Lovense Review: The Best Remote-Control Sex Toys for Every Bedroom?

The scariest idea I had while being far from my sweetheart was the likelihood of becoming separated due to the absence of physical connection.

The more you are isolated by the distance, the more profound that need gets into each cell of your body.

What’s more is that you really develop separated lives in your own cities, making your own friends and having your own social encounters, and so on.

It’s difficult to keep the proximity in a LDR and the absence of sex doesn’t help by any stretch of the imagination!

That’s why getting some answers concerning “online” intimacy is a lifeline. The chance to see your partner’s face, getting the opportunity to feel what the other feels in a personal way, indeed pushes you to reconnect on a deeper level.

We are lucky enough to live in a world where we can have something more substantial than snail mail.

In this article, you will discover my Lovense review of five amazing remote-control sex toys (Max and Nora, Hush, Ambi, and Lush), from a long distance relationship point of view.

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1) Lovense review: Max & Nora

Lovense Max Review

lovense maxI should begin by saying that all products of Lovense come bundled in solid and discreet brown colored boxes.

After unpacking, you will find your Max bundle, which includes: the male masturbator, a USB charging cord, the manual and a Bluetooth dongle.

What makes Max extraordinary from other male toys is that it has a Bluetooth chip in it. Thanks to that, it can be matched with the Body Chat app which works with iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. In the event that your laptop doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can use the Bluetooth dongle included in the set.

Once associated, it is the Body Chat application that enables you and your partner to appreciate sudden intimacy despite the distance between each of you (more about that in a matter of seconds).

The outside of Max is very basic, which is a good thing as it doesn’t uncover its end purpose.

Be that as it may, you will get a surprise after opening the top as you will find a very practical and a delicate skin-like reproduction of a vagina. The sleeve is produced using a body-safe, smooth and soft TPR.

It has two control buttons for three levels of vibration and three levels of air pump functions if you need to control it by hand.

Max is around 6.5 inches deep, and the strongest vibrating part is situated towards the top of the penis, so the vibration will be mostly felt at the highest point of the sleeve.

Of course, as with any other male masturbator, you are expected to apply the lube to get in there liberally.

The current update of the item has the air vent which can be kept open to discharge some pneumatic force and make it cozier to get in. It likewise has a gentler feeling sleeve and a more significant opening for better sensations.

The air pumps develop strong tensions and create a suction feeling which, joined by the vibrations and the strokes of the Lovense toy, give an amazing end result.

However, one thing we noticed is that Max is genuinely loud, so you shouldn’t forget about that otherwise the sound might be heard if your flatmates or parents are in another room…

Despite this fact, Max has genuinely remarkable features, for example, the possibility to synchronize with music or another Lovense toy, even react to VR porn!

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Lovense Nora Review

lovense toy

The container contains: a delicate pink rabbit G-spot vibrator produced using silicone and ABS plastic, a USB charging cord, a Bluetooth dongle and the manual.

Much the same as with Max, Nora has a Bluetooth chip and can be combined with the same Lovense apps (which work with iOS, Android, Mac, and PC).

Nora is intended to stimulate your C-spot and G-spot, together or independently. The toy has two buttons situated at the base of the toy in case you need to control it manually.

The vibrating arm stimulates the clitoris (three patterns) while the turning head gives pleasant sensations to the G-spot (three velocities).

I really love using only the Lovense Nora, and for that, I usually just use the manual buttons on the toy.

However, lately, I began enjoying the Lovense Body Chat application’s interface so much that I start to prefer pairing the toy and have fun with the app, especially with my LDR lover, when I am separated from him.

I can likewise synchronize it to the music I have on my phone or merely surrender the control to my beau even if he is away.

Nora is totally waterproof so on the off chance that you do appreciate bathroom fun times, don’t hesitate to do as such!

I think the shape of Nora was really intended for my type of body, as the delicate silicone fits and feels perfectly well.

The main change that I would happily acknowledge in their next item update is including more vibration levels since I felt that I had to apply additional pressure with my hand to the vibrating arm or use an extra vibrator.

But it’s already an amazing toy!

>> For more information about the Lovense Nora, go to the Lovense website!

Syncing both toys with the Lovense app

lovense appOne excellent feature the Body Chat application has is that both toys can combine with iOS, Android, PC or Mac devices. Lovense is the leading company I am aware of that can match with almost any device!

It is effortless to set up. We downloaded the application, turned on the Bluetooth and had our toys paired with the two phones within seconds.

As I said earlier, even if built-in Bluetooth, the Bluetooth dongle included with your toy will fix that problem!

Also, the great part is that once your Lovense toy is paired, you don’t have to set it up again each time you expect to use it. It naturally shows up as an associated device when you sign in to the application and turn on the toy.

That means that you and your partner can easily connect with each other on a daily basis as long as you are both using the same application!

By the way, incredible news for same-sex couples, as a matchup of two Lovense toys together is conceivable on the off chance that you both have either Nora or Max toys associated.

So what does the app do exactly?

You can remotely control your own toy by utilizing the application and picking various mixes of intensity levels between the vibrations and pivoting capacities for Nora or air pump and vibration levels for Max.

Another function we both were eager to find since we are music lovers: the toys synchronize to the music you have on your phone!

Lastly, the most exciting part: connecting with your partner via the application is possible over any distance. One of you can surrender or get the control of the Lovense toy as long as you both have an Internet connection.

You send the orders to your partner’s toy on the application, and the application forwards the requests to the toy using Bluetooth which get your partner’s toy moving…

Isn’t it fantastic?

You can likewise get the toys to play together and react to each other’s movements and get the opportunity to appreciate real long distance sex! The Nora will record your movements and send the signals to your partner’s Max, which will affect vibrations and air pumps.

Connecting with your partner despite the distance is possible with or without video, as the app even includes a video chat option.

But you can always use Facetime or Skype if you prefer. Anyway, the Lovense app also allows sending instant messages to your lover while having a long-distance sex.

Even if you can’t touch and feel your lover in real life, sharing something so fun time with the Lovense Nora and Max, even oceans apart really bridges the distance. At last!

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2) Lovense review: Lush

lovense lushThe box of the Lush includes a pink bullet vibrator which looks very abnormal given its long antenna, a charging cable, and the user manual.

The Lush vibrator is intended to stimulate the G-spot, and just like other toys audited here, it has a Bluetooth chip inside which permits to connect Lush to the Lovense Remote application (accessible for iOS or Android devices).

Except that, the highlights of this Lovense toy are that it is hushed, totally waterproof and produced using 100% pure silicone.

As the entire toy is inside you when using it to trigger your G-spot (aside from the thin reception antenna), you can wear it under tight garments out in the open without being stressed that somebody will see it… uhm… vibrating.

Discussing the use of the Lush itself, this toy is something that probably won’t lead you to the best orgasm ever if you need extra clitoral stimulation. Also, it’s worth mentioning that it’s too massive to be worn amid sex when you are as one with your man.

Anyway, when I tested it I was comfortably wearing it without being stressed that it may slip out or that it can be seen undergarments.

As I would like to think, it is most helpful for open play or foreplay with your partner when you are close or even far from each other, as he can control it easily thanks to the app.

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3) Lovense review: Hush


The box of the Hush includes either a 1.5 inches or 1.75 inches black butt plug, a charging cable and the user manual.

Indeed, Hush is available in two sizes for both amateurs and experts of anal pleasures and has the same primary highlights similarly as the Lovense Lush: quiet, totally waterproof and produced using a body-safe and delicate 100% silicone (latex-free, rubber-free and phthalates-free).

It also connects with the same application as the Lush does (Lovense Remote application for iOS or Android devices).

It is intended to be worn for extended time periods and allows you to move freely (sleep, sit, walk, and so forth) with it.

While using the Hush, you are encouraged to use water-based lube. Good news is that the spirals on the neck of the butt plug trap lube near your sphincter – making it easy to remove after an extending session!

Thanks to that, it’s more agreeable to take it out. During use, the neck is carefully designed and tested to ensure it stays put.

Regarding the vibes… it feels astonishing!

Depending on the length of the session, you put enough amount of lube on yourself, and quickly the toy starts feeling truly good inside.

The vibrations are powerful, and nobody can hear them while the Hush is inside. Just like the Lush, it might the perfect companion for public play!

Additionally, because the application controls it, you can gradually increase the intensity of the vibrations by sliding your finger over the screen rather than using the traditional levels.

It feels considerably more pleasant to realize that there is room left for more powerful waves!

You can use the Hush while having intercourse for some severe delight, or allow your lover to control you while they are getting oral from you…

It’s extraordinary for when you’re with your partner and playing in public, as the Hush appears to have a great network connection, similar to the Lush, and it doesn’t move at all while wearing it.

A cool component for LDR couples is matching it up with another Lush, Ambi or Hush. If both sides have a toy, one of you can control both, and then you can switch turns.

Sounds fun, right? 😉

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4) Lovense review: Ambi

lovense toysJust like the others, the Lovense Ambi is shipped discreetly and inside of its box, you will find the pink toy, a USB charging cable, and the user manual.

The Lovense Ambi has a few levels of vibration, but you can program those levels according to your needs, and add ten personalized patterns as well. This is smart considering every woman’s vagina is different.

I have to say that after several uses, this sex toy made an excellent addition to our bedroom.

The Lovense Ambi’s shape lets you use it in numerous positions and is comfortable when held.

The wider side of the head can provide you with quite a pleasant pinpoint stimulation. You’ll enjoy ample vibrations by holding the head’s top between your labia.

I enjoyed various feelings this single tiny sex toy provided me with. We can use it during sex for foreplay, and I can use it by myself when my partner isn’t home!

I particularly liked that the pairing process only needed to be done a single time, and when I opened my app afterward, I saw the Lovense Ambi in the “My Toys” list.

The app lets the user program ten customized patterns and a few levels of vibration. Using the toy’s button, you can pre-program each wave as per your vagina’s tastes!

Because I already possess a Lush and Hush, I know that two Lovense toys can be connected at once. This is by far the most exceptional feature Lovense could offer.

Now I enjoy even more Ambi, Lush and Hush while having fun with my partner!

Of course, if you’re in a LDR, you will like the possibility for your partner to control your toy and please you, wherever your lover is in the world!

To sum up, I believe the Lovense Ambi is a beautiful product for couples and solo use. I enjoyed using it with my partner during sex and foreplay.

That said, choices of using the Lovense Ambi when your partner is not home is a bit restrictive. I like this small but strong vibe as extra stimulation when using Hush or Lush over a distance (by connecting a pair of toys simultaneously).

However, with regards to using Ambi on its own, I think it might only be sufficient if you don’t require any G-spot stimulation during a long-distance sex session.

If you want to order your Ambi, just click here to get started (official store).

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Syncing Lush, Hush or Ambi with the Lovense Remote app

lovense controlAs I said, both you and your partner need iOS or Android devices to have the capacity to download the Lovense Remote application and connect with each other. Lush, Ambi and Hush likewise can be synchronized in various ways, so it is a good option for same-sex couples, as well.

The set up takes only a few minutes, even if you’re not very good with technical stuff. You merely need to get the Lovense application, create an account, turn on the Bluetooth, and the app will find your toy.

Once that is done, you can begin investigating the key features the application offers (and there are so many of them).

Just like for the Body Chat app, once your toy is connected, you don’t have to do it again the next times as the toy is automatically recognized as soon you as turn it on and sign in to the Lovense Remote application.

Honestly, I like the Lovense Remote application much more than the Body Chat application as a result of the features it offers.

Indeed, this one had an intelligent touchpad option which permits to control the vibrations just by sliding the finger over the screen.

This option feels more pleasant than preprogrammed levels because you have full control and know if there is more room left for extra vibrations, so the change in the intensity feels very smooth.

The application also enables you to create and share patterns, sync the vibrations to the tunes that are on your device or activate them with your own voice (or any other sound around you).

Regarding LDRs, you can have live-control of your partner’s toy even if only one of you has a toy paired. The only thing you both need is an Internet connection.

Sadly, Lush, Hush, and Ambi don’t connect together as much as Max and Nora, but one lover can still control both toys at the same time.

Conclusion of the Lovense review

lovense reviewsThe Lovense Max and Nora are more appropriate to recreate a genuine sex act and bring your romantic Skype dates to unheard of levels.

In the meantime, Hush, Ambi, and Lush are more intended to be used for casual playtime so that your partner can amaze you wherever you are (public, LDR or foreplay).

I hope that this full Lovense review will help you to choose the best Lovense toy(s) for you and your partner.

Please let me know if you have any question in the comments below!

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– Emily

  • You need this. This Lovense review does not give it enough credit. I usually just use the manual buttons on the toy. This thing does a great job of stimulating your G-spot, with your partner or independently. It’s made of silicone and ABS plastic, a perfect and comfortable combination. I recommend it!

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