Lovense Lush vs. Lovense Lush 2: Which is Better?

Getting a vibrator helps take the edge off after a long day. Masturbation is a proven way to relieve stress and has numerous health benefits.

Then again, vibrator use shouldn’t be limited to solo play only. You could use it to spice things up in the bedroom or help maintain a long-distance relationship.

Nowadays we have so many models, packed with more features and settings than you know what to do with. That’s why, picking one may seem like an impossible task. Today we’re going to take a look at two specific models – the Lovense Lush and the Lovense Lush 2.

We’ll dive deep into the characteristics of these products, examine the pros and cons and in the end, give you a recommendation. This way you’ll be able to make an informed choice and be happy with your purchase.



Lovense Lush

lovense lush review

First off, we’ll talk about the Lovense Lush. It’s truly a breakthrough in the sex toy industry. Lovense Lush is a curved vibrator that can be controlled remotely. One end is bigger than the other and goes into the vagina. It’s not too big, though.

Unlike many other vibrators, it’s extremely comfortable and can be used pretty much anywhere! The curve of the big bulb is specifically designed to hit the G-spot and maximize the pleasure.

The other end is long and thin, reaching the clitoris. It contains the antenna for the remote control features while at the same time stimulating the clitoris as well.


Now it’s time to take a look at some of the more important features.

  • Power. Don’t let the small size of this toy fool you. The motor is extremely efficient and produces powerful vibrations, capable of sending chills throughout your whole body.
  • Silent. Interestingly enough, the Lovense Lush is surprisingly quiet for a vibrator with such power. This makes it perfect for the naughtier and more adventurous types that like to experiment with different locations, including public spaces. It’s up to you – just get creative!
  • The vibrator is completely wireless which makes it extremely easy to use.
  • It comes preloaded with 7 different vibration modes. But don’t let that stop you. Feel free to experiment and create your own unique patterns with the help of the mobile app. The possibilities are unlimited.
  • It’s waterproof and very durable.
  • Body-safe. The materials used are carefully chosen to ensure its durability and at the same time – provide the much-needed safety.
  • Lovense Lush is USB-rechargeable. One full charge takes about 90 minutes and gives you 3.5 to 4 whole hours of continuous use, whether it’d be solo play, public or long-distance via the mobile app and an internet connection.


There are, however, a few drawbacks to the model some customers report:

  • Disconnects frequently. The device tends to lose connection. When this happens in the middle of a session, it can easily kill the mood.
  • Difficult to pair. Some people have difficulties pairing the device with their smartphones.
  • There have been cases of the Lush dying after a month of usage.

Lovense Lush 2

lovense lush 2 review

The current model – Lovense Lush 2 is the second generation vibrator that has been redesigned and made even better than its majorly successful predecessor.

Right away you will notice the undeniable premium feel and sturdiness to it. It gives you even more power and stronger vibrations which equals one thing – more pleasure.

The new motor is sufficiently stronger. What’s amazing is they have managed to pull off this upgrade and still keep the battery life at the attractive 4 hours of continuous use. Despite the substantial increase in power, the new Lovense Lush 2 is even quieter than the original.

It’s made out of a body-safe matted silicone for a fantastic feel and is anatomically designed to stimulate every part of the vagina. The size is not too big but the special curves in the design make it more than enough for the job. Having it inside you isn’t uncomfortable, you could even walk around with it, no problem. Nobody would know.

The antenna (which also contains a button) bends easily in any way you’d like depending on the position you’re using it in. It’s incredibly sturdy and well built. Unlike other vibrators, this one won’t break after a few uses. It will keep you happy for a long time.

Just like the original, the Lush 2 is waterproof. You don’t have to worry about getting it wet – use it anywhere you like – in the tub, shower, swimming pools, or even the ocean! Cleaning it is a piece of cake – just use some water and soap and you’re good to go!

The Lovense Lush vibrators have always been about discretion and the new one doesn’t disappoint. It’s quieter, more comfortable, and is also Apple Watch compatible. To top it all off – It has the longest control range of all Bluetooth controlled sex toys.

App-related features

All app-related features are supported by both the original Lovense Lush as well as the Lush 2.

To take full advantage of all the cool perks, download the app Lush Remote. It’s incredibly easy to use and setting it up is a matter of minutes.

Just register and pair your phone with the device. You can add your partner to your device controls by simply searching for their username and you’re done. Your long-distance play setup is complete in the blink of an eye!

There’s also a Windows desktop app. It does require a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter, but it works like a charm with any laptop or personal computer.

  • One really cool feature is the music sync. This allows you to synchronize the vibrations with the beat of a song of your choice. The physical stimulation combined with the sound makes for an exhilarating and unforgettable experience.
  • The sound activated vibration is another awesome feature that is pretty self-explanatory – sounds coming from the environment are detected by the Lovense Lush and as a result, the vibrations are activated. This opens up so many new opportunities. It’s entirely up to you to explore the world’s sounds and turn them into sweet pleasure. Sound activated vibrations will work even better with the new model due to the increased power. This provides for an even more ecstatic experience.
  • It supports a Sync Together mode which means you can control more than one toy with the same phone. If you and your partner both have a Lovense Lush, you can take over both and have an extraordinary time.

Keep in mind you don’t necessarily have to use the Lush 2 with the app. There is an option for manual use too that takes advantage of that button we talked about in the upper part of the device so you can go at it offline.

At a glance, the two models may look quite similar, but we can assure you, there are significant differences. The two devices share many of the same functions but the newer model has better hardware, which amplifies the pleasure and improves the performance greatly.

lush 2 vs original lush


The Lovense Lush 2 is far better than its predecessor – here’s why.

  • Powerful. The new motor is much more powerful than the original.
  • Silent. Despite the huge motor, the vibrator is quiet – around 45 decibels at most. For reference, that’s less than a regular conversation!
  • Better connection. No more annoying disruptions of your sessions.
  • Increased Bluetooth range. Up to 45 feet standing range and 30 sitting range.
  • Long-lasting battery. Users report the battery maintains its capacity even after many uses.


The Lovense Lush 2’s customer reviews clearly show that it is a substantial improvement over the original model and the cons of the previous model seem to have been resolved.

The (Obvious) Winner

With all that said, here’s our final verdict.

The absolute winner is the Lovense Lush 2. The new version was redone and has noticeably improved features and performance which make it superior to the original and well worth the purchase. You get much more bang for your buck than you would from the first model.

Using a vibrator is a great way to keep the romance going in a long-distance relationship, spice up things in bed with your partner or just make yourself happy. A toy like the Lovense Lush 2 will satisfy every need you have.

Use it by yourself when you wake up or end the long day with a bang. Jazz up foreplay, keep your long-distance relationship going strong. It’s perfect for the more adventurous who enjoy public play. This is hands down (the pants) the best remote-controlled vibrator out there. You won’t regret getting it.

Due to the essence of this type of product, it’s important to realize that quality is key. You want to get the best quality possible and make no compromises as it serves a very intimate purpose.

It is something you put inside of you so keep safety in mind and only buy products from respected, well-known manufacturers and sellers.

– Emily