The 5 Best Sex Positions for Long-Distance Relationship Partners

A long-distance relationship has some serious challenges when it comes to having a sex life. You’re working hard to stay connected, but you can’t touch each other.

To keep the intimacy alive, it’s important to keep the spark going, no matter how far you are apart.

Top 5 Best Long-Distance Sex Positions?

  1. Face only
  2. Rearview
  3. Voice only
  4. Full frontal
  5. Fetish and Unique Ideas

You don’t have to forego a happy sex life just because you’re miles away. There are several ways to keep your relationship hot. This list of long-distance sex positions will keep the spice in you and your partner’s love life.

1-Show Your Face Only

face only longdistance sex positions view

New technologies helped in cultivating a long-distance sex life. Cell phones opened up face-only sex in 2010 when the iPhone 4 came out. For the first time, you could video chat intimately with your partner.

FaceTime became the rage for sharing a long-distance sexual experience. Steve Jobs certainly didn’t realize he’d be contributing to people’s sex lives. Skype also contributed to the fun, and many people took advantage of this new way of sharing.

While having a face only experience, your partner will hear your moans and be able to see your face while you’re building up to the big moment.

Even better, your partner may be able to see the movement of your shoulders. This builds teasing. It also lends a sense of intimacy and vulnerability to the experience.

Consider Adding Toys and Apps to Make Face-Only Time Even More Fun

Although your hands are great for getting the job done, you can integrate an app-enabled toy to have some fun. Smart toys are not mere sex toys.

They allow you to exchange – in real-time – the movements made from your partner’s toy. For instance, you will feel the movement and sensation through your half of the communication and vice versa.

When you combine this with video chat or Skype, you have taken making love at a distance to a new level.

Areas you can use these toys on include:

  • Anus
  • prostate
  • penis
  • clitoris
  • vulva
  • vagina
  • g-spot
  • perineum.

You have a large range of toys to choose from.

If you’re using an app device and doing face-only, make sure that your partner can only see your face. This way you can respond to the toy that they’re controlling with the app and it still contains a mystery. Use your hands to rub, touch, caress, stroke and grind out of sight.

There are many types and brands of smart toys to choose from. Some include:

  • Lovense—a vibrating egg that is guaranteed to sex you both up.
  • Esthesia by Vibease—a rabbit-shaped Bluetooth controlled vibrator.
  • Fuse by OhMiBod—cooler, stronger and mutually stimulating.
  • Vibease—small and portable to wear Bluetooth vibrator.
  • Lovense Ambi—a mini bullet vibrator for clitoral stimulation.
  • OhMiBod—for women who want stimulation anytime and anywhere.
  • We-Vibe Sync—penetrative sex with push-button control with push-button control.

All of these vibrators work with either an Android or iPhone. The prices range from $150 to $500. But this is worth it. If your long-distance relationship is going to last for a while, it will be worth the investment.

You won’t have any excuses when it comes to not sharing intimate moments with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

add toys apps longdistace sex positions

Clone Your Private Parts to Make it More Personal

Your partner may be missing your feel and form. But there is a way to send her or him your true physical self. An easy-to-use at-home kit can give you the thrill you need.

Clone a pussy, penis or a penis with balls is the next best thing to being there. A casting kit ( by clone-a-willy can create an exact replica of your genitals.

Some kits even come with a vibrating unit as an added bonus. Improvise with them.

  • Clone-A-Pussy Plus is a fully functional, custom pocket woman’s genitals. It’s an exact replica of your lover. And you can enjoy it as you would your partner.
  • Clone-A-Willy makes an exact replica of your penis and balls. This allows your partner to enjoy yourself as if you were with them.

Use it while you’re skyping or Face Timing. Go wild with your imagination. After all this is your partner’s intimates. And the best thing is when you’re finally physically in the same boudoir, you can use your clone in foreplay.

2-Take a Look at the ‘Rear View’

rear view longdisctance sex positions view

Steve Jobs once more to the rescue. Who knew that one of the sexiest things would be high tech and fit perfectly in the palm of your hand? Your smartphone will contribute greatly to your long-distance sex life.

What if your partner is a little bit shy about showing his or her face in the camera? Then the rearview might be just the thing for you. And I’m sure your partner finds your rear end downright sexy, anyways.

First, you might want to take off those confining clothes. Or at least take your pants off. Then:

  • This position might warrant a toy.
  • Sit on your knees in front of the camera.
  • Let your partner see you from behind.
  • Play with yourself using your toy if you don’t want to use anything.
  • Touching your intimates with your hand will work just as well.

Your face won’t show, but your partner can still hear you. Play it up, let your honey know you’re enjoying yourself. If you don’t feel like your phone’s camera is adequate or if you can’t manipulate everything with only two hands, use your PC or laptop camera.

Consider Different Positions from Behind

different positions from behind lds positions

Just because you’re doing a rearview angle doesn’t mean you are completely limited to sitting on your knees with your bum in front of the camera. You have other options:

  • Prop up your camera so you can lay down and show off that bottom. It may be a little bit harder to pleasure yourself, but the view will be incredible.
  • Stand up and let them see it from behind. Brace yourself against a wall and give your lover a sight they won’t soon forget.
  • Get in doggy style position. This is definitely a crowd favorite because it’s just SO incredibly sexy. Plus, it gives your partner a complete and clear view of all the good stuff.

Skype is a convenient free video conferencing tool that can aid in sharing rear view sex with your partner. Things you need to know about sex skyping include:

  • Be aware of risks: establish strong confidence and unwavering rules, no recordings.
  • Understand it’s much more intimate than you think.
  • Don’t worry and relax.
  • Get in the mood and have fun.

With both smartphones and Skype, you can contemplate living the realization of your desires. You won’t need to describe everything. But don’t forget to lock the door.

Spice Your Rear-View Video Up with Teledildonics

Similar to sex toys controlled by apps, teledildonics allows both partners to experience sexual stimulation in real-time. Products like Kiiroo’s couples set are meant for both partners:

  • The Onyx is used for a partner with a penis.
  • The Pearl is meant for a partner with a vulva.

This means that any couple can use the sex toy that works for their body. Regardless of the distance, use it together so that the vigor of virtual reality lets you feel everything your partner does.

3-Voice Only

voice only longdistance sex positions view

Tried but true, voice or good old-fashioned phone sex is still around. This allows the two of you to come closer only using the sultriness of your voice, and it’s great for those who are more on the shy side.

Even though we have toys and tech that can bring our lover’s face and body right to our device, there is still something downright sexy about having just your voice, your breath and the rhythm of your mutual sounds.

During phone sex, you can create any sex position you want. It’s a fantasy!

  • Describe your body parts.
  • Go further and talk about what your bodies would do if you were physically together.
  • You also could put the phone down within earshot. At that point, you would focus on your own pleasure.
  • Let your sounds emit passion without inhibition.
  • Don’t have the phone next to you or speak directly into it.
  • Let the muffled sounds from a distance entice your partner. It forces them to use their imagination. While at the same time, you’re using your imagination.

Struggling for Content? Hit the Keyboard and Write Some Erotica

Don’t know what to talk about over the phone during a voice-only video? Consider putting pen to paper, so to speak, and write some erotica. You can write to yourself and your lover into different scenarios. Language can appeal to all senses. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Sex is important, but have a story with a plot.
  • Write from your lover’s perspective.
  • Combine the sex with romance.
  • Take chances.
  • Foreplay, build sexual tension.

When you’re done, get ready to voice this sexy erotica over the video chat to really get your partner going.

Tips for Voice Only Videos

talking dirty phone lds positions

If you’re a little shy and want to start a little slower, as we’ve mentioned, talking dirty on the phone may work best for you. It can be just as titillating and sexy verbally playing your part as it is actually to watch. Here are some techniques to rev up that libido with a phone call.

Get yourself in the mood

You can’t be amorous if you’re thinking about that report that is due tomorrow. Put on something sexy. Lower the lights or better yet just turn them off.

Put on some soft music. Think about being with your lover. It’s not just about what you’re going to do, but how you’re going to do it. Start getting your thoughts organized.

Find your sultry phone voice

Your phone voice should be deeper and throatier. Make sure you speak slower than normal and insert lots of pauses. You want to build the anticipation. Establish right from the beginning that this is no ordinary conversation, and there will be time for moans.

Use toys on yourself

Sex toys can really turn both you and your lover on. The sounds of vibrations will give an added kick to the enjoyment. Knowing and hearing that you’re truly enjoying yourself will heighten your lover’s gratification.

use toys longdistance sex positions

Don’t rush it

This is the ultimate tease. To make it satisfying:

  • Take your time
  • build up the pressure
  • don’t be afraid to ease off for a few minutes, then resume.

These delay techniques will not only build the anticipation but drive your partner wild.

Talk about something you’ll wear later

Talk about something you know your partner wants you to wear. It could be those black panties, silver pasties or good ole fashioned chaps.

When you’re finally scheduled to see each other show up wearing what you talked about. This not only gives a thrill but makes the next phone conversation even more exciting.

Action-oriented language

Describing what you want is great, but there is more you can do. As a tennis shoe company says, “Just do it.” In other words, tell your lover what to do. Instead of describing kissing. Say “press your lips hard against me and explore my mouth (or anything else) with your tongue.”

It’s exciting and gets right to the point. It’s good practice for when you’re finally in the same room. As you use action-oriented words, that purr in your voice should be breathier and insistent.

4. Full Frontal

full frontal longdistance sex positions

You may or may not want to turn the lights down low for this one. But you definitely will want to take it all off. Or at least take the bottoms off.

Full frontal is in your face, go all the way. Your camera will deliver a very explicit close-up of your very private parts so your partner can watch your every move.

The full-frontal position will be without context. Your face won’t be seen. But it will be like your own private porn show. A premier just for you and your lover.

  • The best way to proceed is to sit in front of the camera and angle it up. This will let your partner enjoy the full view of you and your hands.
  • Or spice it up even more and use a toy. Either way, your partner will enjoy the display.

Ideas for Full Frontal Video Sex

Full frontal is going to be a top hit for long-distance relationship positions. This gives your lover a clear view of everything he is missing, so you want to make sure that you’re showing it off. Here are some clever ideas to spice up your full-frontal video sex chats:

Consider a striptease.

Dress in something super sexy that your partner will be craving for you to take off. Get some music going in the background and get your groove on while slowly removing articles of clothing. It’ll be the hottest thing he’s ever seen.

Play porn in the background.

For the couples out there who enjoy pornography and watching together, it may be beneficial to have some playing in the background. It can be in view or kept away so you can only hear the voices and moans to up your pleasure.

Add some music.

Some couples are all about playing music while they are getting down, so put on your favorite beats before going in for the full-frontal sex position.

Try different angles.

Full frontal video sex doesn’t mean you have to stay in the same position the entire time; this can get a little old not just for the person on the other end, but yourself as well. Get down on your knees, put your legs up close to your head, stand up, sit up- get creative!

Wear something sexy.

wear something sexy lds positions

You don’t always have to take everything off! If you bought a new nightgown or special spicy piece of lingerie, leave it on for the entire video to keep your partner enthusiastic.

You might consider a special type of dress-up costume if you’re into that kind of thing, like a schoolgirl outfit or a hot nurse.

Be sexy or say nothing at all.

Sometimes it’s just really hot to hear someone moaning while they are pleasuring themselves. Other times, it’s super sexy to have some roleplaying and dirty talk. Switch it up to keep things alive.

Spread-eagle is always a position that any man wants to see his woman in.

It’s similar to the full-frontal idea but takes it that much further. If you’re not too shy with your partner, then it’s guaranteed to be a hit. Go ahead, baby; let those lovely legs of your open up and let the goodies show for your man or woman.

When you’re doing the spread-eagle sex position, make sure that you have a toy or just your fingers to play with. While you will want to start off by simply showing off, the end result should be an incredibly hot orgasm using just a few fingers or your favorite product.

You can focus on the breasts as well if your partner is into that kind of thing.

The ‘boob men’ or women out there will love a sex position that shows off those beautiful breasts of yours, so consider this when choosing a long-distance sex position.

When it comes to a breast position, there are a lot of different ways to do it. You can be lying on your back, sitting down, or playing with them in the tub. Fiddle with your breasts using just your hands or get creative and have some fun with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, ice cubes, and so much more.

Tips to Have Full Frontal Video Sex

full frontal video sex lds positions

Lighten the Mood

Laugh! Even if it’s nervous laughter, don’t be so serious about this. When you’re in bed, there’s sometimes a giggle or two. Why should this be any different? If you’re really nervous discuss this with your lover. You may find out he or she is a little nervous too.

Dress and play the part

Put on that sexy outfit. Fix yourself up. This is the time to perform. Don’t forget to breathe. Look into each other’s eyes through the webcam and feel the fire. Long slow breaths can go a long way toward igniting the flame.

Touch yourself

Either use a few toys or your own hands. But caress yourself slowly. Tease with a little peek-a-boo and have him or her do the same. Imagine what their hands would be doing if they were with you. And make yours work the same way.

Have a plan

This takes a little forethought. But it’s worth it. Write down on cards different sexy acts you and your partner can do. Then one at a time pull them out and go for it. Take turns. If things really get fired up, ad-lib and throw the cards away.

Being in physical proximity to your partner is ideal when it comes to sex. However, when you’re separated by miles, it can be difficult to keep that flame lit.

As the above examples prove, you can still have a long-distance relationship while maintaining an active sex life. Put the effort in and use your imagination…anything goes.

5. Fetish and Unique Ideas

fetish unique ideas lds positions

A lot of people have certain ‘kinks’ that they really enjoy, and that can spice your options up when it comes to long-distance sex positions. So, what kind of videos might be in store for the kinky couple?

Foot fetishes are quite common, possibly the most common fetish in the world.

That being said, you can create entire live videos as well as recorded videos based solely on your feet. Feel free to get creative with it!

You might start off with a shot of your entire body from head to toe (literally) and end up with a few minutes of you rubbing lotion along your feet. Sound sexy? For anyone who loves a good foot, heck yes, it is.

For the foot-loving man or woman, the sex position will be based solely on the feet.

Domination and submission are another popular fetish amongst plenty of couples.

So how can you turn this into an incredibly hot long-distance sex position? It’s simple. The submissive one can get down on their hands and knees, waiting for the dominant one to tell them exactly what to do.

The dominant and submissive couple will love the sex position of having someone on their knees waiting for the demands of their dominant partner.

The eyes are one of the sexiest parts of the human body.

And think about it, you love your partner’s eyes, and once more, you miss staring into them. This is something like the ‘face only’ sex position, but with this idea you will be focusing entirely on the eyes.

So why is this an excellent option? Because the eyes are the windows to our souls. If someone can stare into our eyes while we’re preparing for one of the greatest orgasms yet, they will be able to see the passion and pleasure bursting from our eyes. That’s intense, romantic, and downright erotic.

One of the hottest sex positions in real life is doing it in the shower.

And while this may not sound like the best idea right off the bat, hear me out: the smartphone or laptop doesn’t actually have to go in the shower with you.

If you want to create a crazy hot shower video, then simply prop up your smartphone or laptop in a safe place and get to it. Your partner will love seeing the water dripping down your sexy body, and it’s sure to be a sex position that drives them wild- they might just end up cumming within minutes.

doing sex in shower lds positions

You can also consider taking a video in the bathtub.

Just remember safety when it comes to smartphones and laptops- you don’t want to end up spending hundreds just because you wanted a tantalizing sex position.

The bathtub is a great sex position idea because it will show off all the right places and  a glimpse of your lovely areas peeking through the bubbles while you’re ‘getting down’ is sure to be appealing to your partner.


Long distances may make it more of a challenge to have sex, but that doesn’t make it impossible. With these incredibly sexy long-distance sex positions, you can rest assured your video chats are sultry and hot enough to fulfill all of your sexual desires and fantasies.

The only question that remains is: which one will you do first?

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