How To Have Facetime Sex with Your LDR Partner?

Being part of an intimate relationship where you have a connection with someone, and truly feel for, and care about that other person, can be an extremely fulfilling feeling.

In such relationships, you feel more alive, more joyful, the sun seems to shine brighter, the breezes are a lot more refreshing, you simply just feel more alive. In such intimate relationships, you will want to express yourself to your partner, in every possible way that you can.

You will want to share the many thoughts within the deepest parts of your mind, and emotions within the deepest parts of your heart, and you will want to express yourself physically – In a way that tells your partner how much you admire, adore, and care about them.

But in some cases, this does not come so easily, in some cases, your partner is not near you enough for you to get all of this positive energy out – Sometimes you’re in a long-distance relationship, where your partner is a few states away, or halfway across the world on another continent.

How do you express yourself physically to your partner, when the two of you are in a long-distance relationship?

Each of you can send naughty pictures of yourselves to your partner, you can send explicit gifts, you can have sexually arousing conversations through text messaging (Sexting), or you can do what quite a few long-distance relationship couples have found success in – Facetime sex.

Facetime sex allows you to experience your partner in nearly every way that you would, had they been physically in the same room as you. Through Facetime sex, you can show your partner just how much they mean to you and truly let yourself go.

But for those not familiar with the concept, we are going to go over all of the different aspects of it for you, from the best video chatting services you can use, to how to communicate with your partner through Facetime sex, different ways you can spice up the Facetime sex, and how to show empathy to your partner during Facetime sex.

Video Chatting Programs

videos chatting program facetime sex ldr

Facebook Video Chat

Facebook used to be the number one social media site (but has slipped off that throne over the last 5 year or so), but even though it is not that high on the social media list any longer, it still offers many great features, such as its “Facebook Video Chat.”

Facebook Video Chat, is Facebook’s free video calling feature. This feature works on “all” computer devices, with an internet connection.

If you are on Facebook, when your partner is in the mood for Facetime sex, this could be a great convenience, but can a little troublesome.

If you are enjoying one of those amazing intimate moments with your partner, and you start receiving Facebook calls, and messages popping up, from a bunch of your Facebook friends who are trying to get your attention.

Another amazing video calling option that Facebook offers is “Facebook Portal.” This is a better video calling service than Facebook’s “Video Chat,” but the reason that I was hesitant to add this amazing video calling service, is because it is not free, like Facebook Video Chat.

Although both of these Facebook video calling options offer great videos during your calls, Facebook Portal’s videos almost look like something out of a movie – Exceptional quality.

Google Hangouts

google hangouts facetime sex ldr

Next, on our list of popular video calling and chatting services, is “Google Hangouts,” which is the 2nd most popular video calling service on our list.

With Google being the number 1 search engine on the planet, it is very easy to see why many people would turn to Google Hangouts when they would like to spend some “quality time” with their significant other. The calls come in as soon as the person picks up on the other line, and they’re very clear to see.

Millions upon millions of couples use this service “daily,” because of its ease of use and accessibility. It is one of those video calling and chatting services that are available on any computer device that has internet capability.

BUT, there is one huge downside to this video calling and chatting service (even though it remains VERY popular), “it is quite easy for other people to find their way on to your call” – which can be a HUGE negative if your video call is supposed to be an intimate one, between you and your partner.

So before choosing Google Hangouts, this is something that you may want to think about.


The most popular (and well recognized “around the world”) video calling and chatting service, is “Skype.” This well-known video calling and chatting service is free, and “extremely” easy to use.

Another reason why Skype is so popular is that it is available for use on “every” computer and android device, that has internet capability. Skype’s video calls come right in, as soon as the person on the other line picks up the phone.

Many couples PRAISE Skype as their go-to video calling service when they’re in the mood for Facetime sex.

The only downside is that the picture quality doesn’t always come in crystal clear (even if your computer or android phone has an HD camera).

Communication Is Key During Facetime Sex

communication key facetime sex ldr

Now that we have gone over many different popular video calling and chatting options, let’s talk about communication during Facetime sex.

In any intimate relationship, “communication is key.” Good communication with your partner will only strengthen the bond between you two. When it comes to Facetime sex, communication is even more important.

With Facetime sex you do not have the luxury of having your partner physically near you, where you could physically take their hands and guide them through, what you like (“and what you don’t like”) – Explaining these things during Facetime sex could be a challenge.

If you have not yet had “any” sex with your partner, then after the first time having Facetime sex with them (the first time, “in most cases” (according to quite a few couples in long distance relationships), will be spontaneous), maybe wait a few days, or a week, afterwards, and then go to them, and kindly discuss with them, the things that you like, and the things that you do not like (it would not be wise to assume that your partner is going to know “exactly” what puts a smile on your face, in those most intimate of times).

If they really care, and respect you, they will listen to your thoughts with an open mind. And because they care about you, they will be eager to give you pleasure, in the ways that you most desire.

If you have had sex with your significant other already, then you will most likely know how they like to be sexually pleased.

But since you guys are still “at a distance,” it will be a great idea to talk things over with them, about what each of you would like to do in those moments, and what each of you feel that you both should stay away from.

This type of conversation will bring the two of you even closer together because it will show how much you care about and respect each other.

Be honest about what you like and what you don’t like

be honest facetime sex ldr

Being honest in any intimate relationship is important, but in a long distance relationship (where you are having Facetime sex, and then speaking about your likes and dislikes), being honest is “way more” important.

When you first begin having Facetime sex with your companion, things can be a little tricky, and you each will have to learn what feels right for you and what does not.

“But,” at all times, if you are honest about your feelings to your partner, “the trust,” will be begin to grow stronger and stronger, which will give each of you a reason, to be willing to let your guard down more, and it will also have each of you wanting to try more things as your guards lower.

Don’t judge and criticize your partner’s body, or their likes and dislikes during Facetime Sex

Being judgmental in any relationship can cause “a whole lot” of pain, in the person being judged, but being in an intimate relationship, where your guard is naturally very low, the judgment can hurt 10 times more.

So as you are having Facetime sex with your partner, be empathetic towards their thoughts and feelings; what they like and don’t like, and especially “their body.”

Being fully exposed, you are in a vulnerable state, and you will want to know that your partner will not pass judgment on you, or criticize you for your shape or size, or a particular scar you may have.

Be kind, respectful, empathetic, and receptive, as your partner opens themselves’ up to you in such a manner (they are doing so because they trust and care about you).

Let them know how amazing they look. Tell them how beautiful their body is. If they are self-conscious, and seem hesitant as each of you begin to undress – “be kind to their insecurities, and hesitations” – let them know that if they are not comfortable, or ready to take that step, that it is perfectly fine, and the two of you can come bat to that moment at a later time.

It is very important to show that you have no problems being patient and empathetic in those moments. This will make the feelings between you tow grow to a much higher level.

Tips For Facetime Sex For Women Towards Men

tips facetime sex women ldr

Now that we have talked about some general rules to follow, during Facetime sex, here are some tips ladies, for how to have Facetime sex with you man. For men, they tend to get sexually stimulated more off of what they see versus what they hear.

So, what this means is that, during Facetime sex, you will need to be creative, maybe tease them a little, as you begin to undress, and take off, more and more. It is alright to use your words, but if you are not revealing anything while those words are being spoken, they can easily be lost amongst him.

Seductive words are nice to start with, but without revealing anything, your sexual teasing game, has a strong possibility of losing its power with him, and what started off as a fun game between you two, can end with him becoming annoyed (i.e. sexually frustrated).

You don’t have to show him everything at once, but as you begin speaking a few seductive words in his direction, maybe slowly let down one bra strap (or gown, or lace strap).

You can then slowly massage that side of your body, saying his name, as if it were him massaging you. You can then do the same on the other side of your body, with the other bra strap (or gown, or lace strap).

Once you have both of your breasts revealed, maybe look into the camera, on your computerized device, as you massage yourself, as if were him, and slowly say his name, over and over.

This can really turn the heat up for both of you, making him tune everything else in his mind out, so at that moment, all that matter “is you.”

As you massage your upper body, saying his name, slowly, seductively, over and over, maybe stare into the camera, letting him know, with your eyes, that no one else matters but him (if he feels that your look is genuine, he will reciprocate, and return back, the same genuine look).

As you massage your upper body, saying his name (and you feel that the feeling and vibe is right, and you feel comfortable going further), then slowly move your hand down towards your beautiful lady area…And let your imagination take you as far as you feel comfortable going.

What should women wear during Facetime Sex

women wear facetime sex ldr

During Facetime sex, it is important to create a fantasy for your man. Within each time the two of you have Facetime sex, you will want him to get lost in your sexual aura – Making him want you more, and more. A great way to do this, is to try different types, and styles, of lingerie.

You can ask him what types of lingerie he likes, but this can be an amazing area of discovery between the two of you, because what he may have strongly disliked on one of his exes, he may adore on you.

So instead of asking him what types of lingerie he likes, why not try introducing different styles to him, as a sort fantasy of discovery, enjoyment, and sexual connection between the two of you.

Toys for women to use during Facetime sex

Like discovering what types of lingerie he likes, by trying different types and styles, at different moments, you can create the same type of fun games of discovery by choosing to introduce sex toys.

You may start off with introducing different types of sex toys during these private moments between the two of you, as a surprise to him, or you may tell him to send you a sex toy, and just pick something that he thinks you will have fun with.

Either way, whichever way the two of you decide to go with, can turn out to be quite a bit of fun of discovery. And combining sexy lingerie, with some interesting sex toys, can make his sexual desire for you “go through the roof.”

toys women facetime sex ldr

Tips For Facetime Sex For Men Towards Woman

Now that we have gone over some tips for Facetime sex for women towards men, it’s time to turn things around, and talk about tips for Facetime sex for men towards women…

As we dove deep into the tops for what turns men on, and what would truly excite them (during Facetime sex), we saw that it was more about the visual than anything else.

Even though men have quality imaginations, when it comes to sexual encounters, their arousal is geared more towards what they see.

For women, it is all about stimulating their minds.. If you cannot stimulate their mind, then the sexual enjoyment, for them will be very minimal.

So, when you and your partner (whether you and your woman have a planned Facetime sexual moment planned, or while having a Facetime conversation with her, you just) feel turned on you will need to stimulate, and arouse her mind, before her body will follow.

Depending on her personality, she will let you know the type of words, and the tone of voice, that will get her juices flowing freely.

Such gentle words, such as “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met,” You have the most enchanting eyes I’ve ever laid eyes on,” or “Your skin is smoother, and softer than silk,” may be enough to get her in the mood, while other women will need “stronger” language to set their passion aflame.

Guys, discovering what words turn her on, can be “immensely” satisfying for her, so (depending on her personality), you can either talk with her about what she likes, and what she doesn’t like, beforehand, or you can try different words out, and see which ones put a smile on her face, as she gives you a strong look of approval, that says, “I want to jump through the camera and rip your clothes off.”

Role-Play Outfits During Facetime Sex

role play outfits facetimesex ldr

A game that can be “a whole lot of fun” for both parties, during Facetime sex, is “role-playing.”

Being that each of you may be a great distance away from each other, and have to view each other over a screen, by creating role-playing scenes, the experiences can feel like a personalized movie, tailored specifically towards you, from your lover.

For the role-playing, you each can go with just your normal clothes and maybe add accents to add a little flavor to the moment, or if you want to go full throttle, and add “a lot of flavor” to the moment, you each can buy costumes, and create a “stylized fantasy” for your partner. This can be EXTREMELY fun, fulfilling, and very satisfying.

Background Music During Facetime Sex

For some couples, their love-making moments are quiet, and the only sounds, are those that come from the two lovers, at different times, in that sexual experience. While for other couples, they have their own personal, “love-making, soundtracks.”

This is an area where you and your partner may want to feel things out. If the two of you have talked about it beforehand (the different styles of music that you each like, and each of your favorite artists), then introducing the music that interests each of you the most, during Facetime sex, can be very enjoyable.

You can maybe try where one of you plays music for your sexual encounter, and the other just enjoys it as well, or you can both try turning to a, shared, favorite, internet, radio station (that plays a style of music that you both love, and will keep the mood the way you both want it to be) and allow it to play in both of your backgrounds.

Either way, discovering which method works best for both of you, will bring you a lot closer.


There are a lot of amazing video calling and chatting services available today (some great, and some quite bad), and the ones that we have shown here today, are highly rated and (besides Facebook Portal) they’re free.

If you have not tried any of these services yet, it is suggested that you first find the one that is compatible with your current computer device. Second, choose the one that has the easiest learning curve.

Third, choose the one that has the “highest quality” video picture, and the most important thing, forth, make sure that the one that you choose has great security and privacy…

When enjoying Facetime sex with your partner, your current communication will become very different.

Men, for your woman, you will have to stimulate, and arouse, her mind, in order for her body to follow. Tell her what she wants to hear, and how she wants to hear it, and she will flow into the mood that you desire her to be in.

Ladies, for your man, tease him a little, say a few seductive words, but understand that he is naturally more aroused through visual stimuli, so what you show him, and physically reveal to him, will heighten his senses, and set the mood more easily.

The more comfortable the two of you become during Facetime sex, the more creative and adventurous you may want to become.

You can try spicing things up with a little role-playing. Allow yourselves to get lost in each other’s fantasies, and as your conversations begin to change, “don’t judge” or criticize your partner (it will make them feel sad, insecure and (possibly) angry), which will not help either of you.

“Listen,” to what they have to say, be kind, be respectful, be patient, and your Facetime sexual experiences, will grow and grow, until the two of you are able to wrap yourselves up in each other’s arms until you let the starry skies fade your nights away.

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