The 6 Best Long-Distance Lamps for Couples, Families and Friends

Staying connected with your loved ones through long-distance lamps is a unique way to communicate without words. These stylish lamps will light up your relationships and your space.

If you’re looking for a great way to stay connected with your loved ones who live abroad, then you might want to get creative and cool with one of these top 6 best long-distance lamps.

The best long-distance lamps for friends and couples are:

  1. Filimin’s “Classic” Friendship Lamp
  2. Filimin’s “Modern” Friendship Lamp
  3. Filimin’s “Mini Classic” Friendship Lamp
  4. Uncommon Goods “Long Distance Friendship Lamp”
  5. Elecstars Touch Lamp
  6. YSD Touch Lamp

Wouldn’t it be great if we could instantly teleport ourselves across the world to be with the ones we love? Unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet.

Technology hasn’t let us down, though, in fact, we keep discovering more ways to feel closer. Take these instantly gratifying touch lamps, for instance.

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The 6 Best Long-Distance Lamps – Communication In an Instant

Take the stress out of your long-distance relationship by choosing one of these stylish and handy lamps. They might not be as good as the real thing, but it does make it feel like your loved one is that much closer. And that is exactly what long-distance friends and lovers need sometimes.

On the other side of town, or on the other side of the world, friends will love receiving these awesome lamps! Thanks to them, staying connected has never been easier.

1. Filimin’s “Classic” Friendship Lamp

filimins classic friendship lamp view

If you love a more ‘classic’ aesthetic, then you’re going to love the Classic Friendship Lamp by Filimin. It’s everything you would want in a lamp, and the best part is the classic design ensures it’s suitable for both parties when it comes to decorating their living space.

This long-distance friendship lamp stands out from the crowd because it offers an intriguing stained-glass design, known to the company as the Tiffany pattern. It’s classic while remaining stylish and classy, a perfect pairing for just about any room.

These unique long-distance lamps ensure your room is being lit up just the way you please with over 400 color options to choose from. The different shades really bring the stained-glass window design to life, while also reminding you that someone is thinking of you from afar.

If you’re looking for a classic, unique design paired with plenty of color options, then you will love the Filimin’s Classic Friendship Lamp.

It provides a lovely view while also being easily customizable and tons of fun. The best part is you can get these beautiful long-distance lamps for less than $200 for the set. Perfect!


  • Stained glass design that is both striking yet classic ;
  • easy to connect your lamp to WiFi in order to operate ;
  • perfect for all types of couples and loved ones as it isn’t overly romantic ;
  • choose between 400 different colors, which means everyone can have a different shade if they are all connected ;
  • play color wars with your loved ones!


  • More basic design.
  • It doesn’t come with an excessive amount of features.

2. Filimin’s “Modern” Friendship Lamp

filimins modern friendship lamp view

Who said basic had to be a bad thing? The Filimin’s Modern Friendship Lamp proves that you can be basic and still look simply stunning.

In fact, this touch lamp is so modern it’s sure to pair well in any art deco apartment in New York, while also being simple enough to grace the pleasance of a countryside manor.

With so much versatility, you can rest assured this modern friendship lamp will suit anyone’s room. This is important when choosing a touch lamp, as you want it to be able to fit into any room it’s placed in without conflicting with the overall theme.

So, what else is to love besides the thick black structure that’s perfectly accented with a bright, look-at-me light in the center?

Well, there are virtually hundreds of different colors to choose from. This makes it easy to find your best friend or lover’s favorite color and have it light up your room every time they touch it.


  • Modern design suits well in almost any setting in any room ;
  • hundreds of different colors to choose from, making personalization a cinch ;
  • easy to set up and use with your WiFi ;
  • larger-than-life light with no extra fluff makes it bright and easy to see ;
  • with a simple touch, your lover’s entire room will light up in a second.


  • Some may find the simple design bland for their taste.
  • No ‘extra’ features that might be found with other models.

3. Filimin’s “Mini Classic” Friendship Lamp

filimins mini classic friendship lamp view

Mini versions of anything are adorable! This mini friendship lamp is no exception. With the Filimin’s Mini Classic Friendship Lamp, you can gaze your eyes on something that’s automatically cute while also having your heart warmed by the touch from your loved one.

So, what’s so great about the mini version? Well, a lot of consumers will enjoy the fact that it is so much smaller than other models available on the market. This is ideal for those who live in smaller places such as apartments or dorms and don’t have a whole lot of room to spare on a touch lamp.

Just because the mini version is smaller doesn’t mean you miss out on any of the good stuff. The mini version still has the classic Tiffany design of the original, full model, which means you get that glamorous and simply eye-catching view of stained glass every time this lamp lights up.

You also won’t have to worry about losing color options. Although this lamp is mini, it’s still mighty. Choose from over 400 colors, making this miniature touch lamp a dream come true.


  • Demi-size classic touch lamp is perfect for smaller rooms like apartments and dorms.
  • Don’t miss out on any of the good stuff– mini version still has a classic, gorgeous stained-glass appearance.
  • Never lose out on color options with over 400 different colors to choose from.
  • Compact and easy to move, thanks to its miniature size.


  • May be too small for some settings.
  • It doesn’t have too many features.
  • Some may not like the stained-glass design on a smaller sized lamp.

4. Uncommon Goods “Long Distance Friendship Lamp”

uncommon goods ldf lamp view

Looking for a long-distance lamp with a little bit more pizazz? Something that steps out of the box and has a more earthy and relaxing appeal? Then the Uncommon Goods Long Distance Friendship Lamp may be exactly what you are looking for.

With this touch lamp, you get a gorgeous and relaxing wood design that is both contemporary and earthy. A great option for those who want earth tones to match the interior of their home. It has a bit of an Asian appeal that many people will find a perfect fit for their current theme.

One of the best features of the Uncommon Goods Long Distance Friendship Lamp is that it can easily link with any other Filimin lamp on the market. That makes it easier for couples and loved ones to mix and match, especially if they don’t have common interests.

Think about it this way: your sister is a lover of all things contemporary and modern, but you prefer a more natural and relaxed aesthetic in your room. Your sister will be able to link up to her trendy and modern Filiman Modern Friendship Long Distance Lamp with your Uncommon Goods Long Distance Friendship Lamp– everybody’s happy!

Setting up these lamps is easier than ever, even if you’re trying to pair up to different models. Plus, You will still have those whopping 400+ colors to choose from, which means you can have a spa-like touch lamp that glows brightly with your partner or close friend’s favorite color with ease.

If you’re ready to indulge in something beautiful and earthy while still giving your friend a chance to go the modern route, then you definitely need an Uncommon Goods Long Distance Friendship Lamp in your life.


  • Earthy appearance allows for a relaxed piece of furniture in the room ;
  • over 400 colors to choose from ;
  • syncs up with other Filiman Long Distance Friendship Lamps with ease ;
  • simple to set up ;
  • natural look is perfect for those who want a lamp that resembles a lovely rock waterfall.


  • Buying a set may be a little bit more expensive
  • Not as bright as the other models

5. Elecstars Touch Lamp

elecstars touch lamp view

If sleek and fancy is the name of the game in your household, then you’re bound to love the Elecstars Touch Lamp. This astounding long-distance lamp does more than the average breed, which makes it a standout amongst the competition with ease.

So, what is it about the Elecstars Touch Lamp that makes it so desirable? Well, first and foremost, the look of this touch lamp is nothing short of stunning. The entire, extra-large bulb of this touch lamp will illuminate every time your partner or friend touches it, illuminating the room in an instant.

But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you’re going to lose an eye every time your friend taps on the lamp.

There are different settings to ensure you’re comfortable with the illumination and color. Start off with the lowest setting, which may be best at night, while the highest setting will be best for during the daytime.

Aside from the look and options with this touch lamp, you will be happy to know that you can actually send your loved one songs through the lamp.

Yes, it’s true- the Bluetooth speakers found on this handy, alluring touch lamp allows you to send songs instantly, which takes connecting through a long-distance lamp to the next level.

All you need to do is ensure your WiFi is connected at all times, and you’re in luck. Oh, and did we mention it’s only around $25? Not only is this a cost-effective option, but one that is loaded with surprising and fun features to keep you closer to your loved ones.


  • Adjustable brightness to fit your specific needs throughout the day and night.
  • Send songs to your loved ones in an instant with the built-in Bluetooth speakers.
  • Lightweight and super compact, so moving is a cinch.
  • An illuminating, sharp, and sophisticated design that puts emphasis on colors.


  • The design is somewhat basic. Some people may want more designs with their touch lamp.

6. YSD Touch Lamp

ysd touch lamp view

Very similar to the Elecstars Touch Lamp but still standing on its own two feet is the YSD Touch Lamp. This wonderful long-distance lamp comes with everything you need to be happy with your friend or partner, even when you are far apart.

In terms of looks, you can find a lovely, larger-than-life bulb that’s filled with illuminating colors resting upon a wooden stand for an extra flair of a contemporary feel.

Aside from the striking appearance, the YSD Touch Lamp offers users with plenty of customization thanks to the brightness which can be switched manually or will be automatically switched every time the light is touched by your loved ones. This keeps things cool and interesting, even when you are far apart!

One thing that sets this particular long-distance light apart from the crowd is the fact that it can be connected via USB port. This allows the user to bring this touch lamp with him while he travels, which is imperative for those who are constantly on the road and don’t spend a whole lot of time at home.

The handy USB port is, of course, a major plus, but another benefit to the YSD Touch Lamp is the rechargeable battery. So, even in times where you don’t have access to an outlet or USB port, you can still rest assured you will be ‘spending time’ with your loved one on the other side, never missing their light.


  • Simply the easiest to use touch lamp on the market.
  • A beautiful appearance that cascades whatever light color is chosen with ease.
  • Colorful. It can change into a variety of eye-catching hues.
  • The USB port allows this touch lamp to be travel-ready wherever you go.
  • The rechargeable battery ensures you never miss a light from your loved one.
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it a cinch to travel with.


  • Some may find this model to be too small for their liking.

Are Long-Distance Lamps the Gift You’re Looking For?

gift longdistance lamp view

Wondering if this is the right gift for your relationship? Here’s a helpful list of who this gift would work well for:

  • Best friends who live far apart, especially if they ended up going to different colleges and can’t be together 24/7 anymore.
  • Family members that live in different states or possibly even countries.
  • Lovers who are separated from each other for whatever reason.
  • Military service members who are separated from their friends, family members, and loved ones.

What Are Long Distance Lamps?

Long-distance lamps are also known as friendship lamps or touch lamps. These lamps are multi-functional and completely unique to anything else on the market.

When you touch on the top of the lamp, the other person’s lamp lights up and your message will be sent to the matching lamp on the table of the one you love and miss. It feels like you’re in the same room. Some lamps even have additional features, like the ability to send a song!

Sharp looking designs will glam up any side table, and soft glowing tones will add ambiance to your space. The best part about them is the partner lamp is sent to your faraway friend, and you can let them know they’re on your mind– simply by touching your lamp!

How Do Long Distance Lamps Work?

longistance lamp work view

Lamps are sold in pairs but can also be bought individually. If you’d like to have more than two people in your lamp network, you can add on as many individual lamps as you’d like. This is a members-only club, so the lamps in your network must be linked.

Long-distance lamps are very simple to set up and easy to operate. These lamps are powered by electricity and connected through Wi-Fi.

Once your Wi-Fi connection has been secured, all you have to do to light up your friend’s lamp – and let them know you are thinking of them – is touch it.

You may not be able to reach out and physically touch your friend, but perhaps this is the next best option. You can create a color code for extra fun!

  • Red = I love you
  • Blue = I miss you
  • Orange= orange you glad we bought these lamps?
  • Yellow = I hope you’re having a good day
  • Green = call me when you can

Can I Make My Own Long-Distance Lamp?

The good news is you can definitely make your own long-distance lamp! If you love a good DIY project and giving handmade gifts, this is a great project for you!

It offers customization combined with a heartfelt gift that will help the two of you feel closer, even when you’re far apart.

Handmade gifts are, unfortunately, a fading tradition. But, with these step-by-step instructions on how to create your own touch lamps, we can keep the DIY flame burning.

Once you’ve purchased the supplies you’ll need, read through the instructions thoroughly and gather the tools required for the job. Now you’re ready to create your gift. Remember, measure twice, cut once. Good luck!

Things to Consider When Buying a Touch Lamp

Of course, there is really no downside to buying a touch lamp.

They’re a great way to stay connected with your loved ones, whether they are in the next town, the next state, or even the next country over.

But even with a great invention like this, there are still some key things to keep in mind before purchasing.

Adapters May be Different in Certain Areas

Not every country uses the same type of electricity, plugs, and outlets. When purchasing your long-distance friendship lamps to send overseas, be sure to find out what (if any) adapter they will need to use their lamp. After you find out, make things that much easier on your loved one and include it in their box.

This travel adapter should be a safe bet, as it is advertised to work in over 150 countries!


consider wifi touch lamp view

Your new friendship lamps will need to be connected to Wi-Fi in order to connect to each other and receive signals. WPA, WPA2, WEP, or open Wi-Fi connection will work with your touch lamp. However, it will not work with captive portals such as public Wi-Fi connections.

This is important to keep in mind, especially if you’re planning to send a touch lamp to a loved one in an area where they either don’t have a WiFi connection, or it’s an unstable connection.

Remember that touch lamps will not work without a WiFi connection, so ensuring you’re both able to be connected regularly is a must.

The Color and Design of the Touch Lamp

Everyone has their own unique taste when it comes to decorating a room. Someone may like a more basic and modern approach, while others like their room to be bursting with colors. This is something to keep in mind when purchasing a friendship lamp: it should be suitable for both individuals.

The unfortunate thing about most of the available touch lamps on the market is that they don’t connect with other models; unless, of course, you’re opting for Filimin’s designs, in which case you can mix and match to suit your needs.

Nevertheless, always keep design and style in mind before purchasing. If you’re unsure as to whether or not the model will work for your friend or lover, it’s important to discuss before purchasing.

The Colors Offered by the Touch Lamp

choose colors touch lamp view

While Filimin’s long-distance lamps offer over 400 amazing colors to choose from, other models aren’t so lucky. When you’re choosing the right touch lamp for you and your friend or partner, consider how much color variety is important to you.

You may find that the two of you can settle on two different simple shades that are offered with pretty much every available touch lamp on the market.

But if you’re looking for colors that are a bit more personalized and unique to you, then you will want to find a model that offers a multitude of shades and hues to suit your needs.

Size of the Touch Lamp

Some people might not have to be as concerned about size as others, but if you’re living in a small space such as an apartment building or dormitory, then you always need to consider the size of the touch lamp you’re planning on purchasing.

This is also true for those who have already over-decorated and don’t have too much counter space left for trinkets. Keep in mind that there are touch lamps of all different sizes, so finding one that suits your needs should not be too big of a hurdle.

The Brightness

brightness touch lamp view

Some models of touch lamps won’t have any customization when it comes to brightness. This can be detrimental for older folks that can’t handle brighter lights or someone who is simply trying to sleep and can’t due to the overwhelming illumination of their friendship lamp.

The best thing to do is to figure out how much light you’re able to handle. For most people, a normal long-distance lamp will be fine.

But for those who are light-sensitive, they may want to consider buying a lamp that offers different levels of brightness to lessen or heighten the effects when needed.

The Price

This is always something that needs to be mentioned when you’re planning on buying something. Long-distance lamps come in a variety of different prices, some being more cost-effective than others. If money is not an issue, then, by all means, buy the perfect lamp for you.

On the other hand, if you don’t have too much money to spend but still want to indulge in one of these wonderful, heartfelt gifts, then there are plenty of cost-effective products on the market.

Always consider the price of the touch lamp when purchasing. Don’t go over budget in fear that you won’t get a good product; the majority of friendship long-distance lamps on the market provide excellent quality that won’t leave you ‘lightless.’

buy perfect lamp view


A long-distance lamp for friends and couples makes it that much easier to survive to be far apart. Touch lamps light up the second they are touched by a loved one, making them seem that much closer.

These six touch lamps are guaranteed to warm your heart with every touch, whether you’re in need of stained glass, modern look, or something easy and portable while you travel.

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