Hey Bracelet Review: The Perfect Long Distance Relationship Bracelet?

With a constant growth in the society and the world becoming a global village, long distance relationships are gradually becoming a norm.

The distance is created as a result of the different places of work, school or when a loved one leaves for medical reasons among other factors.

The long-distance relationships do not narrow to romantic partners. We have parents, and their children, friends, and relatives separated.

Long distance relationships with romantic partners may be difficult to handle. Despite the emotional emptiness and loneliness, you have to conflict with petty speculations, plans and other responsibilities go unmet.

The video calls and audios may not be enough. Sharing of the pictures and videos may even accelerate the loneliness.

In the midst of the loneliness and insecurity, Hey Bracelet touch or squeeze makes all the difference.

The Hey Bracelet review will help you come to terms with your long distance relationship. Hey Bracelet review seeks to help you know how this long distance gadget works.

The innovative device helps to transmit the squeeze to your distant partner and assures them that they are still in your mind despite the distance.

What Is Hey Bracelet And How Does It Work?

Hey Bracelet is a smart and unique device designed with the intention of making your long distance relationship bearable.

There are so many ways of communicating with your loved one, but only the Hey Bracelet explores the touch.

Mark Rossem explored various ways in which long distance partners would send touch signals as an indicator of their love for each other and came up with Hey Smart Bracelet.

The bracelet imitates human touch and comes in a pair.

The device relies on Bluetooth and the Hey app to transmit the signals to the other partner. You are supposed to squeeze the bracelet, and your distant partner will receive the squeeze and know that you are thinking about them.

The partner’s bracelet squeezes them gently. It is worth noting that this is not a sex toy. It does not vibrate but squeezes gently to offer a touch, and this makes it unique.

The sensation imitates a human touch. Although the video calls and chats make your partner closer, the Hey Bracelet touch is more intimate and will make them feel better.

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Who Should Use the Hey Bracelet?

This is a critical part of the Hey Bracelet review as it will outline the suitable users of the Hey Bracelet. Is it for you?

From the description of Hey Bracelet and the drive behind its innovation, it is easy to tell who the gadget suits.

Your romantic partner may be required to go and complete a task far from you. Hey Bracelet is a must-have gadget to offer before they leave.

The bracelet will help you come to terms with the change. You will be able to send the touch signals every time you feel lonely and want to let your partner know you are thinking about them.

The message is intimate and private and shows how the partners value each other.

Since the Hey Bracelet is connected to that of your partner, you will be the only one realizing the crucial touch message around your wrist.

Once you feel the touch, you know that the message is from the most important person specifically for you.

The parents or children in a long distance relationship should also have the device.

The Hey Bracelet gives you a new and meaningful way of interacting with your loved one. The Hey Bracelet creates a unique bond.

Friends who want to maintain the bond irrespective of the eventuality that creates a bond between them should also have a pair of the bracelet.

Hey Bracelet will help them stay connected to touch. The personal touch is a small gesture worth a thousand words.

The simple touch will motivate and comfort the long-distance partner.

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Benefits of Hey Bracelet

The benefits of Hey Bracelet outdo its size and price. Other than the personal and intimate touch, the following are some of the other benefits.

  • Works with ease. Rossem took his time while developing the gadget. The bracelet is not strained because of the distance between the two partners. The Hey Bracelet relies on the advanced technology that uses the Bluetooth and the Hey app. This means you can communicate with your partner with ease for as long as you have a smartphone.
  • The bracelet has specific areas that you can touch to send a message. The provision blocks instances of accidental touch. This maintains the primary intention of the device. You can only send the signal when you mean it as you have to touch the specific area. Once you touch the special area, the message is sent to the phone later to your partner’s bracelet.
  • It is a perfect gift for your partner farewell. Hey Bracelet saves you on what to buy your loved one. It is designed with a sense of love, and it’s a stylish gift. The bracelet will keep you close despite the distance.
  • The Hey Bracelets come in two colors. This gives the users a unique ground for choosing their desired devices. The vibrant lovers may go for the rose gold and white Hey Bracelet. Those that want to blend the bracelet with every outfit may go for the black and anthracite option.
  • The bracelet is weatherproof. This makes it convenient as you do not have to worry about the unpredictable weather changes. It only takes 30 min to charge the Hey Bracelet and once charged fully can last for about three weeks. You will, therefore, be assured of the constant intimate touch from your loved ones in all seasons.
  • The Hey Bracelet allows long-distance partners to be closer. It allows you to share your love with your partner from a distance. It is a sweet way of saying hey in the morning, wishing them a good day and showing them how you miss them.

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In spite of the great features that come with the Hey Bracelet, it is not free from criticism.

  • The bracelet only sends one form of touch. The squeeze on the wrist may not be convincing enough for the long-distance partners to keep the bracelet on the wrist the whole day.
  • Hey, bracelets only come in two colors. Users should have a variety to choose from as the two may not make a perfect choice for the partners.

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Final Thought

Hey Bracelet is a perfect gadget for showing your love from a distance.

It will keep you connected to your partner and make you realize how much you are loved.

It does not vibrate or buzz but sends a gentle touch which makes it outstanding. The long-distance partners should definitely consider getting it to maintain a private and warm touch.

Though, is it better than the Bond Touch? You can check our full comparison of the two long distance bracelets by clicking here.

  • Short posting:
    3.4 (unboxing firmware): absolutely Garbage made me want to throw my bracelet!
    3.5 (post unboxing and finally updated on a non google pixel phone): just Garbage, any complaint you read prior to this post, I experienced.
    3.6 (latest update!): way way way better, developers have gotten their programming together! my bracelet and my partners is working a legit 90% of the time! Its so awesome. There’s still some hicupps like location and bluetooth must be on to pair, but its progess!

  • Bought a pair, only has one touch function and is horribly loud when it does it. Made of cheap plastic and the app rarely works. Don’t waste your money on this scam.

  • Do not waste your money. Cheaply made and does not work like it said. It is also very loud when it actually works. Would not recommend.

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