How To Know if Your LDR Boyfriend is Cheating on You?

“Even at a distance, the truth always gets out.”

How to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you in a long distance relationship is a skill that every girl needs to sharpen. How do you know that he’s getting it on with another girl? Are there tale-tell signs that you need to look out for?

Common knowledge dictates that the success of any relationship depends on the seriousness and the commitment of both parties to make it work no matter the challenges that may arise.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, the chances are that the thought of your boyfriend cheating on you has crossed your mind.

Well, I do have both good and bad news for you.

The good news… Though I wouldn’t take it as the gospel truth, research studies conducted indicated the least likelihood of cheating in a long-distance relationship since cheating depends on the personalities involved and the relationship quality.

Brace yourself for the worst... It’s not a pleasant feeling that the one you love might be fooling around. However, it does happen, and long distances make it harder to find out.

Below are some of the pointers to look out for that will ring your internal bells and make you arrive at the sad eventuality that you really dread.

Communication Challenges

As an essential ingredient in a relationship, experiencing challenges in such an area is worth looking into to unearth potential underlying problems.

Your boyfriend may be experiencing some difficulties, such as a personal crisis and not cheating after all.

It’s better to check into it for the sake of both of you. The following are some of the communication red flags to expect.

The way they communicate with you is out of the norm

Getting the “I love you” text or voice mail isn’t the problem. However, getting such messages frequently may point to something.

Such words may come from a guilty conscience. It’s known that people with guilty conscience tend to act sweater or kinder to the person to whom they are wronging.

Further, a decrease in such messages may also prove that they may no longer be attached since they’ve connected with other people.

Hard to Get a Hold of

Though it’s normal for one not to be available at times either due to classes or work commitment, you obviously know that they’ll try to establish a connection after.

However, if he goes for days without communicating despite your attempts to enhance communication, then clearly, something’s amiss.

Missing out on regularly scheduled talks

You are no longer a priority to your boyfriend if he cancels your regular video calls or chats. You may not be a priority to him anymore as he might be busy with someone else.

Acting defensively

Overreaction is a quality that signifies that a person is hiding something. Asking a seemingly innocent question, and getting a violent or negative reply is often an indicator of a cheating spouse. They may even over-explain themselves.

They prefer to contact you rather than the other way round

A cheating partner always tries to control when to engage you. They tend to control how, when, and where to call you to avoid getting caught. They often explain that they are busy and will call when available or when they get time.

Lifestyle Changes

When something unique comes into your life, your lifestyle will inevitably change. Having a new pet or shifting places will force you to alter your timings to take care of your pet or take different routes while heading to work.

The same applies to relationships and particularly holds if a partner cheats. The following lifestyle change gives a heads up to a cheating spouse.

Routine change

If they’ve been checking in on you later than usual or for no apparent reason, the chances are that someone has been keeping them busy.

The same holds if they adopted a rather unusual routine and didn’t come clean such as dining out on specific days of the week rather than staying in and checking in on you on irregular or unspecified times.

Always Busy

It’s always essential to make time for your significant other despite the challenges or hectic lifestyle involved.

If they are too busy to make time for you, then it sadly means that they’ve shifted priority to someone else and perceive you as a bother.

Having other new people or connections in their lives

Long-distance relationships may be hard; thus, it’s not a shocker when your spouse tends to align themselves with other people.

However, if such friends take up a significant portion of his time, or there’s nothing else he’d rather talk of apart from his new friends, then there’s need to be suspicious.

Acquired new interests

By spending ample time with your spouse, you get to know their hobbies and liking. It’s okay to try out or have unique interests.

However, during a long-distance relationship, if your spouse tends to develop a keen interest in other activities at the expense of his earlier hobbies, it’s time you dug in and got the scoop. The chances are that his latest hobby is due to somebody else.

Trying too hard to look their best

Again, there’s nothing wrong with paying a little attention to yourself and enhancing your appearance. However, if you sense that it’s way past the line, the chances are that he’s trying to impress someone else.

Financial challenges always characterize such stages of a relationship as a spouse tends to ignore or go against the laid down financial arrangements.

Minimal to no Effort in Nurturing the Relationship

A common sign that your partner or spouse is no longer interested in the relationship is when you try to the best of your abilities to keep the flame from dying, yet they don’t reciprocate.

It may be time that you pack up and move on since he’s lost interest in you. The following are signs to watch out for;

Shooting down your every suggestion

It’s one of the main reasons how to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you in a long distance relationship. Your partner would fancy the thought of dropping in unannounced.

They would go all out on knowing the details of your arrival, such as the time and day. You’ll know that something is going on if they say the timing isn’t right for them.

Talks about the future take a back seat

Nothing glues a couple together than the thought of spending their future together. You may have been engaging heavily with your spouse about the future, but in recent days, the talks keep fading.

Topics such as where you’d live, when to start a family, among others, will point if your spouse is in it for the long run. If your partner cannot engage you on such topics, it’s highly probable that they’ve moved on, and so should you.

They no longer fancy the idea of planning events with you

Having someone new in your life is admittedly exhilarating and time-demanding. Maybe you’ve been accustomed to the traditional skiing trips on the Swiss Alps or tours to Vietnam and other places, but this time round, he’s just not feeling the vibe.

Neither does he come up with alternative escapades for the two of you. Halloo! His interest has definitely changed, and digging a little deeper may expose you to your worst nightmare.

He gets flustered when you say you are nearby at that moment

It’s a no-brainer when your man starts acting all weird when you call to surprise him and say that you are nearby at that moment.

There’s definitely something going on when he seems to be out of sorts. Just be plain to the point and ask him straight out. He’ll give you the proof you need.

They rarely talk from home

If your partner always calls you during business hours, inside the car, or rarely calls from home, it could be a pointer that he’s not comfortable calling you from home since there might be someone else there most of the time.

Spotting inconsistencies in his stories

Does he feed you stories then, later on, seem to have forgotten when you bring it up later? Do they stumble over the details with regards to where they were, what they did, and with whom?

Such slip-ups may be genuine or an indication that they are having a hard time trying to cover up the original lies.


Relationships can be quite complicated. How to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you in a long distance relationship isn’t as hard as they make it sound.

If you arrive at the sad eventuality that your partner is unfaithful, take a deep breath, and assess the situation.

Too many people ignore such red flags and hope that things will go back to normal. Its time you woke up and smelled the coffee. They won’t change. Its time you picked up the pieces for the sake of your sanity.

Move on to the next chapter of your life. Invest in yourself and love yourself more. You’ll thank me later.

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