How to Cheer Someone Up Long Distance: A Simple Guide

Sometimes in a long-distance relationship, it can feel very lonely. Your significant other is miles away and they are having a difficult day, week, or even month.

It can be frustrating attempting to find a way to make them smile and cheer them up. It makes you wish you were there to give them a hug and tell it is all going to be alright.

Here’s a simple guide for some ways to cheer up your significant other in a long-distance relationship. It can be free to a little more expensive, but it doesn’t matter as long as they smile.

1. Do Something They Love

do something the love cheerup ldr

Do they love it when you call? Or when you send a long heartfelt message? Being so far away can put that barrier between the two of you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do small heartfelt actions to cheer them up for even a minute.

When you get into a relationship, even long-distance, you need to observe your significant other. Find out what small actions you do to make them happy and remember them.

Whether its a call, a text, a song, or even a picture of something that makes them smile it’s important to know these things and use them when your significant other is feeling down. If you’re not sure what you can do to cheer them up it is never out of the question to ask them.

Most of the time they will give you an honest answer, and knowledge like this is important for a thriving and long-lasting long-distance relationship.

2. Surprise Them

surprise them cheer up ldr view

There is nothing better in a relationship than a good exciting surprise. Even with a long-distance relationship, there are plenty of ways to surprise your significant other.

This is another thing where you will need to have the knowledge of what your significant other likes and dislikes. A surprise is not any good unless they like it.

There are so many different ways you can surprise them, some that cost money and some that don’t. In a good relationship, you have to spend a little money to show them that you’re willing to do certain things for them. This will lead to a great foundation over time.

Some ways you can surprise your significant other are:

Surprise Trips

If your significant other has been having a hard time lately a great way to cheer them up is to surprise them with a trip to come see them. It doesn’t have to be a long one it can even just be a day to take them out on a date and give them the hug they so desperately need. Physical affection is important in any relationship.

Send Them a Letter

Receiving a letter from your significant other can make your whole day. That’s why writing a heartfelt letter can be a great way to cheer your significant other up from a long-distance. Not only would it be a grand surprise when they check their mail, but it’s something they will cherish for a long time.

Surprise Vacation

Everybody needs a vacation so why not surprise your long-distance significant other with one. If you’ve noticed that they have been feeling down for a while then a great thing for both of you would be to take a vacation together from your busy lives. Not only would it strengthen your bond it will also help to cheer up the one you love.

3. Just Talk to Them

just talk to them cheerup ldr

The cheapest and easiest thing you can do to cheer them up is to talk to them. You are someone they trust and love so when life has them feeling down sometimes all they need is a loved one to talk to. Be their trusted soundboard and give them advice when it fits.

Relationships, even long-distance ones are great in that way. When you get into a relationship you have a bond with someone like you have with no one else. You are your significant others’ most trusted person, so when they are having a bad day just talk to them and be there for them.

It can be hard being so far away because you can feel like you can’t help enough, but asking them to talk can be a great way to feel a little less far away.

4. Send Them a Gift

send them gifts cheer up ldr

Sometimes a small gift can brighten their day knowing you were thinking about them. A big gift is always nice but not always necessary.

Save the big gifts for special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Small gifts, on the other hand, are great for any occasion even if you need to cheer up your significant other.

Small gifts can range from a thoughtful gift that you know your significant other has been talking about to something small that you saw and reminded you of them.

Every thoughtful gift is one they are going to love if it comes from the heart. These types of gifts can help people to cheer up and show them how much you think of them and love them.

Not all gifts have to be expensive. Don’t be cheap all the time, but there is nothing wrong with non-expensive gifts for thoughtful reminders that you care about them. Gifts don’t make or break a relationship, but they are nice to give and receive.

When you see something that reminds you of your significant other pick it up for them and ship it out as a surprise. It will make their day and it will make you feel good that you could do that for them.

Final Thoughts

Be there for your significant other. If they are having a bad day, week, or even month all you have to do is be a shoulder to cry on and a soundboard for their problems.

Surprising your special someone can also be a great way to cheer them and keep some spark in the relationship.

Don’t rule out doing something special to surprise them every now and again. As well as don’t rule out doing small special acts, those can be just as important.

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