8 Tricks to Avoid Temptation in a Long Distance Relationship

There is no doubt that while they do work, long-distance relationships can be difficult to maintain.

One of the benefits of being in a relationship is that there is lots of touching, kissing and other types of affection, but this is not the case with a long distance relationship. No matter how deep your feelings are for that person, when you are not physically with them, it is tough.

These are so many emotions that both of you are feeling which can weigh heavily, meaning the temptation to cheat can be even higher.

All relationships are different but there are steps you can put in place to make sure that yours is a happy and faithful one even when you are miles apart.

This article has been put together to let you know the top 8 tricks to avoid temptation in a long term relationship. You can start putting these tips into place today for a happier and healthier relationship.

1 – Set boundaries in the relationship

set boundaries avoid temptation ldr

Many people are dealing with a long distance relationship but everybody has different boundaries in terms of what they see as acceptable or not when they are in that relationship.

Some people have open relationships when they are long distance but considering the fact you are reading this article, I’m assuming this is not the case for you. So how do you set boundaries?

It’s all about discussing with your partner what is acceptable and what is not. Some people think that flirting is not cheating, while others are more strict with what they are willing to put up with.

Keep in mind that whatever boundaries you set in your long distance relationship should be reasonable. Forbidding your partner to mix with people of the opposite sex is ridiculous but asking them not to kiss anyone else is of course perfectly acceptable.

It is important that you follow the same boundaries that you have set for them, otherwise it is not fair. Even with these little rules in place, these could be enough to help you avoid temptation and remind you what is important.

2 – Talk about your feelings

talk about feelings avoid temptation ldr

With any relationship, it is important that you communicate well but even more when it is a long distance one.

You need to talk about the good points of the relationship but you also need to talk about your worries. Communicate the fact that sometimes you feel temptation to be with somebody who is actually near you in the flesh.

While this might not be a great thing to discuss, you could be surprised to discover that your partner feels the same as you at the lowest points in the relationship.

While your feelings for each other are real and that is why you are together in the first place, long distance isn’t easy so you definitely shouldn’t be keeping secrets from each. Holding back your feelings will only put in place even more of a distance.

In addition to talking about these struggles and looking for the good qualities in your long distance relationship that keep you together, talk about everyday things with each other too.

Even the small things are really important like “good morning” and “good night” messages, these show your partner that you are thinking of them.

One of the moments where you are most tempted by others is probably when you need emotional support.

Make sure that you are there for their partner when they need you and they will do the same for you. Even if they cannot physically hold you, even knowing they care will help you keep your feelings in check.

3 – Keep yourself busy

keep yourself busy avoid temptation ldr

There is going to be much more temptation if you are not keeping yourself busy when you are in a long distance relationship and you have nothing else to do with your time.

For the times you are not with your partner, you should be occupying yourself with a hobby or friends. In addition to your boyfriend/girlfriend, having a hobby outside of the relationship can give you a sense of perspective and identity.

It is not healthy to only occupy every moment of your life talking to your long distant love, in fact this can make even more resentment on both sides build. Many people who are in long distance relationships avoid situations where they might be tempted by others, such as parties.

The truth is that while you should not act like you are single, you should embrace doing different things and keeping yourself busy and this doesn’t mean avoiding situations where you might be tempted by others.

If you are tempted that much when you are somewhere that you are surrounded by people, you should ask yourself whether you are in the right relationship at all.

4 – Book regular meet ups with your long term partner

meet up avoid temptation ldr

If you are solely communicating via a phone/computer but have nothing else to keep you going, it isn’t the best of relationships and it is very likely that one or both of you would end up cheating.

It is really important that you arrange regular meetups so you can actually experience all the things that you would in a regular relationship including affection and sex.

There are many ways that you can be intimate in a sense without actually meeting but unfortunately this can only go so far.

You should arrange regular meet ups at least once a month so that you can make the most of each other in the way that couples do. Try to make any arrangements fair on both sides, otherwise some animosity could build.

For example, one month, you could go to them, while the other month they come to you. It is so important that you are both on the same wavelength when you are having a long distance relationship, you both need to be committed to making it work.

You are much less likely to be tempted by other people when you know when and where you are going to see each other next.

5 – Have video calls

have video calls avoid temptation ldr

You should make the time to chat every day or almost every day during your long distance relationship. This gives you a chance to take about your day, rant when needed and generally have fun together.

Phone-calls are good but when you can, video chat is a much better option. There is absolutely no reason not to video chat, every phone has a camera built-in. In addition to hearing one another, you can also SEE each other and spend quality time together, even if you cannot physically touch.

You will be able to make the effort to get dressed up and look your best for your partner which is really exciting and almost feels like you are going on a date with each other.

This should hopefully help to keep temptation at bay because you know you have something amazing and you can really spend that time to be as intimate as possible.

Exactly HOW intimate you want to get over video call is entirely up to you and what point in the relationship you are at. If you do want to take things to the next level, this is going to be covered on next point, which you can actually merge with regular video calls.

6 – Use couple sex toys

use couple sextoys avoid temptation ldr

One of the reasons why you might be tempted when you are in a long distance relationship is because you are not getting your sexual needs met.

When you get horny, you might be likely to be tempted to others but there are other ways that you can have fun AND get your long distant partner involved.

There are many sex toys on the market nowadays which are actually designed with long term lovers in mind. These are interactive sex toys that you can use with each other even when you are miles apart.

There are many sex toys which the woman will insert/use on herself while the guy controls the vibrations using an app. These two people can be miles apart but yet can be enjoying one another sexually thanks to technology.

If a sex toy is used in conjunction with a video call and dirty talk, this could be classed as similar to the real thing which is drastically going to reduce temptation to stray when in a long distance relationship.

Sex is really important in any partnership so some other things that you can do to keep the spice alive including phone sex and sending regular naughty photos to one another.

Have a look for some of the best sex toys for long distance relationships online and you are guaranteed to find many options. These type of interactive sex toys exist for a reason and definitely make long distant relationships much better.

7 – Have a future plan

have future plan avoid temptation ldr

If you don’t have a plan for your long distance relationship then you have to wonder, exactly what is the point in being together?

You need to really look at things and think where is the relationship going and also discuss this with each other. Are you going to eventually move closer or is that not possible due to work or lifestyle commitments?

How serious do you feel about each other and is one person putting in more of an effort than the other?

These are all really important questions because a long distance relationship cannot be sustained alone and especially if there are no plans in place to take things further.

The temptation to cheat with other people is going to be even more apparent if you have nothing to look forward to in your relationship. Coming up with a plan and knowing where you are going will reduce the chance that you are tempted by other people.

If you can’t come to a decision about the future of your relationship then maybe it is time to say goodbye and going your separate ways for a little while. If it’s meant to be, you might find your way back to each other in the future.

8 – Talk dirty

talk dirty avoid temptation ldr

Sexual tension is one of the biggest obstacles that long distance relationship couples have and one of the biggest points that makes them consider being unfaithful when they are connecting with people who are nearer by.

Sex is both a biological and emotional need so in simple terms, as humans WE NEED IT. While you are going to take the time you do spend together in the flesh to have fun and you are making use of long distance sex toys too, it’s also a good idea to talk dirty.

Tell your partner what you want to do to them and generally make them feel wanted. This might feel a little weird at first but just let yourself go and enjoy it. Surprise them with naughty texts throughout the day, the naughtier the description, the better!

You can enjoy dirty talk with long-distance sex toys and a video call. When you combine these three things together, you’ll never want to leave your computer screen which drastically reduces the risk of temptation.


More and more people are engaging in long distance relationships due to meeting online. Depending on how far the person you love is, things can be really difficult because your physical needs are not being met.

While long term relationships can be really fun, when you are in a COMMITTED long distance relationship, you need to do things that ensure that your eyes do not wander elsewhere. The tips that have been mentioned in this article can really help you out.

Obviously we all have needs, both emotional and sexual, and there are ways that you can fulfil those needs without actually being able to touch your partner. Remember that it won’t always be that way but you can still have something amazing even when you cannot touch each other in the flesh.

For now though, make the most of all the resources that are at your fingertips thanks to technology.

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