[Review] Lovense Edge: Read This BEFORE You Buy

In this ever-evolving world of sexuality, it is incredibly easy to find a sex toy for whatever your needs are.

Whether the toy is a vibrator, dildo, sex doll, or a prostate massager, one can be assured that the sex toy that they need is only one google search away.

While the market is filled with an incredible amount of sex toys, good prostate massagers are hard to come by.

More often than not, a prostate massager can only do the bare minimum, and not even do it that well at that.

Exploring and enjoying different types of sexual pleasure is great, but don’t make the mistake of buying a prostate massager that barely gets the job done.

While there are so many prostate massagers that just don’t perform well, there is one that does the job amazingly and can do so much more.

This is the Lovense Edge.

The Lovense Edge is revolutionary, to say the least. This sex toy finds the perfect balance between being user-friendly, while also being a luxury item.

Considering that all the mid-level prostate massagers barely get the job done, it might be time to get something that’s more up to date and advanced, this is the Lovense Edge.

This toy is packed with a bunch of neat features that just satisfy customers, below is an in-depth review of this sex toy that may soon take the market by storm.

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lovense edge

The Lovense Edge

The Edge is a sex toy that was designed to stand out, and that it does.

With its sleek, comfortable design, the Edge was meant to be a sex toy perfect for handsfree stimulation.

The toy was made with materials that are 100% safe for the body, it can be controlled by an app on your phone, and is amazing for solo use, for foreplay, or for doing something kinky in public.

The Edge is the sex toy that has the potential to shake up the whole market of prostate massagers, as the Lovense Edge is being marketed as the world’s first “adjustable” prostate massager.

This means that the shaft of the toy can tilt itself and lock into an angle that is perfect for your pleasure, and considering that the Edge is also very sturdy, you can rest assured that the toy will not slip out, or shift position while you move.

The best thing about this flexible toy is that whether your pleasure center is deep in the anal canal, or if it just rests on the surface, the toy will reach your spot, and will stimulate it like never before.

With its huge variety of vibration patterns, this toy always hits the spot.

Aside from all of that, the toy is also designed to be connected to your phone over short distances and long distances, and if you don’t want to connect it t your phone, you can also use the built-in interface to experience an unfathomable amount of pleasure.

Lovense Prostate Massager

Key Features

The Lovense Edge is packed with features that make it rise above the competition while being so user-friendly that anyone can figure out how to work it in less than 10 minutes.

For starters, the toy has two vibrators, in the shaft or the base giving users the option to stimulate the anal canal, the perineum, or both at the same time!

These two vibrators can either be controlled simultaneously or at the same time, allowing users to fully customize their experience.

The toy can connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so users can connect the toy to their phone, tablet, or even computer!

One neat feature of this toy is that it can sync up to music, so vibrations come at the same rhythm as the music, which is one unique and amazing pleasure experience.

When using this toy, battery life is no issue as the Edge can keep vibrating for up to two hours, and is charged by a standard USB charging point, making charging a breeze.

Another big plus with the Edge is that it can be controlled over the internet, allowing you to tease your partner anywhere in the world, and it‘s 100% waterproof.

Another reason why this toy stands out is its inviting dimensions, it measures around 1.4-inches in diameter, 4.5-inches in total length, and 3.1-inches in insertable length, making it one of the best prostate massagers out there.

What’s In The Box?

The box that the Edge comes in isn’t over-complicated. It’s actually very simple.

A nice, sexy design is what you see on the box upon arrival, and when you open it, it may be a bit underwhelming as the toy doesn’t come with any lube or sex toy cleaner that sometimes comes with other sex toys.

But inside the box, you get the Lovense Edge, a charging cable, and the instruction manual: simple as that.

Aside from the toy, though, upon purchase users do get a 1-year warranty for the toy, but the toy has to be registered at the maker’s website within 30 days of purchase (especially if the box has been opened) to activate the warranty.

Bluetooth Prostate Massager

How It Works

The Lovense Edge works by using two vibrators to give unmatched stimulation to the prostate and perineum to the user.

The fact that the two vibrators can work together or separately makes this toy stand out, and also helps it give the best pleasure out there.

To use it, simply open the app and connect to the toy, and put it on whatever setting you feel like.

If there’s no device you can use, you can simply use the settings on the toy itself, sadly, that would mean only having a low, medium, or high option.

This toy truly shines brightest when being controlled by the app.

How Does It Feel?

The Lovense Edge performs amazingly.

It feels so much better and so different from all the other prostate massagers on the market.

Users will be filled up with so much pleasure when using the toy, and the design of the toy makes it so that the stimulation you get from the Edge is simply unmatched by any other prostate massager out there.

To put things simply, the Lovense Edge can stimulate you like never before.



  • Flexibility – The Lovense Edge can be used at home, or in public without causing any sort of ruckus, and it can also be used alone, or with a partner, truly a flexible friend.
  • Accessibility – The fact that the Edge can be controlled from across the world using the internet, by yourself using your phone, or you can simply ditch all that and use the controls on the toy makes the Edge truly stand out.
  • Low Maintenance – Sine the Edge is 100% waterproof and is made of medical grade silicone, cleaning the toy is no problem at all, for anyone.
  • Power – Intense as it gets.


While this toy is great and is arguably one of the best in the market, it isn’t perfect so here are some of the cons:

  • Connectivity – While the toy performs well, it is unavoidable to have some Bluetooth and internet connectivity problems with the toy, especially if the signal is blocked.
  • Too much pleasure? – Some men may find this toy a bit “too much” when it comes to the level of stimulation it gives.

edge by lovense

The Final Verdict

If you have the proper devices to control the Lovense Edge (meaning a phone, computer, or tablet) buying this toy is a no-brainer.

While this toy is a bit on the pricey side, it is definitely a smart investment that will give you (and maybe your partner) a lot of benefits in the future.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best (if not the best) prostate massagers that are in today’s market.



– Will