of the day.

By purchasing your significant other a mobile or data top-up. it lets them know you want to make sure you communicate on Valentine’s Day regardless of the distance between you. It might not seem romantic straight away, but when you put it into perspective, it is.

Postal Delivery

It’s the most obvious choice as far as romantic ideas go and simple, but when you pick the right gift it can come as more of a pleasant surprise than an inevitability.

Choosing the right gift from home – a local store – and having it shipped over shows you put thought and effort into locating it, rather than just surfing through Amazon.

It will remind them that you are where you are and that you’re waiting for them. Nothing says “I love you” more than time or effort when selecting gifts for a loved one.

valentines day ldr ideas


You might think that taking a photograph together when you’re several miles apart is going to be quite difficult. It’s not. You just need to be creative.

Get your lover to take a picture of themselves when they’re out and about and then you need to find a place that looks similar. Is your significant other stood in the middle of a forest in Jamaica or Vietnam? Go to your local woods.

Take the photo and then get creative on Photoshop or GIMP (it’s the free alternative) and splice yourself into the shot. It’s simple but effective, not to mention romantic.

Memory Collage

Another way you can use photography as a romantic gift on Valentine’s Day is to collect together all the photographs you have of each other and fashion them into a collage.

This is best done with jpegs than hardcopy photographs as the jpegs can be saved in their original format whereas hard copy, not so much. Arrange your lover’s favorite photograph of you as a couple at the front with your favorites around it. Send it to your paramour and they’ll be reminded of all the wonderful times you’ve had together.

Get Crafty

You don’t need to be a creative soul to get crafty. All that matters is you get to spend time together with your loved one while doing the same activity.

For this, you’ll need Skype or Facebook video, or some type of Facetime capability. For the crafts, do something simple like the Japanese art of papermaking (Origami) or lantern making (toro). It’s creative, requires minimal materials and the best part is it’s like you’re together doing something fun.

There are loads of YouTube videos and online tutorials to teach you the art. What’s even better, you can send the results to each other through the post. It’s paper, and if sent in a padded envelope, likely won’t be damaged before or on its arrival.

Video Message

If you’re in two different time zones and one of you will be at work while the other one sleeps, you can always send a video message. Try to make it romantic by walking or standing outside, reading a poem while the sun rises.

Touch it up by sharing your most memorable or vulnerable feelings towards your significant other so they know how deeply you care even though you’re miles apart.

Sometimes when you can’t send gifts or spend physical time together, words can fill that gap, but they’re even better when they’re backed up with action.

ldr gift ideas valentine

Care Packages

If your significant other is busying working a full-time job or has mental health issues or for whatever reason, send them a care package.

Hand decorate a box and fill it up with scented soaps, oils, pressed and dried flowers. Something that encourages them to look after themselves but with a romantic tone as well.

Being apart from someone means you don’t get to keep an eye on their welfare, so doing something like this lets them know they are cared for and you know you’re doing your best to look after them.


If you’re strapped for cash and can’t physically provide a gift, create a playlist of your favorite songs that you like together.

Couples tend to have a song they both like so much it’s played at their wedding. These are the kind of songs you want to include in the playlist. Burn it to a disc or create a unique playlist through YouTube and gift it to your loved one.

You may not be there with them but sending them a playlist of your favorite tunes is a sure way to close the feeling of distance.

Make Them A Scrapbook

You might not think that taking cherished photos of you and your loved one and gluing them into a hardback book is a good idea but think about this for a second.

If you collect your best photos and put them one to a page and then write the memory of when they occurred and what was happening in that instance, it brings the memory back into actuality.

Sometimes a memory is more powerful when it has words to express them rather than just images.

So, now you see that though you are miles apart, separated by land or ocean, it doesn’t mean you have to feel apart! With the above ideas, you’ll rekindle that beautiful spark and remind each other why you fell in love in the first place.

Every little effort matters when it comes to the joys of our hearts and sometimes, the little things can save the growing gap between us. Have a great Valentine’s Day!


Do keep in mind that no matter how many cute things you can buy yourself – and there are plenty in our list – all those that you do yourself will go a long way when your other half looks at it and thinks of you.

Valentine’s day should ideally be spent together spoiling your other half as much as you can and our list surely gives you plenty of ideas to start with.

Occasionally and shouldn’t you be able to spend this romantic date together, you may as well plan ahead and invest a little of time to ensure your other half has something to remember you by during your time apart.

Our selection of gifts poses as an inspiration list and one that you can rely on to surely find the ideal gift for the ideal person.

From handmade goodies that will test your skills to unique gadgets that are aimed at making you feel closer, there is enough variety here for the next decade of valentine’s whether or not you’re apart.

Surely we can’t make that physical distance that sets you apart a little bit shorter, but our ideas will grant you that little bit extra presence for the days ahead.

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