20 Effective Ways to Show Love in a Long Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships are not for everyone. Often your friends and family would give you an eye roll or raised brow asking if you are seriously considering it.

Not many see it as a viable reason for staying in a relationship, and statistics do not lie either. That’s a 40% probability of breaking up in the next five months.

Engaging in a relationship where both of you will be thousands of miles apart and perhaps, even in different timezone takes a lot of courage and commitment to pull off. At the bottom of it all, like any other relationship, it boils down to how to crazy in love are you with each other.

When your trust and dedication for each other exceeds time and distance, there is no doubt that you make this through.

Keeping the spark alive to make it work is the common challenge most relationships have. And, most especially if you are hundreds of miles away or even halfway around the globe.

Void of physical contact, how do you keep the fire burning? As James Ingram sings, “how do you make it lasts?”

The great news in this age and time is that through the advent of technology, staying in a long-distance relationship is made more comfortable and better.

This technology has made the world smaller, making it possible to contact each other in just a flick of the fingers.

With the help of technology, you hope to invoke these behaviors crucial in maintaining and sustaining a long-distance relationship:

  1. Declaration of your love and commitment to each other.
  2. Being transparent with each other’s feelings.
  3. Managing conflict gracefully.
  4. Interactions that generate positive responses and results.
  5. Sharing responsibilities and tasks.
  6. Becoming your partner’s adviser.
  7. Getting support from your social circle.

Showing love to your partner doesn’t have to be complicated. Nor does it have to be boring.

Going back to basics is still the key with sprinkles of surprises and creativity here and there. For sure, your love will flourish through time. Here are xx effective ways to show love in a long distance relationship:

1. Regular conversation with your significant other

regular conversation ways show love ldr

Let them know that they are the first and the last person in your mind. Send those sweet nothings as soon as you wake up to bring smiles to their day.

End it with good warm nights to send them off to dreamland. For long-distance relationships, maintaining or sustaining it depends on how effective you communicate with each other. Do not allow silence to ruin the relationship you have invested in.

Technology, through mobile phones and laptops, made it possible to communicate with each other. Make it work to your advantage and make your partner feel the love from across the miles. Tell them how much you miss and care for them.

One thing you must consider though is not to overdo it. Make sure that you create a balance between having those regular conversations and still giving them their “me” time.

Together, you can agree on a specific number of times or hours should you talk in a day or week. This way, no one is left in the dark and there is something to look forward to at the end of the day or week.

2. Go on video dates

videos dates ways show love ldr

What was once impossible is now made doable through tablets, laptops, and even mobile phones.

You don’t need to full sorry about yourself for eating in restaurants all by yourself anymore. Your date is just a Skype or Facetime away.

If your partner has an impeccable palette for gourmet food, you can send him a gourmet food basket. As they say, “the best way to a man’s heart is through their stomach.” So, even if you can’t cook for them, send them this basket to make them feel your presence.

No need to book a reservation in those expensive fine-dining restaurants. If your significant other can whip up a great meal with the ingredients in the basket, then a candlelit dinner right in the comfort of your own home via FaceTime is now viable.

Another idea is to go on virtual movie date with your significant other. Choose a movie that you both like and watch them at the same time, with matching popcorn and drinks for that ultimate movie experience.

It might not be as nice as being able to snuggle together in the movie theatre but doing this together can make up for those long lonely nights.

Studies show that couples with a lesser face to face contact experience are more likely to get jealous than those who contact each other face to face regularly. Having this experience cultivates trust and commitment between both parties.

3. Send your significant other a personal care package

personnal care package ways show love ldr

Personal care packages are a fantastic way to show that you are always looking after them. Send them something their favorite such as chocolate or even have their favorite pizza delivered right into their doorsteps.

As weird as it may sound but a boyfriend would love massager as a gift from his girlfriend who is thousands of miles away. In the absence of their partner, this massager can give a temporary relief to ease the fatigue or melt the stress away.

4. Give them “open when you feel…” letters

give letters show love ldr

You can give this even before you part ways. Or, if time wasn’t in your favor, send them via post.

Such act can make a difference in making them feel that you always have their back no matter what happens. Sweet messages to get them through tough times such as a big presentation or final interview, the letter can boost their confidence as if you are cheering them from the sidestep.

Or, if they are feeling down after a long day at school or office, the letter is like a virtual hug giving them the strength to move on.

5. Pay them a surprise visit

surprise visit ways show love ldr

Nothing could be more romantic than physical touch and seeing your significant other face to face in their new place.

Just make sure that they do not have any other plans on that day so you can have each other all by yourself. Spice up your love life with your unexpected presence that will surely send fireworks on the roof.

Or, you can send them a round trip ticket to where you are currently located. Instead of you surprising them, they can fly over to meet you instead over the weekend or during a holiday.

6. Tag them on cute memes or meaningful messages

tag cutememes ways show love ldr

Make them giggle or laugh with those funny memes online. Post them on your social media, and be sure to tag them to make them smile as they go by their day.

7. Never forget to say I love you

say iloveyou show love ldr

The simplest but often the most overlooked gesture of them all, say “I love you” everyday.

Cupid will thank you for making their job easier. Saying I love you is the cherry on top of ice cream and can bring chills to the bone every single time.

8. Go old school, send letters via snail mail

snail mail ways show love ldr

Nothing can beat sweet messages personally handwritten by your loved one. The effort of writing it down and going to the post beats the advancement of technology.

Letters are for keeps, the sight, and even the smell of some stationeries will send butterflies to your stomach every single time. However, snail mail can sometimes fail us due to delays in delivery or even misrouted mail.

Science has found a way for you. Now, you can digitize your handwriting using a smartpen and graphic tablet. The magic of the handwritten letters are still there with the speed of email.

Simply amazing, right? Without a doubt, his old school favorite has made its way to modern technology.

9. Hide small cute notes in their stuff

small cute notes ways showlove ldr

Cheesy as it may sound, but these little notes can create a significant impact on your relationship.

Finding notes in the unlikely places like their coat or notebooks, which you dutiful hid on one of your visits, can make hearts aflutter.

10. Avoid “sinful” traps

avoid sinful traps ways showlove ldr

Being miles apart from each other often opens an opportunity where your trust, love, and faithfulness can be tested.

When your college friends or workmates invite to out of town trips or night outs with unfamiliar people from the opposite sex, be vigilant.

Learn to say NO on those circumstances where you might be trapped into a situation that will make your partner doubt your love and trust, or question your faithfulness. It is essential to have visibility of each other’s whereabouts.

That also includes knowing who they are with. Openness and honesty are crucial to sustaining your significant other’s trust and love for you.

11. If you stay in the same area with their family, especially their parents, drop by to say hi from time to time

visit parents ways showlove ldr

This applies to couples who have already introduced their partners to their parents. But, if you try to think of it, being introduced to their family is already an act of love.

It shows that your partner is serious in the relationship that they let you in their family. In their absence, try to fill in that small gap your partner has left. Try to drop by their house every so often.

Your partner will surely appreciate it if, especially if they have tightly knitted family ties. Your simple gesture also shows your intention to accept his family into your life.

Not all couples might find this comfortable. This practice is appreciated depending on the culture of your partner and how tightly knit their family is.

12. For pet lovers, give them something to cuddle whenever you are not around

gifting pet ways show love ldr

If both of you love dogs or cats, gifting the other partner with a pet is a creative way to show your love. In your absence, the cat can purr, or the dog can lick as you snuggle them closely.

You have the furry animal who will greet you once you get home and cheer you up when you are down. The cute pet can become your “baby,” preparing you when that time comes in the future.

But, if pets are not allowed in your partner’s place or are allergic to furry animals, you can send a talking stuffed animal instead.

This cute stuffed toy can be cuddled which speaks whenever you squeeze it. Record your own voice to lull your partner to sleep or bring comfort when they’re feeling lonely.

13. Use an app to share private videos and photos

share photos videos ways showlove ldr

Create a private folder on social media or apps like Google Drive or Dropbox, where you can share some pictures or videos restricted for your eyes only.

Wherever and whenever you can always browse through the file to relive the passion and love you shared counting the days until you can add more pictures in the app.

14. Make their mornings extra sweet

sweet morning ways show love ldr

Surprise them with a recording to wake them up in the morning. Change their alarm secretly and record something sweet that will put a smile on their faces giving a definite boost in the morning.

15. Show your artistic side

show artistic side ways showlove ldr

Write a poem, compose a song or draw a portrait of them. If you have no creative veins, buy paint-by-number at the craft store and follow the instructions. In the end, it is the thought that counts.

A painting is a thousand words. The effort that you put into it is what matters and makes the gift extra unique that no art of Da Vinci can surpass. It is not perfection that you are after but the love and passion that was thrown to make it possible.

For techie boyfriends who want to surprise their artistic girlfriends the old fashion way, photo clips is the way to go.

You can print out several pictures and clip them on a string with LED fairy lights. Now, she can decorate her room with a charming memento of the days you spent together.

16. Create a personalized calendar

personalized calendar ways showlove ldr

Instead of just leaving your pictures on the web or stashed in a box, makes use of those pictures to remind them of the good times you had continually.

Gather your best photos that showcase your love for each other that might also suit a specific season as backdrop images on a calendar. Have one unique picture per month. As an added touch, highlight particular dates that are special for both of you like birthdays, etc.

It is an inspiring way to look at the calendar, reminding each other that time will make your relationship grow fonder.

17. Plan your next reunion

plan next reunion ways showlove ldr

How fun is it to finally plan for the day when both of you can share precious moments? The longer that you waited for this moment to arrive, the more that you appreciate their presence.

Anything worth having is worth waiting for. Plan your sweet escapade together to a place you both cherish. It does not have to be lavish as long as both of you are together; everything counts.

18. Create a countdown

create counting down show love ldr

Counting down the days to a vacation is always exciting. What more if that vacation is with the love of your life. You can create a manual countdown or download an application on both of your devices, waiting for the big day to come.

19. Buy matching jewelry or outfit

bracelets ways show love ldr

Technology can do wonders. Nowadays, you can even purchase pieces of jewelry like bracelets that vibrate or tightens the grip on your wrist as if someone is holding your hand to make you “feel” your partner.

Those particular items can make you grin from ear to ear that no one else, except your partner, could understand.

What’s so hip nowadays is what they call coordinate bracelet, made especially for long distance couples. You can put whatever coordinates on the bracelet, like where you first met or where you currently are.

Get a matching bracelet to refresh their memory that soon you will only have one coordinate on the bracelet.

20. Do things together

do things together ways showlove ldr

Simple things like reading the same book can be cheesy but sweet. Or, you can play online games together like chess or virtual reality games. There are also online quizzes like compatibility test that you both can take. Sharing something together is bridging the distance that separates you.

Use technology to your advantage as who knows, maybe soon, they can create 3D communication available for the masses. Or, perhaps one day, teleporting you to your significant other, so distance is never an issue.

The bottom line, no matter the distance, if you love someone, surely you will find ways to express how much you love them and fight to make it work.

A long-distance relationship is a hurdle that couples have to go through. Once they succeed, they can achieve anything.

If you love someone, no distance or time can ever separate you from the one that is destined for you because everything is worth it for THE ONE.

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