How to Keep the Fire BURNING in Your Long Distance Relationship?

I’m not going to lie. One of the things we fear the most when we live a long distance relationship is that our partner loses interest in us.

So how do we preserve desire and interest? How do we keep the fire burning? How do we keep the spark alive?

I have actually received many messages from people asking me exactly how to get more interest from their partner.

Most of the time the story is just like this: “At first everything was fine, we were in love and having fun, until recently when my other half seemed much colder and distant than before… What should I do?

Well, it is quite likely that your partner’s recent disinterest can be explained by a lack of attraction or seduction on your part.

In other words… It is quite likely that you are no longer seducing your partner.

What does it mean exactly to seduce somebody? It means making him or her want to invest more in this relationship by presenting it as a fun challenge rather than a dull experience.

It is true that the loss of interest is the first step towards the breakup, so it is better to solve this problem quickly and efficiently.

Here are some tips and concrete actions that will allow you to Keep the Fire BURNING in Your Long Distance Relationship!

1. Take back your seduction power

Most of the time, couples complain about not being able to preserve the spark they felt at the beginning and do not know how to bring it back.

Well, if you had it at first, just go back there… Starting again from the beginning might be a good idea!

Indeed, it is very likely that at the time when everything was fine with your couple, your partner was seduced by your personality, the way you speak, your qualities, your charisma, your authenticity, that is to say by a seductive YOU.

If today you doubt about your seduction power, ask yourself which specific aspects you may have neglected.

Your partner probably realized it before you and could have been turned off by that.

The idea here is to take back the right habits that seduced your partner back in the days to light that fire and this time not let it fade.

sexy long distance relationship

2. Bring his/her possessiveness out

Be careful. Here I don’t mean to make your partner jealous childishly and thoughtlessly.

We don’t want to hurt, but to give back to our partner the secret desire to be with us.

For this, an efficient way is to talk about the exciting things we do while that person is not with the interesting people that we met or us. Talk about your interactions with colleagues and friends, as well as your outings and projects.

If you want to go further, you can mention (subtly and without lying) anecdotes where you received attention from a person of the opposite sex.

This will not make your partner insanely jealous, but it will make him/her realize that other people also appreciate you and could be a serious threat to him/her if he/she remained so cold and distant.

3. Be less available to him/her

If you are available to talk to him/her all the time, your partner will believe that you have nothing better to do and you will seem much less attractive.

Decide at what time he/she can call you and let your partner know that before and after this time you will be busy. It will be at that time or another day. No second chance.

Also, don’t hesitate to end the conversation earlier to show that you have more important things than that call.

Of course, you love him/her and it is reciprocal, but it is important for your personal life and for your relationship to thrive outside your relationship.

Live your life and your partner will thank you.

fire burning ldr

4. Sexualize your conversations

Many will say that love is nothing more than a deep friendship to which one adds physical intimacy. However, you will agree that distance makes it somewhat complicated to live intimate moments with one’s other half.

This is why you must not neglect sexualization in order to remind your partner that you are not just a distant boyfriend/girlfirend to confide in but also him/her true (sexual) partner.

In this case, that’s what makes the difference between “friend” and “boy/girlfriend”.

I invite you to discuss this subject and for example exchange your desires and fantasies.

Then, if you both wish, nothing prevents you from playing a naughty game, or even going further on Skype or by phone. You can also try some fun LDR toys.

5. Making him/her impatient to be at the next reunion

Making him/her eager is a key to creating more desire in him/her. Planning reunions make your couple more and more joyful and excited as the day approaches.

You’re not gonna tell me the opposite, are you?

To amplify this phenomenon, I suggest planning some activities that your partner loves or that he/she would be very interested to do with you and sharing these ideas openly with him or her beforehand.

That could be dining somewhere special, visiting a place together, discovering a new activity, experiencing something local, trying a new fantasy, meeting some people, etc.

In short, anything that could make your partner even more imaptient.


It is not impossible to seduce your partner all over again, even from a distance. However, efforts must be coherent and consistent in your LDR.

These 5 different tips should be helpful if you want to keep the fire burning for good in your long distance relationship.

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