The 3 Best Sex Apps for Long Distance Relationship Couples

Intimacy is a fundamental part of any relationship. The fact that long-distance relationships lack the physical element makes them very hard to maintain.

However, the good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way, all thanks to some amazing sex apps.

In this day and age, there’s an app for literally anything, including LDR intimacy (with the help of some remote toys!)

Once again, thank goodness for technology! These amazing apps make those cold lonely nights a bit more tolerable and even exciting.

Granted, it doesn’t beat the real thing, but boy can these toys make you have a great time!

We take a look at the 3 best sex apps for long distance couples.

1. Lovense Remote App

lovense remote app

The Lovense Remote App is a powerful long-distance play app by Lovense for their products.

If you have Lovense toys such as the world-famous Lush, the Lovense Remote App will take your experience to the next level.

To enjoy everything it has to offer, both you and your partner have to download the app on your phones first.

The first time you log on, the app will guide you on how to pair it with your toy and how to get both phones connected.

Registration is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is create a nickname and a password that you will use to access your app and your toys and you are set.

You or your partner can control your Lovense toy via Bluetooth if you are in the same room.

However, it even works when being controlled over the internet by a partner who is not there with you.

For your partner to control your Lovense vibrator with the app, you first have to send them an invitation via your app, which they will then accept on their end.

This will link your toy to their phone, and they can finally start having fun from their end. With the Lovense remote app, distance does not matter.

You can give each other pleasure from anywhere in the world.

I don’t know about you, but something about that just feels kinky and interesting to me

The app has a lot of interesting features that allow it to bridge the distance between you and your partner. First, it acts as a remote control for the toy.

You can control vibration settings by sliding up and down the screen, and it also allows you to create custom vibration patterns.

Secondly, it allows you to create sound activated vibrations. This means your vibrations can be synced to music, your voice, or any sound you want, all in real time!

Finally, it has a great messaging system for naughty sexting and scheduling fun times. This way, your partner can feel like they are in the room with you as they give you pleasure.

Pros of Lovense Remote

  1. It is a very well-made app, with a great design and lots of features and functionality
  2. It can be used to connect any of Lovense’s LDR toys: Lush, Hush, Nora, Max,
  3. With the app, you gain access to several premade patterns that you can download and add to your personal collection.
  4. You can have real-time realistic two-way sex if you order a Nora and a Max!
  5. You can control as many toys as you want with just one app

Cons of Lovense Remote

  1. Both partners have to download the app through their phone or computer to enjoy the experience
  2. Sometimes the Bluetooth control can get a little bit iffy
  3. It does not support video calling


2. Feel Connect App

feel connect app

The Feel Connect App is a platform that controls an assortment of interactive sex toys from different sex toy companies (Kiiroo, Fleshlight, Ohmibod, Wevibe).

If you are a couple in a long distance relationship and own some teledildonic toys from one these brands , you can connect your sex toys via this app.

Perhaps the greatest selling point of this app is that it has been designed to create seamless connections between different toys and devices.

The Feel Connect app is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices and it can pair many devices through Bluetooth.

The app can be used by both novice and experienced sex toy users with Onyx, Pearl, VStroker, Launch, Ohmibod toys or WeVibe devices.

The Feel Connect is an amazing app that allows you to connect your sex toy to your partner and to interactive content of your choosing.

Using the app isn’t rocket science.

You first have to turn on your device, after which it will be in Bluetooth mode. You then open the menu bar on the Feel Connect app and click on the ‘connect a device’ option.

After this, you can go ahead and connect your device to whatever device you want by tapping on the ‘partner connect’ option followed by ‘share’.

Your partner will then have the option to accept your invitation. Once they do, their toy will respond to yours and vice versa.

Once your devices are connected, the one in charge can control the vibrations and sensations the other partner feels.

Whether you like it slow, fast or you are the more buzz type, you can enjoy all these from one app.

Pros of Feel Connect

  1. The connection process only has to be done once. Once you connect your toy the first time, all subsequent connections will be easy and seamless, simply at the touch of one or two buttons.
  2. Couples can use the same app to connect a variety of sex toys from different companies. This affords it an added level of flexibility because it does not limit you to a specific type of sex toy to buy.
  3. Easy to get started with.

Cons of Feel Connect

  1. Some couples complain of app connectivity issues which makes it hard to get in the mood
  2. Figuring out the best settings can be quite challenging.
  3. Way too basic.


3. Vibease App

vibease app

The Vibease app is another great app that couples in a long distance relationship get to enjoy.

The Vibease app is used to control the Vibease remote control vibrator.

The app is compatible with both Android and iOS enabled devices. Android device users can download it at the Google Play while iOS device users can do the same from the Apple Store.

The Vibease has very interesting features, among them being the fact that it can vibrate in sync with your erotic audiobooks.

You can set it up, sit, or lie-whatever tickles your fancy, and listen to your erotic audiobook and experience every single detail of that book.

There is no better way to totally immerse yourself into your craziest fantasies.

You can turn your fantasy to reality.

Don’t have an audiobook and wondering where to get one? Worry not! The Vibease fantasy store has got you covered. It has tonnes of erotic genres for you to choose from.

The Vibease also works wonders while sexting with your partner. Your partner can control your device remotely, giving you pleasure from wherever in the world they may be.

You first have to connect your device to your app through Bluetooth. You can then connect your device to your partner wherever they may be.

You do this by sending them a touch request. For your partner to control your Vibease vibrator through the Vibease app, they first have to set up a connection to your phone over the internet through the Vibease app.

As long as both of you have internet access, you can set up a connection from any part of the world. The distance does not matter.

After the connection is successful, you can send vibrations remotely from your fingertips to the Vibease vibrator your partner has, via the Vibease app.

You can also control your partner’s vibrator by changing their toy’s vibration intensity. You can control what they fell by switching from one vibration intensity to another.

You can send them naughty texts or have a face to face chat and enjoy an intimate experience together.

You can also play your favorite music while still connected to the Vibease vibrator. You can hear and feel the beat of your music via custom vibrations.

Pros of Vibease

  1. You can synchronize your sexual sessions no matter how far you are from each other.
  2. You can use the app either solo or by allowing your partner to take control through the app.
  3. The Vibease team provides excellent customer support especially when it comes to any issues you might encounter with the app.

Cons of Vibease

  1. Sometimes the app can lose connection, affecting your intimate sessions
  2. At the highest vibration settings, you run the risk of overheating your toy if you keep the vibrations there for too long.
  3. The app can take some time getting used to, especially if you are completely new to such toys. However, once you get the hang of it, it is an awesome addition to your love life.



No one said that long distance relationships have to be so hard.

You can clearly have a saucy encounter, or two, with your partner no matter how far they are.

These awesome apps have made long-distance relationships a little less torturous.

If I had to choose one app, I’d definitely go for the Lovense Remote app for the simple reason that it offers way more features and possibilities than the other apps on the market today.

Plus, Lovense toys are just amazing.

Check out my review of the Lovense Max and Nora to see what I am talking about!

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